$38.7b for roads, public transport - Government

$38.7 billion investment in roads, regional networks, public transport and cycleways confirmed by Government.

New initiatives may help lower the road toll

Drinking limits


We should applaud what the government has done to bring drink driving rules into line with what other nations in the western world have already done.

Uber to use 'biometrics' to screen drivers

After weeks of bad press, ride-sharing service introduces new driver screening methods using "scientific analysis".

Redline Commodore has all of a V8's good things

At a time when the world's motor industry is undergoing fundamental change here comes a V8 Holden Commodore.

Top 10 crazy sights while driving

You can see some interesting and somewhat crazy sights on New Zealand's roads.

Caution urged around Northland pot holes

Police are warning motorists to watch out for "large" pot holes on SH1 in Northland.

Red light cameras in Wellington and Auckland

Run a red at a number of Wellington and Auckland intersections and you will be caught.

New lane caters for extra Auckland traffic

A new lane on Auckland's Northern Motorway will ease congestion ahead of the Christmas rush, NZTA says.

BMW reveals the car that parks itself

Remote Valet Parking Assistant allows you to step out and let the car park itself in multi storey garages

Devoted Holden fan fizzing with Monaro prize

Christmas has arrived early for devoted Holden fan Richard Grey.

'Don't Jerk and Drive' safety campaign yanked

Officials in US pull a "Don't Jerk and Drive" safety campaign after complaints about the sexual innuendo in the phrase.

More red light cameras coming to Auckland

Four new red light cameras are coming to East Auckland in the New Year.

Mufti biker cops target drivers using phone

Police in Australia start targeting bad drivers using a fleet of unmarked motorbikes.

Jaguar Land Rover reveals transparent pillars

New technology to do away with blind spots and tedious satellite navigation instructions, insists car maker.

New Harley-Davidson has Street cred

Harley-Davidson has unveiled its new Street 500, the brand's first learner legal motorcycle since the 1970s, designed to introduce new and returning riders to serious motorcycling.

Petrol price slide continues

Petrol has fallen more than 20c since early October and further price cuts are likely.

Wheels turn in new driving proposal

A proposed new law that could lead to drivers being fined for not giving cyclists more space is a step closer.

New haptic warnings aim to make cars safer

"Haptic warnings", such as vibrating seats, are the latest advance in helping cars avoid accidents.

Petrol prices drop further

Petrol prices have dropped for the 12th time, back to 2008 levels.

Outrageous love for Westie wheels

They're not your usual stage mums - but when the television cameras turn on their "babies", Kathy Jarrett and Shelby Ryan couldn't be prouder.

New Mercedes-AMG GTS targets 911

Mercedes-AMG's muscular new coupe has its sights on one car in particular.

Walkinshaw adds more grunt to HSV GTS

HSV's tuning division upgrades Holden's HSV GTS to produce 507kW

Ford unveils less-distracting Sync digital system

Ford unveils third generation of its Sync in-car connectivity system with a promise that it will be simpler, less distracting and have a more natural voice-command interface.

Problem parkers rife in city centre

Concerns raised about lack of signage

Worley Place, Bryce Street, Bridge Street and the Waikato Museum carpark are the city centre's parking hot spots.

Police fine speeding drivers under zero tolerance

Police have fined three drivers for speeding under 5kmh over the limit.

GPS speeds 'accurate'

Vehicle GPS navigation system maker takes police to task for suggesting units unreliable.

Peugeot's features make all the difference

From the outside Peugeot's new 308 station wagon looks conservative - but underneath its skin there's a vehicle that is impressively interesting.

Mercedes announces all-new GLE 450 AMG Coupe

Mercedes-Benz is jumping into the oddball "SUV coupe" segment with its new GLE Coupe.

Uber blocked from Brazil to California

Sued by LA, San Francisco and Portland, banned in Spain and India, and declared illegal in Brazil.

Renault Megane's intent is all performance

Take one look at the Renault Megane RS265 and it is immediately obvious it has one intent - performance.

Petrol and diesel prices down again

Christmas is looking good for motorists after another cut to petrol and diesel prices.

'Frightening' road to be widened

The Gentle Annie hill, described as the "most frightening stretch of road" in the Nelson region, is to be widened.

Famous V8 restored and ready to race again

One of New Zealand's oldest race cars is returning to the track.

Mini unveils fastest ever Cooper S

New John Cooper Works edition shown ahead of Detroit reveal.

Ford reveals 2015 Ranger's look

Facelift and technology upgrades on the way for blue oval ute.

India, Thailand orders Uber cabs off its roads

India orders halt to operations of all unregistered, web-based taxi companies after a female passenger reported she was raped in New Delhi.

Campaign to curb Hamilton's red-light runners

Cameras at city hotspots 'entirely a possibility'

Stopping for a red light is the law, but some city motorists are happy to flout it

Seized fleet of luxury vehicles to be sold

Crown to sell a Ferrari, a Maserati, three BMWs and four Harley Davidsons seized in drug raids.

'Final editions' kill off five once-popular cars

Mitsubishi's Lancer Evolution remains one of the hottest-performing small cars on the market, but its heat hasn't extended to sales lately.

Hypercar targets Nurburgring lap record

Swedish hypercar maker Koenigsegg is hunting the famed Nurburgring's lap record for a production car.

Bizarre driving in a parking lot

A bizarre piece of car park manoeuvring that went on for 4-1/2 minutes and involved one collision is a big hit on YouTube.

New Delhi bans Uber after alleged rape

Transportation officials in India's capital ban service after one of its drivers allegedly raped a female passenger.

Ferrari unleashes another limited new model

Any Ferrari is a rare Ferrari, but the famed Italian sports car maker has, in the past week, introduced two new editions that will be true unicorns.

Driving test contractor changes after 16 years

End of the road is near for NZ Driver Licensing Ltd which after 16 years has been dumped from providing practical driving tests.

Drinking limits spook drivers

Drivers appear to be running scared of new drink-drive limits, with most unsure how much they can drink.

Southerners not only ones to benefit from Burt

The Burt Munro Challenge has injected its annual dose of atmosphere and dollars into Southland.

Second Auckland crossing still years away

PM says there are no plans to fast track a second harbour crossing in Auckland, and defended the performance of the bridge.

Signs create speed limit confusion

If a speed limit is not correctly posted, does it still apply? Just read the signs, say police.

New McLaren P1 owner crashes on first day

A 27-year-old has crashed his NZ$1.6 million McLaren P1 supercar in the US less than 24 hours after he picked it up.

Burt Reynolds selling Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am

In some famous movies, the cars became as popular as the stars — and now one of those cars has come up for auction.