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Long haul for the sake of food

23:39, Nov 01 2012
BIN TREASURE: Food that Renee and Miguel recycled.
BIN TREASURE: Food that Renee and Miguel recycled.

We have been on the road together for more than a year - for the sake of food. However, my compadre, Miguel Blondini, is into his fourth year (on and off).

We are hoping it can last for a few more years at least. We have been in England, Belgium, France, Holland, Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Where has the best place been? That's hard. We liked the area west of Lagos in Portugal. There we could park right up on a beach alone or with other people who live in house trucks and enjoy the free festivals around the country.

Also Cadaques, where Dali spent a lot of time, in northern Catalunya, is very nice. We were there alone for three months. My favourite park is when the truck is backed up right on the Mediterranean Sea. It is very easy to do this - as long as you are tidy Kiwis.

We bought our truck from a muddy dairy farm in Devon, England, in the middle of winter and it was raining. It was a nice price but needed lots of love.

We have redecorated it into our home on wheels, with all the "hard rubbish" European people have thrown out - there are some real gems there.

I'm not sure how many photos are taken of it each day. Most people stop and say hello or strike up a conversation.

We eat a wide variety of Mediterranean food. Miguel is also a New Zealander but has Sicilian roots, so that's our base.

However, we eat a lot of tagines and paella, fresh food and BBQ quite a bit. The food is so cheap and delicious here.

The one-pot wonder is ideal for truck life, but the best food we've had came from a visit to a tiny village restaurant serving typical Galician tapas including varieties of cod and octopus.

West Africa has been on the cards for a while, Morocco especially, as we spent our last winter there.

It's warmer and more open than say England or other northern Europe places and we plan to extend our cooking series there. We also want to make a argan oil doco/film in Morocco this winter.



renee palamountain
HOT WHEELS: Renee Palamountain and her trusty truck.