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What to make on a cold day

Winter gives you free rein to indulge, so make the most of it with this ginger pudding and spiced hot chocolate.

Dark chocolate pan pudding

This molten chocolate concoction is dessert heaven and can be prepared the day before serving.

Andrew Little hops to the Left

They say the test of a political leader is whether you would want to have a beer with them.

A dark drop for winter

REVIEW: Golden Eagle Coalface Stout showcases notes of coffee, chocolate, stone fruit and burnt Vogel's toast crusts.

Three ways with... roast chicken

Is there anything more comforting than the humble chook in the winter? I don't think so.

Kiwis making waves in NY meet

In a town like New York it never takes too long for expat Kiwis to meet up.

Celebrity chef confirms Dunedin restaurant

Michelin star chef Josh Emett confirms he is opening up a restaurant in Dunedin.

Jelly Tip flavoured milk, anyone?

Yes, we are milking this mystery new flavour announcement for all it's worth.

Enjoy this month: Pacific Oysters

Pacific oysters have been farmed in New Zealand since the 1970s and are prized for their unique flavour and plump, succulent meat.

Devilled lamb kidneys & silverbeet

Offal dishes like this feature regularly on the menus of some hip Auckland cafes.

Posh cottage pie

A deliciously luxurious version of a cottage pie.

Lamb & kumara pasties

A kiwi take on traditional Cornish pasties.

Switch to wholefoods cured ills

A plant-based diet gave a new lease of life to food writer Buffy-Ellen Gill.

Green beans, pork, tofu & olives

A combination of two favourite Chinese dishes.

Chicken & cabbage larb with sticky rice

A hot dish perfectly complemented by the firm texture of Thai sticky rice.

Mum's meatballs

These meatballs go well with rice, mashed potato or noodles.

Caramel trio

Salted caramel is so hot right now.

Steamed chocolate sponge pudding

The caramel sauce makes for a particularly rich dessert.

Sticky buns with Marsala caramel

These rich yeasted buns are perfect with a strong cup of coffee.

Orange flan (flan de naranja)

This is essentially a Spanish version of creme caramel.

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