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Marlborough emergency management plan prepares residents for tsunami and earthquakes

New tsunami maps show an existing meeting point would be at risk if a large tidal wave hit.

When a cry for help rings out on Facebook, who answers - and how?

OPINION: I feared that I was experiencing a bystander effect for the modern age.

New research shows Kiwi favourite boysenberry may reduce asthma

Already a powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, New Zealand's favourite big hairy berry has been found to have even more benefits.

When your boss oversteps the boundaries, but you're not sure if it's abuse

OPINION: It's hard to put your finger on what the problem is. You just know in your gut that something feels very wrong.

Male students outsmart no-shorts rule by wearing skirts

They were told shorts weren't part of the school uniform. So they wore school skirts instead.

Ariana Grande switches up look with new hairstyle

The popstar is enjoying showing off her new haircut.

The doll that promises to help your child sleep better

Parents are clamouring for the doll that helps little ones sleep by "sounding a bit like Darth Vader".

Naz and Thin Lizzy, Matilda and Jockey: What other Kiwi reality stars could do endorsements?

In the States, reality TV is a sure path to stylish endorsement deals. What about here?

How dairy protein can help the sedentary

A scientist is working to help middle-aged and older people out of their armchairs and into activity.

Designer Lou Barker's bright and bold kitchen is a lesson in colour

"Beige and neutrals can be so boring," says designer Lou Barker. We go inside her bold, bright kitchen.

Doctors hilarious recreations of famous Instagram pics to fundraise for cancer

The hilarious initiative features must-see impersonations of Kim K, Donald Trump and Kate Middleton.

Are so-called superfoods really worth the money?

Should you splurge on kale, quinoa and avocados or are cheaper alternatives just as good?

Best church conversions provide inspirational homes

We've deserted our churches en masse, but look what's happening to them.

How do you know you are lesbian rather than bisexual?

Answering some simple questions might help.

Do it better than your local: how to cook the perfect hot chip

It's everyone's favourite side, but this is how to do it in the best way.

Kids who go to bed by 8pm 'less likely' to become overweight - study

Delaying a child's bedtime until 9pm or later doubles their chance of becoming obese as teens, study shows.

Thousands of Marlborough homes with little or no insulation

Thousands properties are cold and damp because they have little or no insulation.

Tinder Social arrives in NZ aiming to get groups together

The go-to app for one-on-one romantic encounters now wants to help you and your friends meet other groups.

In Season: Cooking with the 'fruit of the gods'

Protein shakes, glazes, face masks - get ready to ride the persimmon wave.

Harry Potter-themed nursery worthy of the Chosen One

His dad thought a Harry Potter nursery would be cool. His mum worried it would be cheesy.

A family tree that has faced the effects of cancer time and time again

Nina Riggs' family knows only too well the effect cancer can have.

From K Rd to Milan: Kiwi Leslie Hottiaux named best young chef in the Pacific

Leslie Hottiaux has her golden ticket to Milan to take on the world's best chefs.

Growing orchids outside in NZ is easier than you think

Think your garden's too cold to grow orchids? Think again.

Should you tell your boss about your postnatal depression?

Why there are pros and cons to disclosing your postnatal depression at work.

The best ham and bacon revealed in New Zealand Pork Awards

A Canterbury butchery has taken out the title of New Zealand's Ham of the Year.

Mokau campground still on the market

A seaside campground in North Taranaki is still looking for a new owner.

How to support the artists who say fashion giant Zara stole their work

The fashion giant 'stole' their work, so here's where you can support these indie designers.

Mini-trend: how to wear metallic flats

The silver flat is a smart and attention-grabbing alternative to a white sneaker.

Is this Japanese 'strappy bondage bikini' the skimpiest ever?

This tiny swimsuit comes with a maximum height and weight, but barely any fabric.

Middleton sisters: How Pippa is upstaging 'old money' Kate

Kate may have the prince, but Pippa looks set to have the ball.

Why are my lemon tree leaves turning yellow?

It's a common problem for gardeners - here's how to deal with it.

World's first marijuana gym, Power Plant Fitness, set to open in San Francisco

The world's first stoner's gym, Power Plant Fitness, opens in San Francisco in November.

Morning trivia quiz: July 26

Got a good quiz question? Send your questions to

Why fashion matters so much to teenagers

Clothes are both their armour against critical peers and their mode of expression.

Dr Libby's checklist of 11 ways to be kinder to yourself

Make sure you take time out this winter to get some rest and relaxation.

Andrea Fairbairn's journey of chemo, and back again

Andrea Fairbairn shares tips after being diagnosed with breast cancer, twice.

Can smaller, more frequent meals control appetite?

Is having smaller, more frequent meals the key to controlling your appetite?

Madeleine Cowe crowned Miss World Australia

Madeleine Cowe has been named Miss World Australia in a ceremony at Melbourne's Crown Palladium on Friday night.

How to beat the housing crisis

A property investor says save money and think small.

Miltons Canteen's taking ownership of the 'Tron

Michael and Alice Beere from Milton's Canteen share their story, and a delicious recipe

An anonymous Victoria's Secret retoucher speaks about Photoshop

This anonymous Photoshop pro knows exactly why strapless bikinis look so much worse in real life.

Supermodels - which celebrity offspring are the next generation?

Cindy Crawford's daughter's fashion shoot proves Hollywood's teenage offspring have arrived.

Palmerston North retirement home top of the pops with their take on Taylor Swift

With an average age of 82, the Julia Wallace Retirement Village have taken on pop star Taylor Swift.

Blenheim building company George Guthrie Construction takes out regional renovation award

When the owner bought the property there was only a double garage on the section.

Quiz: What splashback would you choose?

A standout splashback can make all the difference. What's your favourite style?

Nicola Robinson recommends homemade toothpaste instead of fluoride

Pete Evans' wife is slammed for her advice on homemade toothpaste.

Are pimple cupcakes the perfect way to celebrate puberty?

Pimple cupcakes are now a thing. Yes, really.

5 ways to keep your mind happy and healthy as a parent

Being a parent can be exhausting. That's why it's vital to take care of yourself.

Baduzzi's pot-roasted Sicilian black pig shoulder with figs

Michael Dearth and Ben Bayly of Auckland's Baduzzi recently travelled Sicily in search of the perfect food and wine matches. Here's one of their discoveries.

Al Brown brings the garden to the table as ambassador

Restaurateur Al Brown is now the official ambassador of Garden to Table, a charity helping schools teach Kiwi kids about good nutrition.
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