Food & Wine

Are we being duped over organic food?

Abuse of the term "organic" in New Zealand means consumers may be unwittingly eating food tainted by chemicals.

The story behind the world's best pinot noir

A Wairarapa winery's tale of tragedy and triumph.

A timeline of future foods that weren't

Panty candy, space cakes, colossal carrots - what people in the past thought we'd be eating by now.

Cooking salmon the Scandi way

This dill-and-sour-cream Danish potato salad pairs beautifully with pan-fried fish fillets.

Should restaurants ban screaming kids?

Restaurant attacked online for saying it would not serve screaming children.

Winter warming recipes

chicken casserole

We want to know what's warming your belly this winter. Send us your recipes.

Recipe: Four cheese macaroni

Mac 'n' cheese gets a gourmet spin with four kinds of cheese.

Ten foods that are easy to DIY

Buying staples like stock and mayo doesn't make sense when they are so simple to make yourself.

Do Milk Bottles taste ... different?

Pascall's creamy lollies have a new dairy-free recipe - and no-one seems to like it.

Eight-year-old makes $166k a month

Australia's mini Martha Stewart and her 5-year-old sister rake in huge income thanks to their online baking tutorials.

Guess limes weren't enough to live on

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow lasts just four days on her much-mocked grocery shop using a food-stamp budget.

A wee Kiwi dram

We have a long distilling history in this country, and one couple is doing their bit to keep it alive.

Famous faces and their beer

When she's not reading the news, it turns out Hilary Barry likes downing a pint just as much as you.

Fish & chip shop note goes viral

Time off to spend with the family is a shop owner's dream, right? Not this guy's.

All about leftover bread

If you thought toast was the only option for using up a stale loaf, think again.

Ten great Kiwi BYO restaurants

Looking for a great BYO restaurant to ease your fears about snooty service, $35 mains, and overpriced wine lists?

How to make homemade Nutella

It may not be as smooth and creamy as the one you buy, but it's just as addictive.

Recipe: Venison & bacon burgers

Need to please the kids these school holidays? For a finger-licking and fun meal, serve home-made venison burgers .

The tastiest morning treats

Start the day off on the right foot with a savoury bread and butter pudding and tropical muesli.

Kristiane's a woman of taste

Kristiane McGregor's impressive palate will be tested at the World Cup Tasters Championship in Sweden.

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