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Are 'cheat days' OK when you're on a diet?

Are cheat days good for your body, and what effect might they have on your overall dieting efforts?

Cafe review: The Sugar Bowl Cafe in Hamilton

Hamilton cafe The Sugar Bowl serves its locals well, with tasty contemporary fare and a good vibe.

Restaurant: Beach House and Kiosk in Island Bay, Wellington

At the Beach House and Kiosk in Island Bay, you can watch the surf thunder in as you sip well-made coffee.

In my beauty bag: Claire Hammon of Meadowlark jewellery

Find out what this jewellery designer favours for skincare and makeup.

Morning trivia quiz: January 19


Got a good quiz question? Send your questions to

When married mums say to single ones: 'I don't know how you do it'

Empathic words from married mums are great - except when they tinged with pity.

Designer jackets made in Taranaki

There is more to being a fashion designer than just sewing.

Set the mood outdoors with a vertical planter

Lush vertical planters are the latest botanical trend. It's worth the effort to create your own.

Pet furniture: The spoiled pets of Instagram

From puppy palaces to kitty teepees, here's some extravagant furniture for your fur babies.

In defence of Melania Trump's glam squad

Why it's silly to slam Mrs Trump for prioritising a 'glam room' in the White House.

Move over obesity, the new problem is 'overfat'

Even if your BMI falls in the 'normal' range, you may still be at risk of being 'overfat'.

4 tips for overcoming chronic lateness

If you're always late, make 2017 the year to change all of that.

Have you been drinking champagne all wrong?

There's a good chance you've been drinking your champagne all wrong.

Tron Rocks: A never-ending treasure hunt over the summer holidays

"It's the treasure hunt that keeps on giving"

The most popular bach rentals of 2016

You may have to get in line to stay at Bookabach's most booked baches of 2016, but they could be worth the wait.

13 pregnancy superstitions from across the globe

From keeping a dagger under your bed to avoiding a full moon, we look at pregnancy beliefs from across the globe.

When straight men kiss, is it good for LGBT equality or a step back?

Hetrosexual men locking lips - is it good for LGBT equality or actually a step back?

A converted ambulance is now a home on wheels for surfer couple

A converted ambulance, complete with dashboard herb garden, is the perfect home on wheels.

Don't change jobs - change your mindset instead

No, you don't have to change jobs to be happy - if you follow these 5 steps.

The 'smelly, ugly mould' living in your child's favourite chew toy

"It still hurts my heart to know that for months I allowed my babies to chew on mouldy toys."

Best Foods mayonnaise - decadent delight or healthy fat?

Is Best Foods mayo really the best food for you?

Katherine Heigl welcomes baby boy

Along with two adopted daughters, the actress now has a son: Joshua Bishop Kelley Jnr.

Graham Kerr: TV's Kiwi Galloping Gourmet now moves at a slower pace

Meet TV's original celebrity chef: Kiwi Graham Kerr.

'Femming up': Why women are ditching their trousers for dresses

Blame it on La La Land - we're going to see a lot more dresses in 2017.

TV Review: 90 Day Fiance - 2017's guilty viewing pleasure

Review: If you're after an intellectual experience – this isn't it. But I can't stop watching.

Blogger Leonie Barlow shows what it's really like to get lip filler injected

Just how painful is it to get your pout plumped with filler? This video reveals all.

From flat whites to healing unicorn lattes: just give me what I want

OPINION: When your barista is scoffing at you, something has to give.

Trying out veganism: a meat-eater's experiences

This omnivorous human tries out a plant-based diet, with some weird results.

Michelle Obama's top fashion moments as first lady

From designer dresses to chain store styles, this first lady knew how to make it work.

Luxury car salesman Neville Crichton sells his Point Piper mansion for $63 million

Luxury car salesman Neville Crichton, CNZM, has sold his Point Piper trophy home for a massive $63 million.

Hair stylist to Trump's ex Marla Maples: No free services for 'exposure'

Hairdresser slams Marla Maples' bid for free hairstyling at inauguration in exchange for 'exposure'.

Ill health forces the sale of beautiful church property in Canterbury

Ill health has forced the sale of this former church, which could be straight out of the Vicar of Dibley.

Emoji use gives an insight into human behaviour - research

Communicating via smiley face, sassy flamenco dancer or thumbs up may actually be more closely related to personality than age.

Recipes: Tuna & olive pizza pockets, scroggin slice, and spicy picnic eggs

Do people still go on picnics or have they been abandoned in favour of stopping at the mall food court?

Recipe: Bhaji with mint chutney from Treasure Island Resort

We help readers track down a dish from a restaurant or cafe.

Recipes: Banana breakfast smoothie, and green cabbage, apple & hazelnut slaw

If you feel like the excesses of the festive season are taking their toll then what better time than now to make some changes.

Review: Good Union, Cambridge

Possibly the best chips in the region can be found in a former church.

John Saker: A wish to drink less, but better in 2017

A new year is upon us, and I have high hopes for it. Here is my wine wishlist for 2017.

Review: BerryCulture, Christchurch

I've never been a big frozen yoghurt fan, but its Instagram page had me craving it in no time.

Cafe chat: Wendy's Milk Bar first of its kind in NZ

 The first Wendy's Milk Bar in the country opens in the central city, while The Berry Shop doubles its dessert menu and The Cheesecake Shop prepares to come to Christchurch.

Alex Asher employs shark shield for charity run to save waterways

Armed with a shark shield and an unwavering grin, Alex Asher's on the run.

Morning trivia quiz: January 18

Got a good quiz question? Send your questions to

Neat places to try Indian, Japanese, Orleans delights

Fried chicken and waffles, lotus chips or chocolate naan?

Why the 'gluten-free movement' is less of a fad than we thought

Why quitting gluten can make you feel better - even if you don't have coeliac disease.

Why Kiehl's turned to NZ manuka honey for skincare

Top international skincare brand Kiehl's came to New Zealand for its latest innovation.

Clever Kiwis tackling the food waste issue head on

Waste not, want not: two clever Kiwis have found ways to ensure excess food gets into the right hands.

Cafe Chat: PappaRich on being Wellington's sleeper hit

"I've heard really good things about it" will be the response of anyone who is yet to sample PappaRich,

Why some men may need a mammogram or mastectomy

Men can and do develop breast cancer. And for some, it is imperative for preventive measures to be taken.

Longtime makeup artist: 'Melania Trump one of the most self-confident women ever'

Melania Trump's longtime makeup artist says she's one of the most composed women she's ever known.

House of the Week: A remarkable mid-century home in Christchurch

This remarkable mid-century home was avant-garde when it was built in 1957. Today it's even more so.
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