The man in black is a man of verse

Paula Green can't help moving to the rhythm of Johnny Cash's poetry.

When education saves a life

JD Vance was headed for trouble when his grandmother intervened and he got serious about school. Other parts of his story are less clearcut, finds Eleanor Black.

Going, going, Goneville.

Grant Smithies salutes a fine new book by fellow music writer, Nick Bollinger.

The art of the sketch

David Walliams is back with a (sort of) Little Britain follow-up.

'It can be easy as a GP to become locked into a death spiral'

Poverty in New Zealand is too easily dismissed by lounge-chair pundits. But, as GP and poet Glenn Colquhoun writes, it affects us all.

Best Books I Never Wrote: Scott Hamilton

Judith Binney, Redemption Songs: A Life of Te Kooti Arikirangi Te TurukiĀ 

Book reviews

Settle For More by Megyn Kelly and The Nix by Nathan Hill

A Life Story - Bob Stothart

Educator and conservationist Bob Stothart.

Growing up Christian, and gay

"I'm a perfectionist, I want things to be right, I want things to be perfect. And for me, perfect was not being gay."

Reading renaissance

Sales of second hand books are undergoing a revival as readers turn away from digital alternatives.

Captain Cook found in fridge

Schoolboy discovers rare volume in Lower Hutt community's "fridge library".

New Zealand's hidden wonders

From the strange to curious, these seven wonders will inspire awe and wanderlust.

Writing the history of writers

An Auckland based writing group has celebrated its 40th anniversary with a historical book.

The Exorcist author dies at 89

His screenplay about a girl possessed by a demon became a blockbuster worldwide.

Designer hunts 'killer ideas'

After designing album art for British band The Prodigy Auckland designer Nick McFarlane has written a book exploring creative processes.

In praise of older women

'Women are sexier for so much longer': one expert on towboys, cougars and why sex gets better as we age.

John Hughes movies inspire memoir

How Home Along and Pretty in Pink shaped the expectations of one boy

A novel adventure

Woman's first novel is winging it's way around the world in a charity-driven adventure.

David Bowie: Crazy, creative golden years

It's been a year since he died. A new biography can help you remember...

Illustrator draws magic

A Manawatu illustrator conjures up magic for a new book.

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