Food & Wine

Walkers get beery crafty

Wellington brew tour more stroll than crawl

Craft beer enthusiasts set to guide their first walking tour of popular, inner-city breweries and bars.

Marmite Easter eggs are a thing

Fancy some yeast spread in your chocolate treat?

5 ways 3D printers will change our food

While traditional cooking isn't going anywhere, you can count on 3D printed foods eventually finding a place in our world.

Jamie's dinners

Popular chef bringing his cuisine to the Capital

Diners will soon be chowing down Jamie Oliver's dishes in the heart of Wellington.

Sweet talk

Juicy fresh strawberries are not only mouth-watering, they're smart for your heart, says Nadia Lim.

Recipe: Huevos rancheros

Mex brekkie: Start the day with huevos rancheros served on tortillas

This Mexican classic makes a really cracking breakfast for a weekend treat. Serve the eggs with soft tortillas.

Why you should eat rice

You'd be surprised by how many believe it should be avoided because it is a bad carb.

Recipe: All-in salmon salad

With new potatoes, green beans and smoked salmon, the hearty all-in salad is a perfect midweek dinner.

Three ways with... zucchini

When friends give you marrow... make cupcakes.

Finals spot just desserts for chef

A modern spin on a traditional Filipino dessert scores an Auckland chef a finals spot in competition.

Meet the Double Down Dog

The latest Frankenfood is actually a frank-in-food.

Bay has a pronounced wine advantage

Hawke's Bay being easy to pronounce in Mandarin may be its biggest advantage in selling its great wine.

Is prosciutto a fish?

I probably have the least sophisticated palate of any adult I know.

What does the Pope's army eat?

A new Swiss Guard cookbook reveals Vatican culinary tastes and treats.

Lord of the fries

Who needs potato chips when you can make something much healthier with courgettes.

Home cooking change applauded

Kiwis are spending more time in the kitchen and experimenting with new recipes, a new survey has found.

What's really in McDonald's fries

French fries in the US may contain a whopping number of ingredients, but we in NZ have just three.

Koftes: Stick with it

lamb koftes

Jenny Garing responds to readers' kitchen queries. This week: koftes and other skewered foods to cook on the barbecue.

When summer fruit abounds

strawberry shortcake

Let strawberries and nectarines shine with these great recipes.

Festival promises tasty seafood treats

Around 30,000 fresh oysters will be devoured on Auckland’s waterfront this weekend at the annual Seafood Festival.