Heidi's style tips for Kiwi women

Supermodel advises Kiwi women to ditch the heels and miniskirts ... but struggles to find a NZ designer to wear on her whistlestop trip.

Best lessons from style icons

The most helpful tricks you can steal from Kate Moss, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez et al.

Daily street style: January

Your daily dose of real Kiwi fashion.

Heidi Klum showcases Bendon range

Celebrities mixed with scantily-clad models as supermodel Heidi Klum unveiled her lingerie collection in Auckland.

The week's best & worst dressed

Felt wigs, ghostly underboob and fishnet bloomers make up the worst this week. Yes, actually.

Amal Clooney's amazing comeback

She's in court fighting a genocide case. She's asked "who she's wearing". Her reply is priceless.

Newest fashion star? Toast the dog

Kiwi designer Karen Walker taps four-legged Instagram sensation for her spring 2015 campaign.

Five we like: Leggings

Stylish enough to strut down the street in, but will keep you as sweat-free as possible during spin.

Aussie cricket WAGs take to the red carpet

It was the wives, girlfriends and women cricketers who shone on the red carpet.

Kate Hudson dares to bare

Knickers were nowhere to be seen at Kate Hudson's Versace fashion show appearance.

Why she stopped wearing leggings

Mum-of-one finds herself the subject of debate after claiming tight bottoms cause lustful thoughts in men.

On trend! Crochet shorts for guys

There's a new look sweeping the world wide web (with troll undertones) - textured, colourful shorts for lads.

This week we're obsessed with

Orlando Bloom's manbun, Taylor Swift conspiracy theories and Fifty Shades-themed nails.

Julianne & Jen-An say no

Hollywood stars are refusing to take part in one of the most loathed aspects of a red carpet – the “mani cam”.

Best & worst dressed: SAG Awards

Sofia looks red hot, Emma Stone dares and wins and Jen-An takes the plunge on the colourful red carpet.

Fashion designer makes ballsy move

Displaying male genitalia on the catwalk has been one of the fashion world's few taboos - until now.

Hats off to cup day

The jewel in the Wellington Racing Club's crown had plenty of sparkle over the weekend.

Miley Cyrus queen of new ravers

Yes, folks, rave culture is back and Miley Cyrus is its show-stopping leader.

Cup day fashion

Looking fabulous off the field

Stripes, a bright blue suit, and of course, fabulous hats featured at the Wellington Cup.

Make way for the 'Mom' jeans

Step aside skinny jeans, and make way for the mom jean.

Bloggers sent to work in sweatshop

Reality TV show puts three fashion bloggers to work in the Cambodian sweatshops that make their clothes.

Best & worst: Miss Universe costumes

If you thought parading around in a skimpy bikini would be the most mortifying part of the pageant, well, you were wrong.

Fashion trends shorties should avoid

Wide-legged trousers, mullet shirts, midi skirts - this year is throwing a lot of disasters your way.

The week's best & worst dressed

Sienna Miller does double stripes well, Liz Hurley mutilates Cookie Monster and Kris Jenner, well ...

Boris Becker's love child hits catwalk

The child reportedly conceived inside a London restaurant is back in the news after her Fashion Week debut.

First lady's suit makes statement

Seeing Michelle Obama in a two-piece offered a glimpse of the straight-talking lawyer who took a brief hiatus from the public eye.

Five we like: One-pieces

Forget what you were forced to wear for school swimming lessons - the modern-day swimsuit is anything but frumpy.

How to selfie like a supermodel

Here's the secret reason why supermodels always look so good in photographs: they always do the same pose.

Introducing the $105 Cumberbritches

Because what else says "I have a deep appreciation for your body of work" than his face plastered all over your behind?

Racing towards Wellington Cup

There was only one long face at Midland Park today, and it was of the equine variety.

Bruises a fashion accessory?

Is a black eye ever beautiful? Designers think so.

'Smart mirrors' make trying on clothes easier

Try that dress in a different colour - digitally.

Um, how is this 'brave'?

This photo of Rosamund Pike is what 'brave' looks like in Hollywood these days.

Cara Delevingne suits DKNY

Cara Delevingne is one of the boys in the latest ad for DKNY MEN.

Going to the races? Do it in style

The Wellington Cup is where horses race, booze gets drunk and even the normal Kiwi bloke gets dapper.

Best & worst: Critics' Choice

Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston on the same red carpet... and there's a definite winner.

Eleven slimming tricks

These ingenious wardrobe hacks will make you look slimmer without a new diet.

Amal's achievement? White gloves

Despite her achievements, it's Amal Clooney's gloves we can't stop talking about.

From rep rugby to fashion

Hemi Pou talks about founding men's clothing store Wakefield Hotel, selling boots to Bradley Cooper and playing rugby for New Zealand.

Paltrow's 'full body condom' style

Fashion is one thing Gwyneth normally nails. But then she wore a full body condom.

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