Win your very own work of art

22:36, Oct 15 2012

Fashion. She is a fickle beast and everyone knows it. We minions working in her bowels bear the brunt of many jokes and stereotypes, and like geeks in IT and sleazeballs in used car dealerships we do get tired of it eventually. We can't exactly stand up on our spindly legs and yell "Stop calling us all skinny!" or toss our designer bags about and screech "We're not materialistic!" Sometimes you've got to become the butt of the joke in order to get the upper hand.

The clever maker of this silly and fun T-shirt is Jon Thom, and alongside his buddy Chris Brun they own the label Moodie Tuesday. The Dunedin-based duo have a number of hilarious slogan tees, but the real star of the brand is the art work that Jon makes. The self-taught artist is rather successful in the Dunedin art scene and has his work in private collections both here and overseas. 

Jon's evocative portaiture is printed on to Moodie Tuesday T-shirts in very limited runs - so you're unlikely to have the same tee as your mate. 


While puddling through the range I got word from the team that they're opening up their online store - and they wanted to celebrate with me. Sweet for you guys, right?! The Moodie Tuesday online store goes live today, selling the full collection of T-shirts for guys and girls, and Jon's incredible art work. So do you wanna know how we're celebrating? Sit tight...

We are running a giveaway for one of Jon's pieces of art. But the catch is that you get to pick what he draws. The winning entry will have their chosen image drawn up into a one-off work of art by Jon himself. Don't take the prize lightly either - one of these images takes Jon up to 10 days to finish, and he's making one just for you. As well as the piece of art, you'll receive a T-shirt of your choice from the Moodie Tuesday collection. 

So how to enter? Pop on over to the Moodie Tuesday website and pick your favourite T-shirt. Now zoot on over the the Crazy Chic Facebook page and post the image that you want Jon to draw on my wall, along with the style name of your chosen Moodie T-shirt. Your image can be anything - your face, your dog's face, your favourite musician, an image you found on the street, or a picture of your local dairy owner. Just remember, Jon will be spending a lot of effort drawing it, and it'll be hanging in your house - so make it good.

Good luck to you all! May the best man win!