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The bittersweet aftermath of over-indulgence

There is a curious and perverse pleasure to be had in a bout of deprivation after a period of sustained piggery.

Rare baby rhino born at Melbourne zoo

Rare calf getting round-the-clock care at Melbourne's Werribee Zoo.

Looming 50th birthday spurs runner into losing 27kg

Self-confessed Southland party girl decided to finally join her family at a triathlon after years of watching.

Favourite Room: Creative space also best for doing nothing

Kapiti artist Debbie Pointon's favourite room is perched on a steep bank in Raumati South with majestic views of the hills.

Reward yourself for home-improvement progress

Some of us need all the help we can get to start, and finish, a home-improvement project.

Richard could only wed Albert after sex change

For 34 years, Albert and Richard were unable to wed. Then Albert became Ann and the legal hurdles disappeared.

Summer Essay: Cold hearts, cool change

Summer Essay illustration

Getting dumped is bad enough without being stuck within the confines of a small car with the sounds of Little River Band's Cool Change blaring from the radio.

Dog survives deadly snake bite in Christmas miracle

Tater was almost paralysed after a deadly snake attack, but amazingly he was tucking into festive ham just hours later.

Negativity can be a good sign on dates

Sure, it can be nice to like the same foods and TV shows, but ultimately it's the things we don't like that bring us together.

How Mike's beer started as a university experiment

One of New Zealand's most sought -after beers started life as a university experiment.

The worst fashion trends of 2014

Culottes, Bermuda shorts and denim onesies... even if you're a fashion person, you must admit this year we had some corkers.

London: The world's divorce capital

The Big Smoke is now a magnet for those with astronomical sums of money and a burning contempt for their spouse.

Kat Schurmann: A little girl's remarkable adventure

New Zealand-born Kat Schurmann was just 13 when she died in Brazil of HIV/Aids. Her story is now becoming a film.

Summer that's a stunner for kids

Forget about holiday activities, trying blowing your kids' minds this summer.

10 ways to use up Christmas leftovers

Always left with mountains of ham, salmon and bread after Christmas? Make the most of your leftovers with these great tips.

Santa baby! Police deliver newborn on train

Jesus may have been born in a barn but this Christmas baby has a way better story to tell.

Charity mission a dietician's journey of personal growth

Jasmine Ong helped with day-to-day activities at a foster home in Fuzhou city called Our Hidden Treasure.

Kiwi Christmas unfamiliar for Canterbury expats

For many used to taking advantage of snow, sun and no turkey was an odd way to spend the big day.

The secret dress trick that makes celebrities look thinner

The rule that says big girls should wear baggy clothes is a fashion myth that needs to be thrown away.

The 14 biggest hair and make-up moments of 2014

It has been a big year for experimentation in the hair and make-up department for celebrities.

Let's get this conversation started

If you're feeling lost for words after a whirl of Christmas parties and family gatherings, try these conversation starters.

Raunchy Santa outfits top unwanted gifts list

Raunchy Santa outfits were not, it turns out, popular Christmas gifts this year.

Best & worst dressed celebrities of the year

21 stunners and 14 sheer shockers from the past 12 months of red carpet action.

How the US and Canadian militaries ‘track’ Santa’s flights

Still questioning whether Santa Claus really exists? What better proof do you need than this?

Up-to-date Christmas cracker jokes

Dom Knight's saving your Xmas lunch with these topical, 2014-related Christmas cracker gags.

How to overcome sexual hang-ups

Sexual hang-ups are common but if you leave them unchecked, they can affect your sex life.

6 most Googled beauty questions in 2014

When life gives you a beauty question, just ask Google.

Grieving family prepare for Christmas without daughter

Couple used to cook lunch for 200, but have hung up their aprons ahead of first Christmas since daughter's death.

Proposal photographers: the new wedding photographers

A memorable proposal is no longer enough for some. It needs to be captured professionally to be shared with the world.

Summer essay: The Diving Board

Luke Elworthy wrote The Diving Board as part of his MA in Creative Writing at Victoria University's Institute of Modern Letters.

How to deal with family on Facebook

Feeling red-faced or angry with the oversharing sister-in-law or mum? You’re not alone.

How to take the perfect family Christmas photo

Do you struggle to capture that perfect photo of your family in front of the Christmas tree? These simple tips should help.

Surf Life Saving's Aaron Smith: Salt water in my veins

Riversdale Beach Surf Life Saving Club junior captain Aaron Smith, 21, will be hard at work over summer at the Wairarapa resort.

Enjoy your Christmas without the guilt

Ditch the guilt this Christmas because it clearly doesn't help.

What I cook when... cherries are in season

cherry chocolate mousse

Cherries are not around for long, so embrace these festive beauties while they last.

Is Barbie really bad for body image?

Launched in 1959, Barbie has been a popular request on young girls’ Christmas wish lists for 55 years.

Porn getting in the way of marriage?

There could be an unlikely contributor to the decline of marriage in the US. Internet porn.

Kiwi pilseners: Zingy and bright

Kiwi pilseners are the beer world's answer to Marlborough savignon blanc.

How famous people will celebrate Christmas

Every wondered what celebrities get up to over Christmas? Here's what some of them will be doing these holidays.

DIY pavers: How to lay them yourself

Pavers can be a great solution for extending your outdoor living, but the key is in the preparation.

Holiday at home: Staycation essentials

Staying home these holidays? Here's how to have a relaxed break in your own abode.

NZ Twitter Secret Santa spreads cheer

NZ Twitter Secret Santa provides the perfect excuse to Google a total stranger... then send them a Christmas present.

Three cookbooks to sink your teeth into

New cookbooks from Simon Holst, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Dan Hong offer easy, tasty recipes.

Sydney house auctions turn violent

Auctions in Sydney's west had police calling for back up as protesters turned on buyers and even the auctioneer.

Five best animal rescues of 2014

If these animals could talk, they would probably say something along the lines of "oh, noes".

Falling for mud, glorious mud

Good friends, precious family and wild weeds nurtured Jillian Sullivan back to health and back to work on her straw bale house.

Kim & Kanye's steamy Balmain kiss

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West continue to make money from their love.

Princess of Sweden pregnant with second baby

Princess Madeleine of Sweden is expecting her second baby, only 10 months after her first.

10 most popular property stories of 2014

From doer-uppers to the mansions of the famous, these are the top 10 home & property stories of 2014.

A lighter Christmas pudding

Here, the classic Christmas pud gets a makeover.
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