Food & Wine

Foods we will be eating in 2015

A few years back it was chia, more recently kale and now it's time for kefir, matcha and quark.

Real wine ice-cream is finally happening

Game-changing invention, unfortunately only available in the US, brings a whole new meaning to the words "dessert wine".

10 quirky gifts for foodies

We all know someone who loves to bake or cook up a storm. Here are 10 gifts to add to their kitchen arsenal.

This isn't what you think it is

Ooh, is that an alien from District 9? Indeed. But it's crafted from choc and rice crispies.

Akld eateries pass hygiene tests

Almost 98% of Auckland eateries practise good food hygiene, the council has found.

Cracking good curd

Two chickens are behind a product designed to give tourists "a taste of Hamilton Gardens".

What prisoners are eating this Christmas

It's not exactly turducken and champagne, but those behind bars will be having a special festive meal this holiday.

Marine cuisine: Seafood from Spain

A selection of easy to prepare seafood recipes for a stunning dinner afloat.

McDonald's running out of fries

There's no super-sizing here - McDonald's in Japan is starting to ration its french fries.

Three ways with... New potatoes

new potatoes

Summer heralds the arrival of the most tiny and delicious spuds, writes Lucy Corry.

Pizza or brussels sprouts?

If you lack self-control when it comes to food choices, you might want to slow down a bit.

Kiwi tequila captures local spirit

Terry Knight can raise a toast to success after releasing a tequila he has painstakingly produced in Golden Bay.

Chef is quietly fermenting

Nikau's head chef has discovered the secret of fermentation, which she shares with customers..

Trouble-shooting turkey tips

Brining, basting, covering and, most importantly - gravy.

Cooking the perfect roast veges

Master the festive classics with Fiona Smith's step-by-step tips... today, the art of the roast vegetable.

Festive diners give back

Diners are being asked to think about those less fortunate when they eat out this festive season.

The year I nailed Christmas

Professionals and home cooks share tips and tales of the year when everything went right.

The best coffee in Hamilton

Coffee aficionado Aimie Cronin shares her top five places to drink coffee.

Five celeb diets to avoid

Be wary of celebrities and TV personalities peddling diets after the British Dietetic Association listed the Paleo and No Sugar diets as ones to avoid.

Avocado love leads to crime

Filched fruit: Glossy green orbs nicked from council land and stockpiled in a darkened room.