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Richard Dawkins suffers stroke, cancels tour

The celebrity biologist and atheist suffered a minor stroke, forcing him to cancel his trip to New Zealand.

Potter 'biggest book of 2016'

The eighth Harry Potter book won't be available for months, but fans are already in a frenzy.

Harry Potter returns for 8th book

Harry Potter fans, this is not a drill, an eighth edition is really happening.

Hannah August: Best books I never wrote

Hannah August shares her favourite books

Reviews: Beside Myself, Landfall 230, Daughter of the House

Beside Myself Ann Morgan Bloomsbury, $33

When free trade matters more than lives

Sunil Yapa's stunning debut marks him as one to watch

Taking us to strange places

The doyenne of Irish writing returns with an original and daring tour de force

Finding Walt's wisdom amid the jakes

OPINION: Auden last week, Whitman this. Sorry. It must be the time of year.

Paul Theroux's avalanche of opinions

America's most famous travel writer is not afraid to offend, cheerfully sharing his tart but beautifully expressed opinions in his books and in person

Extract: Ocean Notorious

We are a small group of misfits on a vast floating expanse of ice. Our mission: survival training.

Star Trek sex book reveals all

I really started noticing in my teens, says author on "playful sophisticated maturity" of Star Trek.

David Bowie poster reissued

US library association reissues throwback poster following the death of David Bowie.

Joelle Thomson: the best books I never wrote

Wine writer Joelle Thomson shares her favourite books

Reviews: House of Robots, A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled and more

House of Robots: Robots Go Wild! James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein Arrow, $19

She chooses you

Multi-talented artist Miranda July, who appears at the New Zealand Festival next month, has forged a career from finding the lovable, tender parts of our weird, dark souls.

Theroux 'proud' of famous family

Celebrated writer Paul Theroux is used to fielding questions about his famous family.

Land 'a million acres wide'

A love for the land runs deep in this gorgeous tribute to high country farmers

New hero 'a perfect mix of Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher'

A mysterious "black ops" expert goes rogue in this thrilling new novel with Hollywood blockbuster written all over it.

Five books that changed my view

Writers Week director's top books include satire, sports, and a boy who never wanted to grow up.

New Beatrix Potter story found

A new story by Beatrix Potter is to be published after the rediscovery of the century-old tale.

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