Food & Wine

Turn feijoas into wine: here's how

Are you at peak crumble and chutney? Here's a remarkably easy and different way to use up your bumper crop.

Roast winter vegetable pasta

This medley of great flavours, colours and textures can be enjoyed as either a vegetarian main course or a side dish.

So, a cyclist in lycra enters a cafe...

OPINION: A Kiwi hotel may have banned customers wearing the skin-tight kits, but is it really such a problem?

Salmon salad with tahini dressing

Full of green vegetables, good fats and omega-3s, the fact that this salad is also filling and delicious is a bonus.

Falling out of love with sav?

Are international wine lovers growing tired of Marlborough sauvignon blanc?

$60 for 'original' Shapes

 While some are hating on Arnott's for changing Shapes, others are making a hefty profit.

Nuts about raw food

The McIntyre sisters are showing that you can enjoy sweet treats without eating overly-processed foods.

New whiskey makes the cut

Nelson is already famous for its craft breweries. Could craft distilleries be the next big thing?

Dining club seeks early birds

Half-priced meals are helping stimulate the restaurant trade.

Goodwill harvesting

"The community gets so annoyed over the weeks of harvest from harvesters holding up traffic and so on. It just shows that harvesters can be fun."

Cuisine's top pinot noir

This year’s quest for pinot perfection yielded plenty of fine examples, writes John Saker.

High hopes for harvest

Now the grape harvest is over, the winemakers' job has begun at Matahiwi Wines in the Wairarapa.

McNuggets get a makeover

McDonald's wants to take some of the mystery ingredients out of Chicken McNuggets.

Search for Canterbury's best wine

Eight wines are competing to be named Canterburys best.

Marlborough makes shortlist

Proposal to set up wine research centre beats out 21 other proposals to make shortlist for government funding.

Tasty airline meals take off

On-board catering key to winning the hearts and stomachs of top-paying passengers.

Oyster Fest tickets in hot demand

Oyster lovers better get in quick, as tickets for the Bluff Oyster Festival are selling faster than ever before.

Recipe: Pear and prune chutney

Leave it a week before you sample this yummy autumn chutney to give the flavours a chance to meld and mature.

Slow-cooked lamb with tahini yoghurt

This is a really tasty way to cook lamb shoulder so that it falls off the bone. It's a recipe guaranteed to satisfy the hordes.

NASA bacon and egg pie has lift off

Traditional Kiwi pie transcends NASA's Wanaka balloon, for now.

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