Sales top $1 million in Roy Savage classic car auction

A collection of 30 classic cars owned by Wellington businessman Roy Savage fetch $1.2 million at auction. 

Two buses burnt out on edge of Sydney Airport

Two buses have been destroyed by fire in the long-term car park in Sydney Airport.

McLaren driver charged after crashing $20m car

A man who crashed a McLaren F1 sports car valued at an estimated $20m faces careless driving charges.

Why the Jaguar F-Pace is the top Luxury SUV of 2016

We count down the best cars of 2016, culminating in our Top Car on December 16.

Records fall as New Zealand's new vehicle sales accelerate

All sorts of records are falling as the new vehicle sales rush towards the end of the calendar year.

The crash that McLaren tried to cover up

They weren't so keen on the publicity when a $20m F1 crashed on Saturday.

Multi-million dollar McLaren F1 crashes near Queenstown

The Australian owner of the supercar has been taken for medical attention.

Why the Ford Mustang is the Top Performance Car of 2016

We count down the best cars of 2016, culminating in our Top Car on December 16.

Up to '1000 trucks a day' on alternative Picton-Christchurch route during busiest freight month of the year

The alternative route between Picton-Christchurch, which has already claimed one life, will be crowded with freight.

SUVs now the bulk of all Lexus sales in New Zealand

As if we need it - but here's further proof of the popularity of SUVs in New Zealand.

Why the Volkswagen Tiguan is the Top Medium SUV of 2016

We count down the best cars of 2016, culminating in our Top Car on December 16.

New V6 turbodiesel gives Volkswagen Amarok class-leading grunt

Volkswagen's Amarok has just had a heart transplant that redefines the ute category in NZ.

Pristine Honda NSX smashed by an SUV at US intersection

A pristine Honda NSX, one of Japan's most hallowed sports cars, gets rammed by a red light-running SUV.

Can you ace the new driver attitude test?

 OPINION: Sit the new driver attitude test to see if you should be on the road.

Going sideways at top speed: A reporter's ride in a drift car

Inside a drift car under the roof at Forsyth Barr Stadium

This special-edition ute even has a remote locking motorised plastic deck lid

Just 300 of the special edition ute, complete with a New Zealand-first feature, will be sold.

Automobile Association: Keep transport levy, Aucklanders can cope

Auckland Council should "have a good look" at keeping a controversial transport funding stopgap measure, AA says.

Chinese toddler has some serious parking skills

Think you can park better than a toddler? A little boy in China might give you a run for your money.

Facelifted Maserati Quattroporte still all about driver involvement

New look Maserati Quattroporte remains one of the world's most involving performance sedans.

Canadian police are threatening holiday season drink-drivers with a 'sinister' plan

Canada's cops have a sinister plan to inflict their worst on drink-drivers: Nickelback songs.

$1 bus fares a welcome relief for Wellington commuters and CBD businesses

Metlink spreads the Christmas spirit by announcing heavily discounted holiday season fares.

$45 million convoy passes through Mackenzie District

A fleet of McLaren super cars worth $45 million turned heads as they passed through the Mackenzie District.

'Just hit a bloke down the road': How police tracked down road rage killer

Grieving wife Marlene Wilton looked at the Australian road rage murderer and made sure he knew who he'd taken away.

Why the Skoda Superb is the Top Family Car of 2016

We count down the best cars of 2016, culminating in our Top Car on December 16.

Deadly December warning for New Zealand drivers

New Zealand's road toll is set to easily overtake 2015's total as we head into our most deadly month.

High tech traffic lights coming to an intersection near you

New sensors at traffic lights "will make life a lot safer for pedestrians", police officer says.

Move over Land Cruiser 70-series, here's the Mercedes-Benz G-Professional

Think the Toyota Land Cruiser 70-series is retro-tough? You obviously haven't met the Mercedes-Benz G-Professional.

Jeep Renegade: the fun-filled SUV that doesn't take life too seriously

Summer's officially here - and here's a cheerful compact SUV that would be ideal for the season.

The lazy tricycle unload

Delivery driver demonstrates a unique way of unloading freight carrying trike without getting off his vehicle.

Volvo launches world's largest bus

Don't expect Volvo's latest bus to feature on Wellington's windy streets.

Fatal crash near Springs Junction raises concerns about quake route

Fragility of the South Island's new main highway revealed by 12-hour closure following fatal truck crash.

Electric car use on the rise in South Canterbury since fast chargers installed

Charge Net NZ have plans to open up the Mackenzie and State Highway 1 between Christchurch and Dunedin.

Australian man slashed with knife in road rage attack

Man suffers horrific gash after attempting to disarm a knife-wielding motorist during a road-rage altercation in Australia.

Why the Alfa Romeo 4C is the Top Baby Supercar of 2016

We count down the best cars of 2016, culminating in our Top Car on December 16.

Kiwi truckie says starring role in Volvo truck stunt was 'hardcase'

A female Kiwi truck driver has played a starring role in Volvo Truck's latest stunt video.

British truckie launches 'unbelievable' road rage attack

Truckie driver swings a shovel in a terrifying attack on a fellow motorist after a collision in the UK.

McLaren supercars roll through Nelson as part of McLaren epic tour

A convoy of 32 McLaren supercars, worth $45 million, rolled through Nelson as part of an epic New Zealand tour.

ZM hosts Jase and PJ take Mike Hosking for a ride in 96 Corolla

To get his treasured vaccum cleaner back, the broadcaster was forced to ride in a 1996 Toyota Corolla. Will he ever be the same again?

End of the line for Holden's engine plant

Holden workers who build last V6 engine in Australia shown the door after getting a free lunch and some commemorative gifts.

A feast fit for a Bentley Bentayga owner

What you need for your bespoke SUV is a bespoke picnic delivered in a bespoke hamper.

Why Kiwis are lousy expressway drivers

It's not a badge of honour to drive slow in the fast lane and, no, you're not the traffic police.

Heavy traffic eases for Wellington commuters heading north

Traffic has now eased as commuters hit heavy traffic in the Ngauranga Gorge after debris is cleared.

Northern half of Kapiti expressway gets green light as true cost is finally revealed

Construction start date for northern half of Kapiti expressway confirmed, along with its true cost.

Kea direct traffic after shifting road cones at Homer Tunnel

A group of mischievous kea have been caught on camera directing traffic on a popular tourist route.

Car park plans for section of Napier's Marine Parade

A lane of the city's popular tourist route will be closed to make it more "pedestrian friendly".

Tom O'Connor: No excuse for bad attitude to driving and road safety

OPINION: Macho stupidity of speeders puts everyone at risk.

Why the Holden Colorado is the Top Pickup Truck of 2016

We count down the best cars of 2016, culminating in our Top Car on December 16.

All Blacks tour vehicles auctioned for Unicef

All Blacks-themed vehicles have raised nearly $350,000 for Unicef in Europe.

Delage turning heads back in her first home at 93

She's been swept down a river, burnt, her body battered and stripped, but now she's turning heads back in her first home.

Jeep owners have dirty Boomrock fun

Conditions were perfect for a bit of offroading when over 50 Jeep clients headed into the hills near Wellington recently.
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