Traffic finally flows on to $630m Kapiti Expressway as road quietly opens overnight

First section of Kapiti expressway, north of Wellington, opens to traffic - and rave reviews.

Americarna - the 'torque' of Taranaki

Dee Temple and her children have been waiting all year to wave their American flags.

Penalty parking tickets poor form, AA says

AA says parking companies should wipe penalties when motorists can prove they paid.

Brazen cyclists spark concern in New York suburb

Helmet-less wheelie-popping cyclists are irritating residents and motorists in a New York suburb.

Police considering privatising speed camera network

New Zealand's speed camera network could soon be privately managed.

Americarna's decade-long ride to fame

Americarna is well-oiled machine, but it's had its ups and downs over the years.  

Going nowhere fast on Auckland's southern motorway

Congestion so bad on Auckland motorway commuters spend equivalent of 12 days a year on it.

Limited edition Ferrari LaFerrari could be coming

European patent leak shows plans for 70th anniversary LaFerrari special.

Revamped Isuzu D-Max ute sticks with bigger-is-better philosophy

D-Max cleans up but keeps big-capacity engine.

Tesla holds huge key party in Auckland

First eight buyers of facelifted Model S were the stars of Tesla NZ's launch party.

Johnny Moore: When my mum goes to war with Wilson Parking

OPINION: Even the most reasonable, level-headed people can be reduced to a hot ranting mess by parking tickets.

Americarna visits Waitara for the first time in years

The streets of a small town have gone back in time.

What's this newfangled 'Tesla' everyone's talking about?

The electric car giant is driving Kiwis crazy with excitement. Here's what you need to know.

Ludicrous enthusiasm over launch of Tesla in New Zealand

Hold on tight: Tesla has arrived. Can Kiwi fans keep control?

Video shows Wellington taxi's intersection dash

A Wellington taxi driver will be fired for a dash through an intersection at rush-hour.

Family's beloved Rolls-Royce up in flames

For over 30 years, the Rolls-Royce travelled around the world with Alastair Caldwell and his mum, Dorothy Caldwell.

Hearse joins Americarna visit to rest homes in New Plymouth

"Might as well take a ride while you're alive."

Christchurch 'chop shop' pair appeal jail sentences

Consistency was a byword in the thievery, judge says.

Kingston Flyer sold to mystery buyers

The Kingston Flyer has been sold unconditionally to mystery buyers.

New Zealand's Shitbox Rally has already raised nearly $90,000

Sixty "shitbox" cars set to leave Christchurch on a colourful convoy as part of the Shitbox Rally.

When parking a car is a struggle

A driver struggling to park their vehicle in China gets it all wrong just when it looked right.

Tesla mania hits NZ: can we cope?

OPINION: I think Tesla is the carmaking equivalent of Apple and I don't mean that in a nice way.

Bowaters named best Toyota dealership

 A three-peat of national award wins "hard to trump" for Nelson car dealership.

Americarna kicks off in Taranaki with hot dogs on the beach

Americarna under way as hundreds of car enthusiasts kick it by the seaside.

Range Rover hints at sports car development

British brand looks to expand its portfolio beyond SUVs.

Infiniti poised to enter New Zealand's premium vehicle market

Nissan's luxury brand is being brought here. But not by Nissan.

A new Range Rover on the way

Land Rover has confirmed a new addition to the Range Rover family and it will be available in New Zealanders in late 2017.

Barry Leigh Fitzgerald who crashed multi-million dollar McLaren F1 gets diversion

The Australian man who crashed a multi-million dollar McLaren supercar near Queenstown given diversion.

Queenstown intersection 'will kill someone' residents say

NZTA will have blood on its hands if it doesn't change the dangerous intersection in Queenstown, residents say.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges rejects offer to experience poor Queenstown driving

Simon Bridges called "naive" as he rejects offer from Queenstown man to take him on a tour of NZ's horror roads.

Margot Robbie races Nissan BladeGlider around Monaco circuit

Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad star helping spruik Nissan's electric car tech.

F1-inspired Red Bull Racing Aston Martins revealed

British sports car maker unveils limiited edition variants of its ageing Vantage coupe.

Bricks used in precarious parking of car

A Chinese motorist's bizarre parking effort is improvisation at its finest.

China's Geely to bid for Malaysian car maker Proton

Chinese giant set to snap up struggling Proton and Lotus.

Bruce McLaren movie trailer debuts

WATCH: The first trailer for Roger Donaldson's docudrama on Bruce McLaren

A fleet of American metal has rolled into the streets of Taranaki for Americarna

The 10th anniversary of a classic car event will "make New Plymouth America, again".

Kingston Flyer stalwart Russell Glendinning dies

A stalwart of the Kingston community and a train driver inextricably linked with the Kingston Flyer has died.

Queenstown man issues challenge to Government as bad driving video takes off

Camera footage shows driver repeatedly weaving over centreline on one of NZ's most tricky roads.

Motorist transports garden shed on ute in South Auckland

Maybe he was trying to save money on trailer hireage?

'Mulholland Speedster' Packard is a most beautiful custom car

A stunning heavily modified 1936 Packard has been named America's most beautiful custom roadster.

The big moral dilemma facing self-driving cars

How many people could self-driving cars kill before we would no longer tolerate them?

Inside the magnificent McLaren Technology Centre

There's nothing on earth quite like the brand's British lair.

Classic Fighters Omaka crosses fingers for flying conditions after event cancellation

Classic Fighters Omaka places faith in the weather after Wings Over Wairarapa cancellation.

Top Gear host Matt LeBlanc eats horse penis in new season

Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc swallows his... pride in new Top Gear season.

Harley-Davidson gift excites Goodwood's Lord March

Motorsport legend sends a surprise gift to the founder of the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Audi Q2 is not so small, but so, so trendy

Think Audi SUVs are a bit staid? Maybe you'll like the fashion-forward Q2.

Chip seal: The Auckland residents who don't want a road upgrade

They aren't calling for the road to be fixed. In fact, these Aucklanders want the road left alone.

Australian woman towed for driving to court on suspended licence charge

Australian woman makes her suspended licence charge worse after driving to court.

Ex-Donald Trump limo for sale

It's not quite a presidential ride but this limousine was commissioned by the now US President Donald Trump.

Drivers display power and skills at car club time trial

Car club welcomes boy racers to test their skills at next street sprint.
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