Persian fable becomes children's book

"Home is where the heart is, and my daughter is my heart," book creator Ardi Alemi said.

The power of dystopian fiction

Grim novels like The Handmaid's Tale may seem to be roadmaps for the modern world, but perhaps that's missing the point.

Author on a mission

Whether it's military histories for adults or children, Glyn Harper is prolific.

Caitlyn Jenner tells all

Jenner opens up about Trump, transitioning and thoughts of suicide in her frank new memoir.

Dyslexia no barrier for Hoey

Dyslexic Dominic Hoey learned to write at eight years old - now the published author and poet is teaching writing courses.

Destiny's Child reunite (briefly)

Kelly Rowland is joined by Beyonce and Michelle for her book launch.

Big words, big pictures, bigger ideas

Sharp-eyed essayist and photographer Teju Cole brings his brilliant powers of observation to Auckland.

Dear Mum and Dad, I'm alive

How one POW managed to get a letter out of Nazi-occupied Europe to his mum in NZ remained a mystery for 75 years.

'Fiery canoe' takes her final voyage

Dr Teresia Teaiwa believed teaching was not a job but a way of life, writes Bess Manson.

'Bitter dispute' behind Hillary's triumph

More than one Kiwi was in line for British expedition to conquer Everest. So how did Ed Hillary end up on top?

Artist spreads her wings

Kapiti artist lends drawing talent to Michael Peryer's children's book about a fur seal.

One hundred years of wisdom

Author is on mission to share the stories of our centenarians before it's too late.

Are we ready for Potternomics?

OPINION: Might reading Harry Potter books turn you into a Trump voter? These economists think so.

Young, gifted and political

Max Harris wants to reintroduce words like "love" and "values" into our bland political world.

Sugar-free Easter? Don't bother

"If all you had to do to a treat food to stop people bingeing on it was make it taste gross, why not just drench it in vinegar?"

Teen slang too hard

David Hill has taken to writing war stories because he can no longer relate to teenagers in the modern world.

Literary sequel takes flight

The authors hope the story of 'Johnny the godwit' entices readers enough so he can go on a third trip around the world.

Royd's Middle Earth adventure

TheĀ great-grandson of JRR Tolkien's journey through Middle Earth is ending with a charity event in Wellington.

Five ground-breaking fashionistas

Bjork, Grace Jones, Madonna, Courtney Love, and Lady Gaga have given us some of the most iconic fashion moments.

Q&A: The gender pay gap in NZ

What are the main misunderstandings surrounding the wage gap debate?

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