Winter-proof your wardrobe

It's the perfect time to get stuck in and organise your winter wardrobe, says Professional organiser Natalie.

Men, say no to activewear

"By sticking to shorts you're doing a favour for your brethren and society at large."

Cannes red carpet rebellion

Ball gowns took a back seat for some top stars at Cannes.

Model swims with sharks for perfect pic

How far would you go for the perfect Instagram?

What did Melania's outfits say? Nothing

OPINION: Melania Trump's head - bare or not - is getting a whole lot of press that it doesn't deserve.

Best & worst dressed celebrities

Uma Thurman is from another planet, and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan channels Cinderella.

Mystery of Melania's head

To cover up or not to cover up? Why the US first lady covered her head at the Vatican but not in Saudi Arabia.

Melania's dressed for control

Melania Trump's first official trip is an awkward activity. Her role is to be mostly seen and not heard.

The Bachelor: best & worst dressed

Sure, there were a lot of cocktail dresses. But how about that one Black Sabbath shirt?

How to stay warm at work

What to wear to work when the temperatures plummet.

Barefoot and beautiful at Cannes

We feel your pain, Naomie Harris - we're not keen on a long walk home in heels either.

Designers brace for 'Pippa effect'

Get ready to see a lot more brides wearing high-necked, capped sleeve gowns.

How to copy Kate's wedding look

While Pippa was radiant in white, her sister may have stolen the sartorial spotlight.

Pippa's wedding: Who wore what

From the bespoke silk cotton lace gown to the Duchess' dusky pink dress, it was all about class.

Would you wear this out?

OPINION: How exhausting! Imagine the hours it would take to stick every little shape on securely.

My Sunday: Macayla Chapman

There is no real set routine for my weekends, but generally there is never a dull moment. 

I was so ugly in school: Lorde

The "shy and introverted nerd" reacts the same way we all would to landing a major magazine cover.

10,000 Starburst wrappers in dress

Starburst started Emily's romance. Four years and 10,000 wrappers later, she's got something else out of the lollies.

Bogan uniform gets makeover

Uggs, mullets, tracksuit pants and more fluff than a poodle convention hijacked the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

Bella Hadid prepped for 'malfunction'

It wouldn't be an excessively glamorous Cannes Film Festival red carpet without a very slight scandal.

Best & worst dressed celebs

This week, the Duchess recycles, Pam Anderson shows why she's a legend and Kim K's boot pants are just plain weird.

5 of the best winter coats

Wrapping up in a giant coat in winter is almost as good as a hug from Mum.

Ivanka Trump's wardrobe crisis

OPINION: Straddling so many roles, it's no wonder Ivanka is unsure how to dress in the morning.

Where did the Music Month t-shirts go?

For a while, you saw the iconic target t-shirts everywhere. So what happened?

Dressing women for success

It starts with a smart outfit, but ends with feeling empowered and having a job.

We pick Pippa's wedding gown

We play wedding gown stylist for the Middleton wedding.

Volunteer models strut their stuff

One model will be turning the lens around in a photoshoot to empower women

Tulloch fourth judge for Hokonuis

Former Gore girl returns to judge prestigious fashion event.

The Chanel boomerang. Really.

The luxury fashion house reduces indigenous Australia's most distinctive object to a fashion accessory.

Company's year-long returns policy

If your weight fluctuates or you bought the wrong size, this brand has your back.

I wore pyjamas to Fashion Week

I'm finally the kind of woman that I would hope to be, one who is confident enough to wear pyjamas with purpose.

Karl Lagerfeld's stuffed Choupette

For $795 you can own a stuffed version of the Chanel designer's beloved pampered pussy Choupette.

The week in celeb Instagrams

Beyonce looks ready to burst, Kylie Minogue blisses out, and Zoe Kravitz finds true love.

'News flash: it's my body'

Critics mocked her dress choice at the MTV Awards so Chrissy Metz hit back.

Us Two: Redcurrent

Rebecca Kain, 52, and her mum, Audrey McHardy, 80, are the duo behind Redcurrent.

Steeped in steampunk

A unique array of top hats, tea pots, cogs, clocks, and corsets filled the city library.

WoW puts on extra show

Sunday event added, taking the number of shows in this year's lineup to 16.

Behind the camera: Mario Testino

From Madonna to Kate Moss - not to mention Diana - Mario Testino has captured some of the world's most famous images.

Best & worst dressed celebrities

This week, Christina Milian gets sexy, Zendaya slays it (again) and even Sharon Stone can't pull off this look.

I'm haunted by crop top shame

When it comes to fashion faux pas, there's one particular horror that stands out for the actress.

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