Despite road rage videos, there's more respect for cyclists

OPINION: The spectacle on our news feeds of spats between two angry men - one holding a bike, one yelling from a car, is common in this age of GoPro cameras.

Kiwi 'love affair' with utes continues, commercial vehicle sales dip

Kiwis' love of utes is undimmed, despite a fall in commercial vehicle sales in May.

Tank crushes learner driver's car in Germany

There's a lot to remember when you learn to drive - but they don't normally teach you to watch for tanks.

Hyundai confirms baby SUV plans

Hyundai confirms plans to build a city-sized SUV to rival the likes of Mazda's CX-3 and the Honda HR-V.

Dodge teases Gran Turismo fans with SRT Tomahawk

Dodge is joining the Vision Gran Turismo grid with its SRT Tomahawk.

Car buying rules to curb ownership costs

By any measure, we are big into machines that guzzle petrol.

Truckie sees yellow after road marking crash

Truck driver was left looking like a character from The Simpsons crashed into another being used to paint road markings.

Australian man fined for travelling at speed limit

Aussie motorist makes tongue-in-cheek apology after being fined for driving at 100kmh in a 100kmh zone.

Volkswagen Golf springs drag race surprise

A Mk 1 Volkswagen Golf has stolen the glory from two sports cars in a drag race on an autobahn in Germany.

Wearable tech to transform cars

Volvo develops new apps for Apple Watch, Android Wear to control your vehicle.

Limited? Not with this little Mazda hatch

This Mazda2 might be badged a Limited, but it is limited only in its dimensions.

Road test | BMW 218 Active Tourer - Munich's first front-drive car

The packaging benefits of transverse front-wheel-drive were obvious to BMW and the family-oriented 2-series is the first of many.

Report: A third of marijuana smokers drive under the influence

More than a third of cannabis smokers drive high, sparking calls for roadside testing technology.

Honda NZ threatening legal action over 2 Cheap Cars Ad

Honda NZ is rolling up its sleeves for a legal scrap with a second-hand car retailer - all over three letters of the alphabet.

Cleaner cars in Europe could mean bargains in NZ

As Europe sharpens its emissions regulations opportunities will open for fast-acting NZ used car dealers.

Award-winning Volkswagen Passat now in NZ

A new Volkswagen recently named Europe's Car of the Year has arrived in New Zealand.

KTM RC390 is a commuter bike that thinks it's a racer

KTM’s edgy commuter single looks as if its ready for the track, says PAUL OWEN.

Pricemaker connects you to the car experts

Don't buy a lemon, Pricemaker can help find the perfect car for you.

Don't dilly-dally when driving in Dubai

Sun, sand and straight roads present their own challenges in a different kind of drive in Dubai.

New Volkswagen Golf to go hi-tech

Next generation of the popular hatch to bring gesture controls to the mainstream.

Hilux drives planks in crazy cargo loading

It could so easily have been a Toyota Hilux "bugger" ad.

Self-driving cars in New Zealand's not-too-distant future

Self-driving cars could be hitting New Zealand's roads in the next few years, Transport Minister says.

Bienville Legacy - the money no object motorcycle

Goodwood Festival of Speed will host the global public debut of the astonishing Bienville Legacy.

Check your plate can be read or face a fine

People snapped with bikes obscuring number plates on the back of vehicles could face a fine of up to $200.

Unusual motorcycle to debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed

The incredibly powerful and unusual Bienville Legacy motorcycle is to make its global public debut at the iconic Goodwill Festival of Speed next month.

Day-old Z06 Corvette crashed into tree

This is how to do nearly NZ$30,000 damage to a day-old Chevrolet C7 Corvette Z06.

Tourist drivers have rental car contracts cancelled near Queenstown

Two tourist drivers blamed fog and their GPS for driving at 60kmh in 100kmh zones, and stopping in the middle of the road.

Executive drops hint about Apple car

"The car is the ultimate mobile device, isn’t it?" says Apple's senior vice president of operations.

Lamborghini signs deal to build new SUV

Lamborghini confirms its entry in the luxury SUV market in signing a deal to produce the vehicle in Italy.

Ford F-150 - Big Ford truck sadly not for us

Ford is big on promoting its global sourcing of vehicles, however, here's one we all want but they won't give us.

New Zealand records biggest increase in road deaths

New Zealand recorded the biggest increase in road deaths in 2014, according to international study.

2016 Ford Mustang - Kiwis queuing up

Over 300 Kiwis have already ordered the new Mustang, and DAVE MOORE is pleased that his favourite Triple Yellow won't be too common.

Commuters parking in inner Auckland to be hit by new restrictions

New parking restrictions will hit commuters who leave their cars in Auckland's inner suburbs and walk into the CBD.

Foreign drivers steered right by app developed by Kiwi 14-year-old

Generic alerts like "keep left" are provided every 15-20 minutes wherever user is driving.

Electric Vehicles | We had EVs in the 1920s, why aren't ready for them now?

When the Minister of Transport recently uttered that NZ was ''the most EV-ready country'' recently, one wonders what kind of research was involved in making that statement.

Motoring journo crashes new Camaro

It's every driver's nightmare: being the first to test drive an all-new performance car, then wrecking it.

Hyundai becomes first with Android Auto

Hyundai thinks it has found the most seamless way yet to let drivers integrate their smartphones seamlessly into their cars.

Maserati celebrates 100 years with Zagato special

Zagato's latest Italian design flair is the Maserati Mostro unveiled at the recent Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este.

Luxurious Hyundai Genesis treads softly, softly

Hyundai's luxury offering, the big Genesis sedan, is causing some debate in New Zealand.

Buying used | First generation Sorento helped change Kia perceptions

When the Sorento was first introduced it assisted in transforming the whole Kia brand.

Buying used | Multi-purpose Mazda MPV II a family favourite

Like all people-movers, Mazda's MPV is very popular as a used import more than it ever was when new.

Looking under the bonnet of mechanical breakdown cover

Mechanical breakdown insurance isn't cheap, and isn't always easy to understand either.

Snow is already here in some areas, get ready for the worst

Steps to improve the odds in case winter weather tries to ruin your driving day.

Car's safety demonstration goes horribly wrong

Human error is being blamed for a nasty failure of a car's safety feature.

Dangers of snow tyres need to be addressed

Parents of Nelson woman who crashed in a car fitted with snow tyres want vehicles flagged and risks identified.

Carpark in New Plymouth beats all comers

A computer engineer is using the power of Twitter to expose a notorious carpark.

The automated dilemma: How to keep drivers from feeling like robots

For a glimpse of one of the auto world's thorniest modern dilemma, look no further than two contradictory TV ads for Infiniti's new Q50.

Diesel and hybrid Bentleys on the way

Bentley is set to join the ranks of manufacturers producing models that would once have been unthinkable.

Why classic cars had tailfins

Space-inspired 1950s styling cues were unlike anything the world had seen.

Surf Highway 45 change riles motorist

Roading bosses have come under fire for axing a passing lane on a busy stretch of Surf Highway 45.
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