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Recipe: crispy parmesan chicken

This flavour-packed dinner, with breaded chicken and red cabbage salad, is super speedy.

World Cup ground food prices: NZ vs Australia

New Zealand is not only edging Australia at the bowling and batting - we appear to be winning the battle of the hot dogs as well.

Vegetarian option: Mushroom pasta

This comforting pasta dish, bursting with garlic and sage notes, will help you ease into the week.

Baking treats with whole-wheat

Blueberry scones

Use this flavoursome flour to make hearty and nutritious snacks, like these blueberry and ricotta scones.

You can't define terroir

But you can taste it. When most wine lovers bandy the word about, we mean 'a sense of place'.

Marmalade gold

Couple's marmalades win gold at The World’s Original Marmalade Awards and Festival.

$17k sundae shatters record

Hundreds help to dish up a record-breaking 596-metre-long icecream - and get to tuck in afterwards.

Say cheesecake

Peach, raspberry and ginger cheesecake

Treating yourself every now and then won't hurt, says Nadia Lim.

Aus vs NZ: Who makes better beer?

Forget the World Cup - another classic trans-Tasman battle has been brewing.

Wildfoods Festival revamp

The Hokitika Wildfoods Festival is relying on ticket sales this year to turn a profit.

When should staples be binned?

From pasta to flour, here are nine pantry essentials and when you should get rid of them.

Food trends that need to stop

Kale, "deconstructed" dishes, insect garnishes ... Here's the 10 things we want to see less of in 2015.

KFC launches edible coffee cup

Biscuit lined with white chocolate and laced with the smell of freshly cut grass ... Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas any more.

Recipe: banana & rum cake

Get the weekend off to a sweet start with this modern take on the classic cake.

Mark Richardson's guilty pleasures

The former NZ cricketer tells us his favourite gadget, his most embarrassing kitchen moment, and the weirdest thing he's eaten.

The perfect weekend brunch

Get your Saturday off to a tasty start with these blueberry fritters and honeyed sour cream.

When not to eat food off the floor

The five second rule may not be a complete myth, but here’s four times you definitely shouldn't eat that dropped bit of toast.

Raise a glass to craft beer

Art and science is an intoxicating mix for brewery boss Richard Emerson.

Seresin finds the life in the land

"Organics, biodynamics and beyond"

Marlborough wine company Seresin Estate has hit a milestone - 20 years of organics. Wine reporter Chloe Winter catches up with manager Colin Ross to see how far they have come.

This is a beer lover's dream

Marchfest, at Founders Heritage Park in Nelson, showcases quirky new brews in a great setting.

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