​Southlander rocks New Delhi runway

Invercargill-raised fashion designer Joseph Churches has had his first overseas show.

Get modern with vintage

Eclectic and unique vintage finds can turn your wardrobe into something special - but forget rummaging, it's easier to buy than ever

Jagger face of beachwear brand

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall's model daughter has been unveiled as the new face of Volcom.

Get the Margot Robbie look

She's come a long way from her Neighbours days - now she's a fashion icon.

High heels a foothill in sexism debate

OPINION: One woman argues the case for more stilettos in every day life.

Rising from the rubble

After weathering a perfect storm of tax dodging charges and liquidation, Jenny Joblin's back at the helm of fashion label Federation.

H&M to team with Kenzo

First it got sporty with Alexander Wang, brought military-style bang with Balmain, and now it's going French.

Selena Gomez's makeunder

The singer's got two Vogue Brasil covers out, and they're a real departure from her usual look.

ASOS staffed by robots?

If you want anything done, you'll need to supply your details over and over again.

Best & worst dressed: Budget

It's not the red carpet - more like the mottled, stain-forgiving carpet - but our elected officials deserve scrutiny on every level, right?

TVNZ stars share ball photos

Long before they had a wardrobe department, TVNZ stars had to dress themselves for ball season.

'Stylists used to overlook me'

Stylists were once so mean to Khloe Kardashian she would end up in floods of tears.

Best & worst dressed celebrities

This week, Charlize Theron rocks a lady tux and Kim Kardashian has both a win and a fail.

How to earn your stripes

The lines have been drawn - on tops, pants, skirts and dresses. Here's how to work this season's big trend.

Would these gowns violate the dress code?

Choosing a ball dress isn't easy, especially if your school has strict rules.

Check out Google's smart jacket

Google has teamed up with Levi's to develop a trucker jacket made specifically for commuting bikers.

'Dressing modestly is a good thing'

Morals watchdog Family First has backed a school's no-cleavage, no-backless-dresses code for their school ball.

Hilary Barry's style over the years

Sometimes, the best accessory is a full case of Moet. We salute you, Hilary.

Dress codes - who needs 'em?

OPINION: "If they can’t trust their students by this stage in their schooling, they have a much bigger problem than tulle and tiaras."

Our favourite celebrity offspring

While it's kind of frightening that these kids aren't actual babies any more, we're big fans.

Victoria Beckham wears Uggs

It seems Posh Spice would do anything for bestie Eva Longoria - even wear Ugg boots.

Lippy and heels or out

OPINION: Fired for refusing to wear high heels or make up in the office - this is not the 1950s.

Less airbrushing, more profits

Turns out leaving models' scars, stretch marks and tattoos untouched means increased sales.

K-Stew makes formal wear cool

Recreate Kirsten Stewart's Cannes look by pairing formal wear with sneakers.

What do sneakers really cost?

It's actually pretty surprising how little margin there is on a pair of running shoes.

'Not scared of a fight'

Little Aussie battler is taken on by US footwear giant over the use of the 'ugg' label.

Rosie and Lily's charity cover

Top models Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Lily Aldridge have waived their fees to appear on Elle for Pink Hope.

Best & worst: Billboards

We're pleased to see Rihanna, and Jessica Alba's gone a little bit goth.

Bella Hadid 'not a super brat'

She may have been labelled a super brat but at Australian Fashion Week, Bella Hadid was anything but.

The height of fashion

Flat shoes are fine, but a pair of heels adds class to any outfit. Where and when to wear them.

Did Bella steal Rita's look?

Bella Hadid's red Cannes dress looks just like this old Rita Ora gown

Shirtmaker in administration

Nicholas Jermyn calls on customers to help it "live another day" after it goes into administration.

Karen Walker hits back at Pebbles

Hooper's comments "came as no surprise," says designer criticised over manufacturing ethics.

Best & worst dressed

Jessica Chastain makes an exposed corset look good and Amal Clooney has a movie star moment.

The dress that stopped Cannes

The model catches the world's attention at Cannes by opting for an undies-free look on the red carpet.

'Models were put on a pedestal'

Elle Macpherson says money had a lot to do with the rise of the supermodel in the 90s.

What Cameron Diaz won't wear

Now that she's in her 40s, there's one thing the actress has banished from her wardrobe.

Leather for the people

Layla Cann decided there had to be a way to bring her work life and family life together.

Chanel Iman's tribute to Prince

It's been less than a month since Prince passed away, and the tributes continue to roll in. 

Chch model signs with IMG

Lucy Wyma has joined the ranks of the world's elite supermodels by signing with a top agency.

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