Potter's role in politics

Harry Potter

How has the boy-who-lived influenced political values and perspective of a generation?

The Charlie controversy

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

What the new Chocolate Factory cover controversy says a lot about book industry and readers.

Soldiers, not victims

Willie Walker is matter-of-fact when he talks about the battle of Long Tan, fought 48 years ago.

Characters part of the family


Amber Field loves Outlander so much she wore her first copy out. Here's what makes the book so great.

Dirty Politics in demand

Hager strap

Four days and 10,000 copies later, and you'd still be lucky to get your hands on Dirty Politics.

Slater hits back at Hager

cameron slater

Blogger Cameron Slater rips into Nicky Hager's book targeting him and the National Party.

Vintage reads: The Endless Steppe

Browsing books

Browsers bookshop owner Rachel Pope rediscovers a moving children’s book.

Hager book selling 'like wildfire'

Nick Fowler

The Nelson publisher of Nicky Hager's latest book Dirty Politics says he stands by Hager and published the book because it was of public interest.

Maximum Ride's flying high

James Patterson


James Patterson's adventure book series offers an English undergrad light reading relief.

The language of music

Kristin Hersh

The woman whose music influenced Nirvana and the Pixies is coming to talk.

Vape, adorbs added to Oxford Dictionaries

Britain's Oxford University Pres

Don't know what "vaping" is? How about "listicle"?

Lilo's book 'like Harry Potter'


Lindsay Lohan says her upcoming memoires will be just like "Harry Potter".

Why sci-fi got me reading


David Murray wasn't interested in books, until science fiction opened his mind to a world of possibilities.

Hager book a sell-out

Nicky Hager Sold OUt

With 4000 copies sold by lunchtime, Nicky Hager's bombshell has "overwhelmed" the book industry.

A modern-day bible

hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

Is Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy a farcical space opera or a bible for the modern world?

I Ching offers new view

Browsing books

A manual on life for many, the philosophy behind the Book of Changes is a winner for Daniel Talis.

Book 'exposes National'

Nicky Hager

Author Nicky Hager says latest book exposes links between National Party and controversial blogger.

This book will change you

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance could change everything, writes Nick Summerhayes.

Haunting horror show grips

A tale of ultra-violence and the morality of human control keeps Jemma Richardson gripped.

Potty about Harry Potter

Harry Potter


Danielle Calder may have lost her Potter glasses, but she retains her fierce love for the series.

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