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NZ to get eight HSV 25th Anniversary Clubsport R8s

New Zealand to get just eight of 108 special edition HSV Clubsport R8's.

More than 1300 apply for Uber jobs in Christchurch

More than 1300 have applied to be Uber rideshare drivers in Christchurch.

Wellington's worst intersections - where you're most likely to crash

Karo Drive, Ohiro Rd and Willis St among the biggest problem spots for crashes.

Ex Top Gear trio have two year new show ban

Ex-Top Gear trio have been banned from launching a similar motoring show on another UK channel until 2017.

Wellington motorway to get multiple speed cameras

Three speed cameras could be policing Wellington's new "smart" motorway next year.

Southland tourist driver project a 'developing beast'

A $5 million project aimed at improving the safety of tourist drivers in Southland is "a developing beast", the New Zealand Transport Agency says.

Big push to get fourth lane built on Wellington motorway

Wellington's motorway is now a little wider thanks to an impressive feat of engineering.

Car dashboards that act like smartphones raise safety issues

Car dashboard displays that act more like smartphones are coming - but are they really a good idea?

Google jumps into the ridesharing business with an upgrade to Waze

Google is testing an upgrade to its Waze app that allows users to easily carpool with other users.

Manawatu Gorge reopens after crash, oil spill

Manawatu George has reopened after a 500m oil spill caused a crash.

Honda Torneo tops the list of New Zealand's 10 most stolen cars

If you own a Honda Torneo, you might want to consider investing in some extra security.

Auckland drivers fill up with beer-based biofuel

Cars were bumper-to-bumper at an Auckland petrol station as they waited to fill up on a beer-based biofuel.

Ten Formula One cars for the open road

What happens when you take professional F1 technology and inject it into a road car?

Wellington trolley buses get lifeline beyond 2017

Council plan change opens the door for trolley buses to hang around beyond 2017.

New Navara continues Nissan ute heritage

NZ's Great Battle of the Utes has just stepped up a notch with the arrival of a brand-new Nissan Navara.

3D-printed cars moving closer to production

The 3D-printed car, easily configurable and made right before your eyes, is coming closer to reality.

Fifth generation Maxda MX-5 stays in front

There are more choices and accoutrements than every before, but the new Mazda MX-5 remains the beguiling two-seat funster it has always been.

Sporting Sprint 150 true to Vespa’s style

Better looks and additional security improve the Sprint 150.

Wellington motorway to get a fourth lane 'stitched on'

An old off-ramp will be "stitched" on to Wellington's motorway to create a fourth lane.

Top Gear's end 'upsetting': Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond has been left in the lurch since Top Gear ended.

Insane gold-plated crocodile-skinned bullet-proof child safety seat unveiled

Wild and wacky armoured car maker Dartz has moved into the world of baby protection.

Ford of the future: Wearables, car swapping, ebikes

Ford prepares for a world where congestion demands other alternatives, including bikes, apps, public transportation and car sharing.

Man killed by robot at Volkswagen plant in Germany

It reads like the beginning of a robo-acocalypse sci-fi movie, but in this case the damage and the tragedy is all too real.

Distracted driver jumps drawbridge in US

Distracted driver sees motorist jump a drawbridge in the US as it was rising in what could have easily been a fatal accident.

Would you like carbon fibre with that supercar?

A US company has launched a worldwide service for the supercar owner who wants something a little bit different.

World's fastest Mini in new record bid

A group of Nelson petrolheads are taking the world's fastest Mini back to Bonneville for some "unfinished business".

Discovery Sport introduces new era for Land Rover in New Zealand

Land Rover's new Discovery Sport is set to fill the gap between the Japanese and German SUVs perfectly.

This Subaru Outback has six of the best

If you want a Subaru Outback wagon with the most grunt and the sharpest performance, then the model with six cylinders under the bonnet is the vehicle of choice.

2 Cheap Cars shaking up motor industry with cheap parallel imports from Japan

Importer says he'll "shake up the industry" with parallel importing of cars - saving consumers up to $10,000.

New technology, less weight for luxury Audi A4 range

Audi has lifted the wraps on the fifth-generation A4.

Lamborghini to build hardcore Aventador convertible

Lamborghini has announced plans to build a drop-top version of its hardcore Aventador SV.

Aston Martin to introduce world's most expensive sedan

Aston Martin has announced that the Lagonda Taraf, originally aimed solely at the Middle Eastern market, is now being produced in right-hand drive for other markets.

Hot laps on ice with V8 Supercars star in Holden 'halo' car

Holden wheels in a V8 Supercars star for hot laps on South Island ice at the launch of a new AWD turbocharged sedan.

ACC says 9000 overcharged for car regos

ACC has admitted thousands of motorists have been overcharged for their car registrations.

Traffic chaos after fatal crash highlights vulnerability of Wellington network

How did one crash cause hours of backlog in Wellington?

Auckland to get a third of $13.9bn national transport fund

Funding programme allows for an early start on the northwest busway and Onehunga motorway.

Google self-driving car cuts off competitor Delphi's self-driving car

One of Google's self-driving cars cuts off competitor's prototype about to change lanes.

Tailgaters most disliked drivers, weasels not too much of a concern

Kiwis get most upset at tailgaters and drivers who fail to indicate.

Why Goodwood's Festival of Speed is the best motor show in the world

Dynamic displays have replaced static stands in Britain's best automotive gathering.

Uber buys Bing Maps unit off Microsoft

Ride-sharing service acquires a portion of Microsoft's Bing mapping unit.

Lotus unveils the 3-Eleven, its fastest production car

Lotus unveiled the company's quickest production car ever, the 3-Eleven, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

New Aston Martins revel in Goodwood Festival of Speed

Aston Martin showed off several new models at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Lower Hutt speed cameras catch out thousands of drivers

A high-tech speed camera next to the old Griffins factory proves lucrative for the Government.

Chewbacca the robotic car seat installs itself

Do you trust a robot with your baby? The quest to invent a safer car seat poses the question.

Maserati misfortune: Paint ruins interior

One minute you're driving a luxury sports car, the next you're driving a write-off.

Why do people speed up in passing lanes?

OPINION: You're stuck behind a car. You get to the passing lane. Then they speed up. Why?

Biker's crash just misses schoolchildren

Red-light-running motorcyclist caught on video narrowly avoiding kids after he clipped a car.

Renault dusts off its first small ute

With roots in Romania and France the Oroch or serpent has a Japanese name and lots of visual attitude.

Cars ahead of their time

A look at five cars which for one reason or another were head and shoulders head of or at a complete tangent to the rest of the industry.

Road cops could hand out merit points to good drivers

Radical overhaul of the road safety system could see the introduction of "merit" points.
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