Hobbled model left in moonboot

Annah Stretton

Helena Mitchell started Fashion Week well-heeled - and finished it in a moon boot.

Kim's torturous 'waist trainer'

Kim Kardashian

A corset that cinches your waist in and over time breeds your body to a certain shape. It's as ghastly as it sounds.

Obama's suit does the talking

Barack Obama

When Barack Obama fronted the press today, it was his outfit - not words - that really got people talking.

City sisters launch design label

Kelk and Adam

Two Invercargill sisters are making it big in the world of design in Australia.

The week's best & worst dressed

best worst

Mesh-mooshed boobs and jumpsuits continue to make up the bads, while breathtaking gowns provide relief.

All Blacks jockey for position

all blackstrap

It's not the size of the grundies that matters, but the All Black wearing them.

NZFW Live: All Blacks in their undies


It's the final day of Fashion Week, and we're psyched for half-naked All Blacks and a Kate Sylvester show.

11 hottest undie-selling celebs


With the ABs strutting their stuff at NZFW today, we take a look at the world's top undie ambassadors.

Blanket fashion statement

Jeanine Clarkin

Jeanine Clarkin's blanket clothes aren't just for those who have bed-separation issues.

Zara drops top after Nazi comparison

Zara kids top

Global fashion chain Zara stops selling a striped children's top decorated with a six-pointed star.

NZFW: Ginny, brides & more


While feathers fly over Cooper's use of headdresses last night, the shows must go on at Fashion Week.

Stuff's daily street style: August

Street style

Check out your daily dose of real Kiwi fashion, courtesy of our street style snappers.

Fashion queen 'wrong'


NZ-based Native American weighs in on Dame Cooper's use of his culture's headdress.

NZ Fashion Week gets edgy

New Zealand Fashion Week

Spooky, creepy, and lots and lots of black. New Zealand Fashion Week is off to a dark start.

Best & worst dressed: Emmys


It's more fun than the Oscars, more glam than the VMAs - all the looks from the biggest night in TV.

Silence for Dawson

Charlotte Dawson

A moment of silence for the late Charlotte Dawson was held at the beginning of NZ Fashion Week tonight.

Best & worst dressed: VMAs


It's an outrageous red carpet, and that's why we love it - expect mesh, studs, sequins and stilettos.

Paula Ryan's essential selection

 Paula Ryan

Teen model, magazine publisher, fashionista . . . Paula Ryan is the last word on New Zealand chic.

The week in celeb Insta snaps


Kardashians continue to distort their bodies, a model drapes bacon over herself and Biebs looks like a lady.

The worst dressed male celeb

Simon Cowell

His propensity for too-tight tees, waist-high shiny pants and shirts unbuttoned one too many is cringeworthy at best.

The week in celebrity fashion

best worst

Rita Ora's tin foil disaster will haunt us, while Chloe Grace Moretz keeps it cool and classy.

'I'm not afraid of the fanny pack'


Is Matthew McConaughey going to bring the worst accessory of all time back into fashion?

Fashion for the masses

Stolen Girlfriends Club

With a surge in bloggers and social media at NZFW, more designers are embracing consumer-driven shows.

'Sweet as' for top hairdresser

Richard Kavanagh, hairdresser

Kiwi hairdresser Richard Kavanagh has a little icebreaker he likes to use on some of his celebrity clients.

These models are raking it in


From Victoria's Secret Angels to bombshells of the beauty world, behold the top-earning models of the year.

Klum's crazy Kiwi-designed dress


Looking a bit like a giant car wash brush, the supermodel continues to help put a Hawera lad in the spotlight.

'It ruined the world'

Sex and the city

Fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone has said Sex and the City "ruined the world".

North West's modelling debut


The 13-month-old shows off luxury French fashion and her best mid-distance stare.

The week's best & worst dressed

best worst

It was the best of times, the worst of times. It's a tale of two different fashion worlds today.

How to make a woman frumpy


Quick, what's the best way to make a beautiful woman look as unattractive as possible? Throw a cardigan on her.

Five fierce KimYe insults


'I think they have no influence in the fashion world whatsoever,' says a style guru. She goes on to much worse...

Whose grandaughter is this?


Oh, only that of one of the most beloved fashion icons of all time ... good choice Harper's.

A colourful quest for self

school unifroms

Aimie Cronin talks to past and present students about individualising uniforms .

Best & worst: Teen Choice

best worst

The Kardashians came out in force, Swift, Gomez and Lopez scored wins while others looked overcooked.

She actually ate that

Candice Swanepoel

Quelle horreur. Even an Angel indulges once in a while.

Why Kate is no queen of fashion

Kate Middleton

OPINION: The duchess may have the hair of a Pantene model, but her style game is lacking.

Long legs and hair still wanted


There are 300-plus models, all up. An apocalypse of black denim and blank stares.

From cool to corporate


Tattoos representing brands are getting more and more common. But why?

The week in celeb Insta snaps


Miley gives someone a tatt, Chrissy T defies gravity, Rita Ora flashes the world and Cara is out-quirked.

The normalisation of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Has anyone seen Gaga lately? You’d be forgiven if you didn’t recognise her.