Seriously injured autistic 5-year-old Canterbury boy dies ... Read more

Life & Style

Robot teaches exercise classes in Dutch retirement home

Could this exercising humanoid robot be the way of the future in healthcare?

The Project's Gorgi Coghlan in nipple dress storm

Australian viewers were confused when a TV host appeared to be partially naked while on air.

Best & worst dressed celebrities

Amal Clooney hits a rare style speed bump, but it was Kesha who really turned heads.

Just desserts for Tip Top boysenberry at awards night

Tip Top's boysenberry ripple ice cream has scooped another title at New Zealand Icecream Awards.

Kiwis on a path to stamp out sugar

There's a lot of talk about the war on sugar. Meet two Kiwis who are taking action.

Get the beauty look: Daria Strokous

Nailing a deep side part isn't easy, but it can be done - with a few tricks.

Stuff's wedding of the week

They bonded in study group, travelled the world together and danced the night away on their big day.

Five flash desserts made with biscuits

Take a packet of biscuits and turn it into a gourmet treat with these easy recipes.

Sleep with the fishes in Dubai

A development in Dubai brings new meaning to the term "sleeping with the fishes".

Five TV homes good enough to live in

Their lives may be bit dramatic, but we'd happily move into these TV characters' homes.

Cooking fail? Blame it on the recipe

Had a major cooking fail? Blame it on a bad recipe.

Central Otago winery's ties to Burgundy

David Hall-Jones is the first New Zealander to own a vineyard in Burgundy.

Cutting down on meat? Be careful what you replace it with

Eating less meat for better nutrition? What you decide to pile on your plate instead is what really counts.

Toothbrushing: you've been doing it wrong

If you think brushing your teeth is a no-brainer, think again... and use these five tips.

Wasp found in Whittaker's honey chocolate

"He texted me saying 'is it supposed to have a wasp in it?' I replied 'ew'."

Pregnancy 'don'ts' - are they that different around the world?

When it comes to what pregnant women can or can't eat, is everyone playing by the same rules?

Dude food equals rude food at Crafters

Disruptive roadworks actually do patrons a good turn on this occasion.

Students fight school dress codes with #CropTopDay

Fed up with her school's dress code, Alexi Halket took a stand - with #CropTopDay.

Demi Moore, 52, and daughter Rumer Willis, 26 are twinning

Moore's 52 and her daughter Willis is 26 - but they look like thy could be twins.

Buying first home sets couple up for future

They're in their early 20s. She's a hairdresser, he's a builder, and they're weeks away from owning their first home.

Is the internet killing monogamy, or has it always been dead?

She also likes options, and weekly - and openly - goes on a date with one of her four extramarital partners.

Photographer captures mum-daughter beauty

Photographer Kate Christie is photographing women for her breast cancer fundraiser book.

The new basics for your winter wardrobe

These key styles are all you need to update your wardrobe for the new season.

Los Angeles home to hit the market for record $690 million

One of the biggest homes in US history is rising on a Los Angeles hilltop, and the developer hopes to sell it for a record NZ$690m.

What's in Kathleen Wills' beauty bag?

The natural medicine doctor reveals her beauty blunders and the secret to great skin.

What's the difference between an interior designer & interior decorator?

An interior designer and a decorator play quite different roles when it comes to house projects - so which do you need?

Her 'anti-male' attitude has caused international outcry

OPINION: This woman has been accused of "hate speech based on race and gender" - but did she really partake?

All about passionfruit

You'll be surprised by the story behind this glorious fruit's name.

12-year-old proud to do things 'like a dyslexic'

Being dyslexic doesn't mean you won't achieve greatness: this 12-year-old is on her way and Branson is taking notice.

Dame Pieter Stewart to step down from Fashion Week

Could this year's New Zealand Fashion Week be the last ever?

The best advice for nailing fitness goals

The best advice you never heard on how to reach every fitness goal you set.

30-minute dinner: Carrot & chickpea fritters with chorizo relish

Add some punchy Spanish flavours to your weeknight repertoire

Health mystery: Overdose of chemo'

"I was surprised to discover how intimidated I was by the white coats and the [medical] language."

Why George Clooney won't dye his hair

The secret to graceful ageing? Don't try to fight it, says George Clooney.

Six ways the modern rental search is like online dating

Looking for love? Looking for an apartment? Same thing, in the online world.

Coping with anger and depression: Why we think getting help is 'weak'

Champion boxer Chad "Hollywood" Bennett grew up thinking that seeking help was "weak".

Bad luck meant they took on their house build themselves

What do you do if several companies behind the house you are planning go belly up? Take on the project yourself.

Keira Knightley welcomes first child

The British actress has given birth to her first bub according to reports.

How traffic noise can make you fatter

Noise pollution keeping you up at night? It could be affecting your weight.

Why cold brew coffee is a hot topic

Is coffee brewed in cold water the next big thing?

When did we decide women should shave their legs?

What's the deal with obsessive hair eradication? Why must we rip each strand from its bulb-like root? Here's why...

Lena Dunham rocks Kiwi undies

The Girls creator stripped off to her undies, giving an NZ brand a huge boost in doing so.

House of the week: Kapiti Coast

A Te Horo bach is the ultimate stress-buster for a Wellington city apartment-dweller.

When in doubt, just throw it out

Lose the guilt and just toss these things already. You won't regret it.

Makeup tips for women who wear glasses

Drew Barrymore and Jenna Lyons make it work and so can you with these simple tricks.

Three ways with... celery

Don't let that celery in your fridge die a slow, floppy death.

Do organic wines taste better?

A recent tasting of organic and conventional wines produced a clear winner...

How to create a classic English garden using NZ natives

Can you achieve English-style borders with only NZ-born and bred plants? The answer's yes.

Outfit envy: Kim Kardashian's tonal style

Wearing clothes in all the same tones is surprisingly sophisticated.

Add a tasty twist to the classic BLT

Think outside the bread box and give this avocado and mozzarella BLT a try.
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