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A showstopping red velvet cake

This rich, vertical layered cake may look tricky, but making it is surprisingly simple.

When white people shame your food

Somehow, my family's food went from "Chinese grossness" to the "hottest food trend".

Recipe: Spaghetti alle vongole

This dish is simple, fast and cheap to make with delicious sweet and salty clams.

Persian love pavlova

This is a dessert is a beautiful mess, but one that is always a crowd pleaser.

Chocolate milk sells out

They've waited since October, but South Islanders finally got to try Lewis Road milk.

London gets kiwi cocoa

The process of crafting cocoa powder is dusty and "you come out smelling like a chocolate bar."

Recipe: Aromatic lamb-stuffed pasta

The sour touch of yogurt and the toasted flavours of sesame and pine nuts really add to the dish.

Meyer lemon risotto with garlic prawns

The sweet flavour and low acidity of a Meyer lemon add a special something to this dish.

Waikato pork winners

Middle bacon and winning over the public were areas of expertise.

Lewis Road milk launch botch

The much-hyped flavoured milk launch of one of the country's hippest dairy brands did not go off without a hiccup.

Elizabeth David's agrodolce

This sweet and sour syrupy sauce, served with tender rabbit, is delicious.

Snapper, potato & porcini al cartoccio

Fish cooked in a paper parcel has a wonderful concentrated essence.

Recipe: Ribollita

Made using leftovers, this Tuscan peasant soup is simple and cheap to make.

Tagliatelle with walnut sauce

This dish proves that hand rolled pasta can be well worth the effort.

Sticky rice & mangoes

Thai rice pudding made by pouring sweetened coconut cream over cooked sticky rice.

Beef satays & peanut sauce

These satays are great with drinks, as a first course or as a main course with rice and salad.

Hainanese chicken rice

A signature dish of Singapore, this simple dish is steeped in tradition.

Recipe: Pork & prawn dumpling soup

A delightful earthy but light dish, served with choy sum and oyster sauce.

Tamarind fish & potato curry

This down-to-earth Asian dish -served with raita and rice - isn't expensive and tastes so much better when homemade.

Apple tart

Apple is in the limelight in this delicious dessert.

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