Flat shoes that are actually sexy

21:02, Nov 04 2012

And awesome. And cute.

This post comes at the request of many of you for a focus on sweet flats for going out and the like. Granted. I will grant most wishes, by the way.

I didn't know it was possible, but after a rootle around my favourite sites I found more than a few astoundingly chic pairs. Because they can be freakin' cute. As much as I don't like to reiterate what's bandied about the gossip rags, the obvious case in point on the subject of chic = flats is Alexa Chung. And not because she's a skinny bitch - it's because she pulls off her flats with a nonchalant cool that even the best heel wearers cannot hope to claim. Her shoe choices become a part of her so much that one is hardly aware she ain't wearing heels (an uncommon sight in a heel-loving society like her famous people one).  

And in that light of "let's get inspired by stylish flat shoe wearers" (we could also throw in images of Audrey, Carla Bruni and other widely used shoespirations but you've seen them before), here are some freakin' cool flats that are making me want to ditch the heels forever and go out and buy this whole set.

The Slipper:


Also morphs into a loafer, which somehow morphs into a what-could-be-an-orthopaedic-nurse's-shoe-if-it-wasn't-for-the-red-snakeskin Stella McCartney-type shoe. These are the elegant flats. The wear-with-freakin'-cool-trousers and an awesome blouse and look a million bucks. Or make it known that you're cooler than everyone on the street and you don't even know it. Or something to that equation. 


1- $139.90 from Wild Pair; 2- Lipstik $79.99 from Shoe Connection, 3- H by Hudson $212 from Asos, 4- $139.90 from Wild Pair, and 5- Stella McCartney $590 from Runway Shoes


The Brogue:

Also known as the pimped-out school shoe. The ultimately stylish work shoe, these puppies are also great for being preppy and boyish should the feeling arise.


6- $138 from Asos, 7- Coccinelle $390 from Runway Shoes, 8- Jeffrey Campbell $199.99 from Shoe Connection, and 9- $475 from Shoezies.


The Patent:

The jazziest of the flat family, patents are great for line dancing at the Y, getting your boogie on at your local and going out on hot dates.


10 - shoes I'd turn flat for Topshop only about $48 get-some-now; 11 - $80 from Asos and party yer ass off; 12 - mod cool $60 from Topshop; and 13 - $100 from Asos.


The Ballet flat:

The classic Milf shoe, coffee with the girls shoe, and arranging flowers shoe, the ballet flat is the sweetest and girliest of all the flats. Bar Jelly Shoes, of course. 


14 - Miss Sofie $99.99 from Shoe Connection; 15 - also from SC $69.99; and 16 - if you're gonna do the ballet flat you may as well do it properly with Alexa Chung's favs and the Marc Jacobs mouse flats, $490 and worth every scent. Whoops.

A couple of sandals and a few other sweet styles:

Because flat sandals can be well and stylish too, and flat booties are too cool to pass up even though it's coming into summer.


17 - These too hard to miss Jeffrey Campbell sandals $179.99 from Shoe Connection and Andrea Biani; 18 - a bit more tame but by no means boring Utopia sandals $169.99 Shoe Connection again; and 19 - last but most certainly not least Sonia by Sonia Rykiel booties and the zipper of my dreams $628 from Asos

There. What say you? Who's your fav? Where else can we buy great flats? Do you have a favourite store? Do share. Do. Or else.


Oh and P.S. I ran my half marathon two Sundays ago, and thanks to your help raised over $1000 for the Heart Foundation! Now I can't walk. Or sit. Or stand. I got stuck on the toilet on Sunday night and needed help being lifted off. All in the name of charity, eh.