Variety is the WORD

Eleanor Catton getting her investiture

WORD festival sees Eleanor Catton feature amongst some 100 writers and performers over five days.

16 things revealed in new Harry Potter story

Harry Pottter

Make no mistake, this is 100 per cent spoilers.

JK Rowling revives Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is back - mysterious, married, and going grey.

Vintage reads: The Go-Between


Browsers bookshop owner Rachel Pope finds a great 1950s novel on her shelves.

Rare voice of Kiwi at war

Jack Elworthy

War autobiographies on NZ bookshelves are mostly written by the officers; the NCOs were too busy fighting.

E-readers vs printed books


Printed book defenders tend to be more forceful and emotional in their advocacy.

What I haven't learned

If I take into account the last 15 years of my reading life, I may have spent as much as 10,000 hours reading.

A journey for a cause

Annie Chapman

Annie Chapman has written a book about a journey and a campaign that is close to her heart.

Quidditch sweeps Potter under the rug


Never before has so much been riding on a broomstick. But in the fast-paced, real-life world of quidditch don't expect to see capes or any Harry Potters.

Harris' book now reads like coded apology


Reading Can You Tell What It Is Yet after sitting through six weeks of his trial is like being mugged by old friend, writes Nick Miller.

Vintage reads: Jaws

2.4m grey nurse shark

Mark Caunter of Hamilton City Libraries has a thrilling tale to recommend. And you’ll recognise the title.

Real men read YA

men reads

A former teen girl's magazine writer thinks real men should read Young Adult books.

Nelson bookshop NZ's best for a third time

Peter Rigg

Nelson independent bookshop Page & Blackmore Booksellers is tops again, winning the 2014 Nielsen Award for New Zealand Bookshop of the Year.

Bringing grassroots voices to the public

David Robie

Veteran journalist Dr David Robie spent his career promoting issues pertinent to the Asia-Pacific region.

The mother of dragons

Robin Hobb

Best-selling fantasy author Robin Hobb writes of dragons, assassins and talking sailing ships, but she can't simply make it up.

Boring book a winner

Vasanti Unka

New Zealand’s top children’s book this year comes with an awkward name – The Boring Book.

Guy Mannering, pioneer

Life and times of an adventurer

guy mannering

The dramatic tale of Christchurch high-adventurer Guy Mannering has been pieced together from diaries and mementoes.

Lift super age 'for children's sake'


Child poverty 'could be addressed' with help from money freed up by lifting the age of eligibility for NZ Super.

Reinventing Tony Parsons

Tony Parsons

He's known as a bestselling author of "man lit", but now Tony Parsons has turned to crime writing and is fronting a boxing documentary, of all things.

A big question for all readers


How do you find books nowadays? Do you trust the big publishing houses or do you search for self-published newcomers?