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Food & Wine

Strogg to warm your cockles


This good old fashioned beef stroganoff recipe from Tony Breese is cheap and simply delicious.

Dig in and earn a tasty crust

laura faire

The new garden is a soggy mess, but a few plants are poking through for a little variety at dinner time.

Recipe: Leek and fennel tart

laura faire

Laura Faire's recipe for a leek and fennel wholemeal tart.

Wood vs plastic

Chopping board

Which board comes up trumps for chopping meat, and other vexing food questions answered.

Wise Owl has eye for new markets

Southland Times photo

I'm no marketing expert but I have been around for long enough to figure that the biggest factor in selling wine today is the cost.

The story behind your coffee price

Flight Coffee

With debate raging about the price of coffee, Flight Coffee and Raglan Roast talk about what you get for your money.

Mushroom & spinach carbonara


This quick pasta is a vegetarian version of the classic carbonara, and just as delicious without the meat.

The backlash has begun


The swelling ranks of people adopting gluten-free diets give rise to another trend: those calling it a load of cobblers.

On slurping soup


In this week's crimes against food column, Ganesh defends the noisy way of consuming liquid meals.

Recipe: Winter chicken pie

Cally Edgar

This economical original recipe makes a tasty pie that has veges, protein and carbs in one.

Make healthy food your passion

Southland Times photo

It's all about moderation. Boy how many times have we heard that? But it is so true.

Midweek chicken dinner


This dish takes less than an hour to cook yet still has an impressive restaurant-quality edge.

New York foodie heads to NZ

Ruth Reichl

Many restaurants do not understand how much rests on whether the customer feels good or not, says food critic Ruth Reichl.

Goat meat is on trend

goat meat

Goat meat is becoming popular among foodies who want high-quality products and something a little bit different.

Rachel Hunter's toast taste test


From couture to carbs, the most famous Kiwi model of all time has come home to judge a toast competition.

Torrontes - like Eau de Cologne

wine generic

Like opening a bottle of Eau de Cologne - women love it.

Why we hate raw food families


You know, the parents who refuse to let their kids go to parties for fear they'll consume, wait for it, sugar.

Meet MKR's Carly & Tresne

Live chat: Carly & Tresne from MKR

The awesome bubbly blondes came in to talk cooking, the judges and the other contestants. Read what they had to say.

Hogging cafe spots


How long can you sit in a warm cafe on a cold day before you've outstayed your welcome?

Turning leftovers into magic

leftover strap

With a little creativity, leftovers from last night's dinner can be turned into a feast.