In short: book reviews

Book reviews from New Zealand and overseas.

Goldfinger girl Pussy Galore returns

Goldfinger girl returns in book licensed by family estate and penned by author Horowitz.

Crime at its best: World Gone By

REVIEW: Dennis Lehane remains in fine form with his latest offering, World Gone By.

Book News

The Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin writers' festivals and autumn seasons are done and dusted. Next up: Blenheim.

New Gone Girl? Renee Knight's Disclaimer gets the buzz

The British writer's persistence has paid off at the age of 55, with her first novel garnering plenty of attention and praise.

The woman who is allergic to light

A painful skin condition forced author Anna Lyndsey into a world of darkness.

Merriam-Webster's newest words are NSFW

FWIW, new words have been added to the dictionary.

Kim Kardashian's self-love

REVIEW: In Selfish, the world has become the backdrop for Kim Kardashian's reflection.

New direction for Kiwi comic crew Faction with High Water

REVIEW: A special edition by the Kiwi comic crew Faction sees them turning their pen to climate change.

Literary awards judges visit Taranaki

Authentically-voiced writing that moves its reader will draw the eyes of this year's Ronald Hugh Morrieson Literary Awards judges.

A sex romp with style

REVIEW: Krissy Kneen's new "sex romp" isn’t easy to classify, but is the more compelling for it.

A.C Grayling on everything from Socrates to social justice

REVIEW: From Socrates to social justice, A.C. Grayling's new book covers almost it all.

In short: book reviews

Short book reviews from overseas and New Zealand.

Jonatham Lethem, master of reinvention

Genre-busting American author Jonathan Lethem is a fan of many things, including New Zealand's The Chills and Chris Knox.

'The Fixer' goes inside the seedy side of rugby

John Daniell thought he had a plan, and not one he had rushed into: like most professional sportsmen, it had taken him a long time to work out the answer to that difficult question: what next?

Life as a woman in the Arab world: Headscarves and Hymens review

REVIEW: A new book about the oppression of women in the Arab world is brave and disquieting.

The Best Books I Never Wrote: Graeme Lay

New Zealand author Graeme Lay reveals his favourite books.

In short: book reviews

Book reviews from overseas and New Zealand.

A family affair: Romana Koval's Bloodhound

REVIEW: Ramona Koval's Bloodhound tells the moving story of trying to discover her family background, amid the horrors of World War 11.

Crime wave: Tony Parson's second offering

REVIEW: Tony Parsons has changed genre but is still in cracking form.

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