Big-buck Maybach amoured limo launched

The limited-edition limo that will cost at least NZ$1 million in armored form.

'I want to keep people safe on the roads'

Dunedin man who has taken keys off foreign drivers twice says he's trying to keep people safe on the roads.

John Key: Tourist key-snatching could lead to a 'terrible incident'

John Key says more New Zealanders drive on the wrong side of the road than foreigners do - and advises Kiwis to cut out the key confiscation.

BMW launches 'frumpy' 7-seater

Is the ultimate driving machine really a front-driving seven seater?

Range Rover to launch Evoque convertible

Land Rover has lopped the roof off its Evoque SUV.

Bentley shows off EXP 10 concept at Geneva

Bentley may add fifth model to its lineup - the EXP 10.

Topless toys parked up as reality bites

Showy convertibles seemingly have no place in these austere times.

Ferrari again under family control

The Fiat Agnelli family will again control Ferrari as FCA spins the sportscar maker off.

World’s hottest hatch to get hotter

Mercedes-Benz' A45 AMG is a scary-quick hatchback - but set to more raucous still.

Lamborghini flexes muscled-up Aventador

Lamborghini is set to reveal an 'SV' spec version of its range-topping Aventador.

Petrol prices rise 2c a litre again

Motorists will pay another 2 cents a litre a week after National MPs voted against a probe into fuel prices.

Lexus reveals Mini rival

Lexus plans to take on BMW's Mini unit at its own game with a little battler to be revealed at Geneva.

Same car, same rally, different century

Colin Lyon set to tackle Haast Rally again

Fifty years after taking part in his first Haast Rally, a Pleasant Point man will take part in his second, in the same car.

Car comparison - Porsche Cayenne Diesel S vs BMW X6 M50d

REVIEW: We compare a couple of gobsmacking German uber-diesels - the Porsche Cayenne Diesel S and BMW’s X6 M50d.

'March madness' on Auckland's roads

If Aucklanders think the traffic has got worse in the last couple of weeks, they're right.

Two car collectors turn a corner after restoring a rare 1954 Ferrari

Charles Betz and Fred Peters paid $1454 for their 375MM Spider convertible. They've just turned down a $7.6m offer.

Trucking, the Russian way

Russia, which spans more than 17 million square kilometres possessing a set of unique transport challenges.

SsangYong Tivoli to shake up segment

The international launch of SsangYong's all-new B-segment Tivoli SUV could prove to be the tipping point for the brand which once marketed weird-looking vehicles.

Skoda Superb sets standards for comfort and room

Cab-drivers should queue up for this one - the ultra-roomy Skoda will gets its public premiere at the Geneva motor show.

Triple treat for BMW trio

BMW's first three-cylinder engine since 1980s is twice the size and has a wider range of applications.

Mercedes-AMG creates racing version of GT supercar

The Geneva Motor Show is shaping up as more of a Grand Prix or LeMans starting grid rather than a forum for showing models that average people will embrace.

Mercedes-Benz C 200 Estate C-Class Estate is a right cracker

The start of a good relationship with Mercedes-Benz's new C-Class Estate.

VW Amarok 4WD Highline is versatile

Over a recent holiday break, we found the workhorse VW Amarok to be an excellent family-oriented vehicle as well.

Superbike roots ensure street cred

BMW's first sporting street bike is sharpened by its Superbike roots.

Audi's new R8 supercar bows early

Audi's new R8 supercar has broken cover, getting a head start on its global debut at next week's Geneva Motor Show.

Taking a driver's keys - only as a last resort

Motorists can take a fellow driver's keys, but only in exceptional circumstances, police say.

Road kill - Must something be done about foreign drivers?

Imagine being Kejia Zheng. It was November 2012 and on the second day of her New Zealand holiday, the 20-year-old was driving herself from Lake Tekapo, heading south through the Lindis Pass.

95-year-old still motoring in her 1969 Mini

Rose Oakley has owned her Morris Mini since 1969 and the trusty steed is still ferrying her around.

Jeep Cherokee Sport has serious competition

We get better acquainted with the entry level Jeep Cherokee.

Could Toyota's Fortuner be for us?

Designed and engineered in Australia, the HiLux-based Fortuner has never been sold here, but that could change next year.

'Mutual loathing' helps Top Gear's success - James May

James May admits the show has gone too far at times and says "mutual loathing" is the key to success.

Flying the flags for Americarna

'Everyone's having a good time'

Hundreds line Devon St to enjoy lively atmosphere and shiny Americarna convoy.

Kiwi drivers need re-testing too

OPINION: The perceived need to train drivers from overseas to be more responsible when they're on our roads has been much in the news in recent weeks, after some prominent and sometimes fatal crashes involving tourists.

Testing times in restricted licence backlash

Some driver's licence tests in Christchurch end with police intervention and arrest.

Man films own rescue after car crash

Car crash victim takes a selfie like we have never seen before.

Pimp My Ride secrets revealed

Broken cars, features removed after filming and fabricated background stories are just some of the Pimp My Ride horror stories revealed this week.

675LT is the new track-focused McLaren

New lighter, longer supercar revealed with twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V8.

Waikato drivers waiting weeks to sit licence tests

Book early if you want to sit a driving test - Waikato people are waiting a month to prove their skills.

Kia Sportage LX Diesel 4x4 is easy to like

Kia adds diesel grunt to the entry Sportage, but is it worth the extra?

Is the Giulietta the final front-drive from Alfa Romeo?

Alfa’s Giulietta gets another makeover; we drive the entry level Distinctive model

20,000 Aucklanders fail driving test

Taranaki and Auckland drivers struggle to pass restricted licence test while Otago-Southland drivers find success.

Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE concept revealed

New four-door coupe concept to preview next Volkswagen CC.

Aston Martin unveils its ultimate track-only supercar

Track-only supercar offers Le Mans-bred performance.

Americarna festival: 'Expensive' rebuilt truck is a jail bird

Nearly 600 American cars come to Inglewood's for first big party of festival.

Aussie Volkswagen Kombi sells for $210,000

Classic van fetches record price in Melbourne auction.

Christchurch driving tests seen as 'too tough'

Young Christchurch drivers sit licence test out of town because of "fussy" testing.

Tourists at fault in one in 12 South Island crashes

Foreign drivers have been responsible for one in every 12 fatal crashes in the South Island this decade.

Eurocargo - sustainable and cost effective

European midrange trucks are not a common sight on New Zealand’s roads, but are finding a quickly growing following.

Americans revving up Taranaki again

Taranaki's famous festival of American motoring is under way again.

Chevy Camaro is a bucket list beauty

Taranaki couple buy American V8 as way of celebrating that they are facing up to the challenge of serious illness.
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