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Refreshing summer peach split

A great way to celebrate this seasonal stone fruit and embrace the fresh flavours of summer.

Pork piccata with pineapple slaw

This pork dish is quick to prepare and refreshingly delicious.

Going vegetarian without going hungry

If you’re thinking about giving up meat but are worried you’ll be hungry, you’re dead set wrong.

Syrah pick of the bunch

A Hawke's Bay syrah has won the top prize at the 2015 Air New Zealand Wine Awards.

Grilled whole chicken with harissa

It's barbecue season - why not turn up the heat with spicy marinade of lemon, mint and harissa?

Good fellow honoured

"Science is fun. Having the opportunity to play, and be paid for it, to ask and then watch the results of your efforts used in the field."

Kiwi wines win big overseas

An unlikely friendship between a veteran winemaker and a young woman from China has resulted in continued success on the world stage.

Thyme and grappa flan

This dessert flan is a perfect finish to summer dinner parties.

Tomato salad with fresh cheese

This salad is fresh, delicious and perfect for summer.

Lamb with barley & zucchini salad

This flavourful lamb salad is worth the wait.

Country pork, walnut and fennel terrine

This terrine can be prepared in advance, for easy serving.

Passionfruit Soda

A deliciously refreshing and easy to make summer drink.

Barbecued salmon

A great dish to share with family and friends.

Lamb ribs with thousand slices kumara and swede

This dish is nothing short of impressive.

Ginger-glazed pork belly

Melt in your mouth pork belly makes for an elegant meal.

Bulgogi burgers with quick kimchi

This Korean inspired dish is full of great flavour.

Cheddar tart

This deliciously cheesy tart is full of flavour and texture.

Kumara & pork pepper curry

This rich and flavourful curry is a great option for a midweek dinner.

Lamb cutlets with cauliflower tabouleh

Ready and on the table in 25 minutes, this dish is perfect for summer evening meals.

Agedashi tofu and eggplant

This tasty tofu and eggplant dish is sure to please vegetarians and carnivores alike.

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