Leggings - not just for the gym

Has it become socially acceptable to wear sporty bottoms shopping on the weekend or to a club as well as while working out?

Did a Kiwi win Project Runway?

Sean Kelly won fans in US reality fashion show Project Runway, but did he win big?

Daily street style: Oct '14

street st

Check out your daily dose of real Kiwi fashion, courtesy of our street style snappers.

World's most stylish man?

This 55-year-old American has more influence on what you wear than you realise.

Best & worst dressed

Lily Collins leads the way, Blake Lively does bump and plunge at once and Katie Price is very 'her'.

Obama was designer's Moby Dick

One of Oscar de le Renta’s biggest pet peeves was the continual public snubbing by first lady Michelle Obama.

SJP goes too far with her shoes

Sarah Jessica Parker annoys residents in NY by doing a photo shoot on 'Carrie's stoop' without permission.

Glassons cops criticism again


This time it's for an advertisement animal rights activists say promotes animal cruelty.

Well this is disturbing...


Cult style magazine 'Interview' has gone a step too far with a editorial shoot depicting 'pretty wasted' models.

A glimpse of the pregnant duchess

Regally seated in a ceremonial carriage, the pregnant duchess resumes public life.

Oscar de la Renta dies

Legendary designer, who most recently created Amal Clooney's wedding gown, dead at 82.

Go home models, you're drunk

This awesome Tumblr imagining dishevelled J.Crew models as slurring, end-of-the-night girls is going viral.

The finest suits you can't buy

The famed Loro Piana wool bale will produce just 40 of the world's most sought-after suits.

Ditching 'the ideal' body

Companies should market clothes to a range of body sizes. They're deluded if they think they already do.

Does mannequin size matter?


The digital alteration of images presenting impossible ideals of slenderness pose a far greater risk.

The stylist who says it like it is

Karen Inderbitzen-Waller

If the fashion world is an air-kissing champagne-swiller, then she is its straight-talking, 2am shot of 100 percent proof.

Blake's baby bump

Blake Lively

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively makes her first red carpet appearance since announcing her pregnancy.

Heidi steals Elle's undies

Heidi Elle

With Macpherson's 25-year-relationship with Bendon over, Klum is set to fill her boots.

Glassons mannequin apology

meg randall

Fashion retailer Glassons bows to public pressure and removes thin mannequins from its stores.

The week's best & worst dressed

Best worst

Ladies in red stun, Kate Bosworth's risk pays off and Christina Hendricks fails again.

Kim's million-dollar baby

North West

200 pieces of designer clothing and $62k diamonds - is it crazy to be jealous of a toddler?

Would you pay $500 for a tee?

White T-shirts

It's one of the most basic items you can own, so what makes people willing to shell out hundreds for a white T-shirt?

Races crop top ban is laughable

Crop top

An Australian racing club has taken a stance against exposed midriffs in an attempt to 'class' up the event.

'Tall, slim bodies' are fashion


Kiwi designer Denise L'Estrange-Corbet sees nothing wrong with Glassons' ultra-thin mannequins.

What to wear this racing season

Races fashion

From sipping champers in the stands to watching on the lawn, one thing is certain: you need to dress the part.

Merino lover wins top award

WoolOn’s Supreme Winner

Wanaka designer enters WoolOn Creative Fashion Event hall of fame, winning 2014 supreme award.

Glassons' 'disturbing' mannequins


The fast fashion retailer has come under fire for using mannequins that show protruding ribs.

How short is too short?

Kendall Jenner

Summer's coming (we hope) and that means one thing: increasingly tiny denim shorts.

The week's best & worst dressed


Scarlet ladies confuse us, Emma Roberts stuns and Christina Hendricks opts for odd headgear.

Meet J-Pop's new 'chubby' groups


A new wave of body positivity pop acts in Japan signal a celebration of, in their words, 'marshmallow girls'.

Hair today . . . art tomorrow

Denise Whyte's hats

Creative and wearable hat designs will be exclusively showcased at this year's Cup and Show Week for the first time.

Fashion's new influencers

amanda shadforth

 They are a new breed of fashion heavy hitters who can influence a trend with the tap of their mobile  phone.

Why are men scared of fashion?

julian burak

Men of means are quite happy to pay for quality clothing, but still find frequenting high-end fashion stores intimidating.

Dawson protege lands dream gig


The blonde beauty has been discovered via Instagram, she just wishes her 'adopted mum' was here to see it.

Runway's watchdog back

Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn admits he would crash and burn at the first challenge of Project Runway.

No one-shade-fits-all 'nude'


Crayola changed the name of its 'flesh' crayon to 'peach' in 1962, but nude lingerie is still very limiting ...

Oldies have the WOW factor

WOW retirement show

They may not strut quite like the young models do, but there's no denying the 'golden oldies' still have it.

Designer's model apology

Stella McCartney model apology

Designer sorry after posting picture of model her fans deemed "disgusting" on social media.

Sneaker comeback is all white

White trainers

If you're a bit of a dirt magnet or not a fan of white, staying on trend could be tricky this summer.

A handle on the jandal

Flip-flops, jandals

They are thongs in Australia, klip klapper in Denmark and slops in South Africa.