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Angelina Jolie's wedding dress revealed


Brangelina's kids all had a hand in designing her classic-with-a-twist Versace wedding dress.

Ten DIY home hacks for broke folk


No need to wait for payday to add a few cute pieces to your home, you'll just need to get a bit crafty.

Iceberg lettuce: who needs it?


Lettuces have come a long way since the 1950s, when it was iceberg, iceberg and iceberg.

Gluten-free beauty products... say what?


There may be more to a gluten-free lifestyle than just cutting bread out of your diet.

Should #thinspiration be a crime?


An Italian bill that could result in hefty fines for pro-anorexia websites has set a new benchmark.

Would you pay someone to do your Tinder profile?


Feeling defeated by the lack of talent in your Tinder dating pool? Maybe it's time to call in the experts...

Lady Gaga gives fan the courage to come out

Lady Gaga

Just a few weeks ago, Beau Lamarre's family did not know he was gay.

Moata: Dance like no one's watching


When was the last time you danced in a completely unselfconscious, unabashed way?

Husbands' naked hatred for Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver

Angry husbands whose wives expected more in the kitchen roughed up Jamie Oliver.

Child obesity: The issue no one wants to raise


With most parents unable to tell if a child is overweight, should anyone else be raising the issue?

The words a new mum hates to hear

Baby a new mum. And what they tell us about the way we view parenting.

Let's live in...Roslyn


Roslyn is a charming, hillside suburb twinkling 150 metres above Dunedin’s city centre.

Rare listed villa for sale in Greytown

Built for "an English gentleman"

Alison Paterson

A heritage-listed renovated Victorian villa in Greytown is for sale with a rateable value of more than $1m.

House buyer not misled, court told

Elizabeth Barbalich

Estate agent's lawyer says skincare founder was not misled into paying $2.78m for house.

Timaru property a blessing in disguise


Ever dreamt of living in a remodelled church hall? This grand property could be the answer to your prayers.

Spritzy fruit-spangled succulent Sangria

Southland Times photo

Now you can pour this delicious mix of wine, fruit, a spritzer and sometimes spirits straight from the bottle.

Have you tried switching off?


One family goes device-free in the hope of reconnecting and finding calm.

My night with a married couple


I'm used to hearing how unhappy men's marriages are, but this couple taught me how in love two people can be.

How she schooled a sexist troll

Ginger Zee

The way this US TV reporter responded to being called an 'ugly weather girl' has made our day.

The world's obsession with Jen's uterus

Jennifer Aniston

In her own words: "my 'value as a woman' isn't measured by motherhood".

Will back hair ever be sexy?


Society has embraced beards and chest hair, but why is getting rid of back hair still seen as a manscaping must?

Handy home hints from the experts


You asked - they answered! Our DIY experts respond to your questions.

The elixir of youth that trumps them all


Incorporate this type of training into your routine and you could be in for a lifetime of benefits.

My father's battle with depression

Max Elliott

A son recalls a man he loved and feared in equal measure.

Wedding DIY tips from Kiwi brides

Stuff nation

We're looking for crafty brides and grooms who have made big or little parts of their weddings themselves.

The reality of dealing with addiction


Whether you're an addict or close to someone who is, what's your reality of living with addiction?

The week's best celebrity Instagrams


GOT vs Downton, white Snoop, Robyn Lawley's extreme thighs and much, much more.

Home alone with New Zealand's top chefs

Annabel Langbein

What do great cooks eat when they're home alone? Seven top chefs let us inside their kitchens.

Hobbled model left in moonboot

Annah Stretton

Helena Mitchell started Fashion Week well-heeled - and finished it in a moon boot.

Finding new wives' tales for health


This winter has been tough with weeks of colds - what to feed the family to build them up?

Beauty queen on the run with crown

Beauty queen on the run with crown

She was her country's first 'beauty queen' in over 50 years, until she absconded with her crown.

Would you settle for second best in love?


How would you feel if you found out you were someone’s second choice?

DIY how to: re-love a chair


Got a chair sitting around that could use a bit of sprucing up? Follow this easy step-by-step guide.

Retreat 'safe harbour from rough seas'

Bryant Retreat

A guest at the Bryant Retreat for Women once said that it was like going home to nana's. She was pretty much bang on.

Tiny home at a tiny price

Stefan Cook's tiny home

Stefan Cook is revelling in the fact his new Christchurch home cost just $22,000.

Twisted Hop brewery celebrates 10th birthday

Martin Bennett.

Martin Bennett doesn't look like a brewer, but when he's talking about beer his eyes light up.

Blind climber finds love on peak

Neelu Memon  Oliver Jennings

Neelu Memon scaled Africa's tallest mountain and now has a ring to show for it.

Charlize Theron calls BS on beauty standards

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron says it's strange the industry links beauty with youth when women are at their most sensual in their 40s.

Rosie H-W spills her beauty secrets

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

She of the glorious mane and flawless skin shares her health, beauty and lifestyle tips - you don't want to miss this.

Kim Kardashian's torturous 'waist trainer'

Kim Kardashian

A corset that cinches your waist in and over time breeds your body to a certain shape. It's as ghastly as it sounds.

Model blasts brand for 'drastic' Photoshopping


A swimwear model has just taken a very public stand against Photoshopped pictures of her body.

Tempting tatties always a treat

Southland Times photo

Ireland is the country we associate even now with the great famine of the 1840s, so devastating were the effects of potato blight on a population already on its knees.

Is this New Zealand's worst baking?

Bad baking

Do your cupcakes make children cry? Does your kitchen resemble a crime scene? You're not the only one...

Celeb chef addresses reality of poverty

Robert Oliver

My Kitchen Rules' Robert Oliver says he certainly won't be cheating when he lives on $2.25 a day for five days.

Dad brews up a winner


Dale Booth brewed a raspberry beer for his baby girl. Now he's in the pink over a commercial contract.

Why I kept my Down Syndrome baby


"Though they don't ask aloud, you can see the question in their eyes: ‘If you knew, why did you have him?’"

Furry Friday: 30 dangerously cute pets

Furry Friday


Behold, 30 occasions of adorability so overwhelming they may constitute a traffic hazard.

Solutions for the housing crisis


What does the next government need to do about our housing situation?

Butts are back in a big way


From the popularity of squat challenges to the rise and rise of Kim K and Iggy - the curvy behind is here to stay.

Toddler 'exasperated' at mum's pregnancy


Hearing that his mum was pregnant a toddler voiced his opinion: "What were you thinking?"
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