Wellington's magic bullets

PVC gumboots, still made at Wellington's Bata factory, are as Kiwi as Fred Dagg.

Marketplace for fab rags seeks expansion

A marketplace for designer clothes has cast its eyes across the Tasman.

Instagram tips to rise to fame

Cyber celebs share their tips and tricks on how to get followers.

Rihanna is selling jelly shoes

They were the coolest look on the playground in 1996, and now they're coming back.

Best & worst dressed celebrities

This week, Melania is pretty in pink, Kendall has 2 bad hat tricks and a tie made of wood leaves us baffled.

Victoria Beckham receives OBE

Twitter had a lot to say about her OBE honour, but it seems Victoria couldn't give a "zigazig ah".

Lauren Hutton in CK ad - barely

The brand wants kudos for diversity, but does it really count if she's only in the ad for two seconds?

Balenciaga's $2900 IKEA knock-off

A designer bag that looks identical to IKEA's $1 shopping bag? This is fashion we don't get.

Karen Walker designs air mask

Karen Walker adds her designer touch to make an air pollution face mask trendy.

Clive clothes swap

What happens to old clothes? That's a 450 tonne question for Hastings District Council.

Why mending stuff is cool again

If it's good enough for Stella McCartney, it's good enough for us.

NZ brands more ethical

Do your favourite clothing brands exploit workers? See how Kiwi labels compare globally in a new report.

9 guilt-free fashion buys

Our top picks of the hottest fashion items by brands that are all about doing the right thing.

D&G's extravagant appliances

These outrageous yet beautiful objects take kitchen gadgets to the next level.

7 winter fashion trends

Marigold, biker jackets, statement sleeves, and pleats. It's our winter shopping list.

Anne Hathaway's $21 dress

The actress proudly wore a flea market dress for a TV interview - but does she manage to pull it off?

Best and worst Coachella style

Bucket hats no, pink hair yes. Festival fashion has finally moved on from flower crowns.

Sports brands embrace plus-size

Plus-size women, no more trawling the menswear department. Mainstream sports brands are finally listening.

This week we're obsessed with...

From the shoe of the week to our most-loved beauty products, this is what our fashion and beauty editors are coveting this week.

Shedding light on reflective fashion

Project Glow Wear is a competition aiming to create fashionable and affordable reflective safety wear.

The week in celebrity Instagrams

January Jones gives us dog envy, and Jaime King gets egg-hunting.

TV host's 'same blouse' burn

A paper tried to shame Lisa Wilkinson for wearing the same outfit twice on TV. But she got the last laugh.

For the love of gumboots

When gumboots became fashionable, Sharon Stephenson jumped on the bandwagon.

Best & worst dressed celebs

Amanda Holden has a princess moment, Allison Williams channels Veronica Lake, and Nicki Minaj gets attacked by snakes.

How to look cute when it's raining

Obviously safety is more important than style. But if you don't want to look like a drowned rat...

Mona Lisa on a LV bag

Louis Vuitton's collab with artist Jeff Koons means you can now get the Mona Lisa on a handbag.

Designer pulls $270k Go Fund Me

"In 2009 you had $21 million to your name, so where has all that money gone?"

Six items for six weeks

How would you cope with such a tiny wardrobe? It's not easy, but it is satisfying.

Backstage secrets from The Bachelor NZ

There's a reason we're not seeing as many sequins this season, says TV stylist Terese Tomlins.

Milan's fashionista furniture

Renowned fashion houses ventured into furniture and homewares design at Milan Design Week.

British Vogue's 1st male editor

For the first time in 25 years, British Vogue will have a new chief editor - and it's a man.

Spanx finally gets sexy

Forget what you knew about Spanx.

This week we're obsessed with...

From the shoe of the week to our most-loved beauty products, this is what our fashion and beauty editors are coveting this week.

The week in celebrity Instagrams

Naomi Watts is armed and dangerous, and Liv Tyler shares an on-set shot with Kit Harington.

Backlash hits Pepsi video stars

Kendall Jenner and Kiwi choreographer Parris Goebel have been cleaning up their timelines following the controversial ad.

My Sunday routine: Kelly Coe

The Augustine fashion designer has a jam-packed family day of baking, craft making and playground visits.

Five ground-breaking fashionistas

Bjork, Grace Jones, Madonna, Courtney Love, and Lady Gaga have given us some of the most iconic fashion moments.

Dressed up at Dunedin Fashion Week

Nothing makes you more alienated from the world of fashion than a few years at home with small children.

Stick-thin Topshop mannequins back

British parents are protesting against the fashion brand's decision to re-use mannequins which "promote eating disorders".

Best & worst dressed celebs

This week, the Duchess slays it, Nicole Kidman goes all directional, and Kim K's barnacle look is a bust.

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