Love is blind as couple kiss at 80 kmh

22:50, Nov 21 2012

It was a case of blind love as a couple were filmed in a passionate kiss while riding a motorcycle at around 80 kmh along a Brazilian motorway.

The love-in-a-fast-lane couple, who were also not wearing helmets, were filmed kissing for more than a minute with neither being able to see where they were going.

Britain's Daily Mail reported the incident was filmed by Fernando Nascimento.

"I've never seen anything like it. I was shocked, first because it is so unusual and secondly because it was so dangerous,'' Nascimento told Brazil's RPC TV station.

''I was in the passenger seat and decided to film because I thought that the motorcyclist was driving without wearing a helmet. But then I saw there were two and they were kissing.

''I was amazed. The driver opened one eye every now and again but they never unlocked mouths. I managed to film for about a minute, but I know that they kissed for longer than that, because it took a while to get out the camera."

Nascimento said the continued kissing even after exiting the highway and it was only luck that nothing serious happened.