Who wins?: Lada versus Supercars

Last updated 05:01 29/06/2012

We already know that Skodas are far better than our memories of them would have us believe, but Ladas?

Just a month after Autovaz announced the end of Lada Niva production, we've come across this clip of a heavily-tuned VAZ 2101 (the Lada's Russian name) taking on a Porsche and then a Nissan GT-R on the dragstrip and not making a fool of itself at all.

The red Vaz, prepared by tuners Vintic & Sputnic Workshop has just over 190kW on tap and while it was eventually overtaken by the 240KW Porsche over the standing mile, it beat the car over the shorter quarter mile and didn't do that badly against the Nissan GT-R which we hear had more than 750kW under its nose thanks to extensive tuning of its own!

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