16-year-old smashes longest plank record

00:13, Apr 30 2014
Gabi Ury
ABS OF STEEL: 16-year-old Gabi Ury has overcome a vicious syndrome to smash the longest plank world record.

While most of us feel satisfied when we hit the one minute mark in the dreaded plank position, 16-year-old Gabi Ury has smashed the women's world record by holding the gruelling position for 1 hour, 20 minutes and 5 seconds.

And when we say smashed, we mean it. Not content to bypass the record by a few measly minutes, Gabi blew the previous record of 40 minutes and 1 second held by Eva Bulzomi out of the water.

While Ury's achievement is incredible in itself, her story is perhaps even more inspirational.

According to her website, Ury was born with VATER syndrome, a condition characterised by potential abnormalities in the vertebrae, anus, trachea, kidneys, esophagus, heart, and limbs.

In Ury's case, the syndrome manifested in pretty serious muscular and spinal-cord issues.

She writes, "I have pretty serious scoliosis and am missing some of my muscles (calf, [glutes], and part of my abs). I have had 14 major surgeries in order to live a healthy, happy life."


The young fighter took on the planking challenge to raise money for the Children's Hospital in Colorado that helped her overcome her VATER syndrome.

When she began raising money, she said she hoped to raise about $5000 (NZ$5837) however her story inspired so many that the donations are now closer to $50,000 (NZ$58,378).

While attempting the record, Ury says her family and friends got her through the pain and fatigue by telling stories and singing songs.

According to her website, Ury has dreamed of breaking a Guinness World Record since she was 10.

"In sixth grade, my friend Leah and I attempted the longest hopscotch course in my driveway. It wound around and around and we got to 1000 squares," she writes.

"Another record I attempted was most socks on one foot. I got 60 socks on my left foot, but unfortunately I was still maybe 15 socks off."

Check out the video below to see Gabi break the record surrounded by family and friends.

And, keep her in mind next time you're trying to achieve your own goals in the gym. We know we will.

For more planking inspiration, check out Ury's YouTube channel.