Vintage Read: Mark of the Lion, the Story of Charles Upham

Browsers bookshop owner Rachel Pope goes for a non-fiction oldie but goodie this week.

Stroke of genius for Harry Potter fans

The world of witchcraft and wizardry that bewitched generations of Harry Potter readers has been brought to life in picture book format.

Riddles make the books go round

From the King James Bible to Bilbo Baggins, books are alive with some rule-shaking riddles, the kind to dispel your boom-tish phobia.

'Icon of NZ literature' remembered

William Taylor was a mayor and primary school principal when he started writing in the 80s.

Book commemorates Aucklander's tale of survival

An elderly Auckland man has recorded his life story in print. It follows his incredible journey, from growing up in a war zone in China, escaping to Fiji and eventually coming to New Zealand.

Kiwi comic hero Terry Teo takes a dark turn

The beloved "Maori Tintin" of the 1980s shakes off his wholesome past for gang life.

Memories from the darkness

Let's recall the dystopian novels which made childhood great.

Potter fans try to 'free' Dobby

Harry Potter fans visiting London's Warner Bros Studio are sacrificing their socks in an attempt to 'free' Dobby.

Top kids' author in town

Visiting Australian writer Andy Griffiths is now more popular in NZ than JK Rowling.

Michael Robotham wins Gold Dagger crime-writing award

Michael Robotham joins a long list of illustrious winners of the Gold Dagger crime-writing award.

Pharrell donates 50,000 books

Singer helps book-loving kids in low-income families get happy ahead of his own picture book launch.

The Best Books I Never Wrote: Eka Kurniawan

Indonesian author Eka Kurniawan reveals his favourite books.

Banned novel wins US deal

Into the River may be facing an R14 restriction and interim ban in NZ but the US has a big appetite for it.

Haruki Murakami revisited

REVIEW: A blend of the mundane and the surreal mark the reissue of two of Haruki Murakami's novels.

Writing the New Zealand war

REVIEW: A new book on New Zealand War Writing is distinguished by the quality of its contributors.

Making movies and influencing people

Filmmaker Geoff Murphy on begging, borrowing and stealing to build a film industry, DIY style.

NZ history of violence published

Harry Ricketts’ and Gavin McLean’s War Writing collection combines fictional and historical works to paint a complete picture.

The Holocaust and Hitler's home decor

The Nazi leader's propaganda machine to used interior design to remake his image from tyrant to gentleman.

Calls to investigate chief censor

The conservative lobby group who had Into the River temporarily banned now want the deputy censor investigated.

Monster on the page

A new novel explores the madness of writing.

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