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Exports may see locals miss out

Wine glasses

A booming wine export sector sees annual sales reach a record $1.3 billion but NZ fans are missing out.

Gothic skull takes the cake


Michelle Tubby had a skull in her freezer for three weeks. Thankfully it was made of red velvet cake.

A tattoo and a tipple

beer and tattoos

Drinkers should keep a clear head before getting themselves inked - at beer fest.

Nutty problems for spread


If it hails in Turkey does the price of Nutella rise in New Zealand?

Nelson brewer named champion

Martin Townshend

Martin Townshend was close to tears when told his one-man operation is NZ's champion brewery.

Oh la la - eclairs are magnifique!

Lucy's eclairs

For the last time we, the Cheap Tarts, have given our all and baked our hearts out.

We meet the MKR Oz winner


One half of the winning team talks about how the 'stars aligned' for them and gives tips for Kiwi contestants.

Well-crafted move to cans

Beer drinker at Beervana

Craft beer in a can is a growing international trend that is already finding traction in the Kiwi market.

'Oddballs' in the kitchen

Neil Gussey and Tracey Allan

Tracey Allan had never seen an episode of MKR before close friend Neil Gussey asked her to audition with him.

Raw olive sunburgers

Raw olive sunburgers

If you want a quick and filling dairy-free lunch, try these raw olive-laden meat-free burgers.

Waste not, want not


This ingredient is nutritious, low-carb and tasty but you're probably throwing it away.

On food in the movies


We like watching what we're eating and filmmakers are definitely tapping into that desire.

Artificial food may be 'staple diet'

Test tube burger

Steak grown in labs and engineered fish may become the staple in the future.

Shepherd's pie's sweet twist

Shepherd’s pie with cheesy sweet potato topping


If the cold's getting you down try rustling up this classic winter warmer with a sweet topping twist.

Good times roll at Logan Brown

logan strap

New Orleans and the Mardi Gras come to Logan Brown in Wellington for two Saturdays.

Winter magic from a tough customer

Red cabbage

You love it or hate it. If the latter, I bet you've only had it boiled - until the Moon sets over the cow shed - a crime that should be relegated to the Cooks Hall of Shame.

Watch for collateral damage


The very mention of fat (which is why I have suits of four different sizes in my wardrobe) always grabs my attention.

Why don't we eat barracouta?

baracouta strap

Saffas relish them — so why do so many Kiwis turn up their noses at this native delicacy?

Waikato cooks represent

	 Andrew and Julia Clarke

Denise Irvine dips into The Great New Zealand Cookbook, and finds some lovely Waikato contributions.

The pornification of food

nigella lawson

OPINION: Have we created a food culture because our love culture is so lacking?

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