Of useless things like tartan

23:51, Oct 25 2012

I spent last night reading about the incredible (and almost edible) shoe design of this guy, and poring over the international spring collections. In a season when the sun beats down, flopping by the pool is in and heavy fabrics are not, it seems rather comical that tartan was all over the runways. 

3.1 Phillip Lim

That heavy woollen fabric that our forebears leapt about in yelling profanities from the hilltops is made for the depths of Scottish winters, and not for the footpaths of a broiling summer day. No matter that this season's tartan comes in the form of printed chiffon. So what's the bloody point? And where's the sense in it all? There isn't one. A point I mean. Tartan for summer slots into that same ol' ironic vein that Jil Sander's $400 paper bag clutches do, or Olympia Le-Tan's "Book" clutch:


Utter silliness, and totally expensive pointlessness. Louboutin talks of our love of useless objects in his book. He tells of a woman who once came into his shop and went crazy over a pair of far-too-delicate-to-wear feathered heels he had made. "They're so useless that I have to have them," she squealed. She didn't care about the price. "People prefer to spend money on useless things than useful things. For useless things, the price never matters," he said (or something to that effect). It's true, we're suckers for fun and pointless things. Like clutches that look like books. Like paper bag handbags. Like armchairs for your cellphone. Like tartan for summer.

Dries van Noten

So what do you say? Will you be Highland-bound this summer?



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