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Best & worst dressed: Screen Actors Guild Awards

Sofia looks red hot, Emma Stone dares and wins and Jen-An takes the plunge on the colourful red carpet.

Plant-based diets lead to weight loss, study finds

Researchers find those on plant-based diets lose more than 7 pounds regardless of exercise.

Fashion designer puts men's genitals on the catwalk for the first time

Displaying male genitalia on the catwalk has been one of the fashion world's few taboos - until now.

What does the Pope's army eat?

A new Swiss Guard cookbook reveals Vatican culinary tastes and treats.

Lindsay Lohan accused of Photoshopping raunchy snap

She's meant to be recovering from a rare virus, but instead is "fighting off" her fever with a G-string selfie.

Makeup trick: Why she smears red lippie under her eyes

... the results are kind of amazing.

Stuff's daily street style: January

Your daily dose of real Kiwi fashion.

Hats off to Wellington Cup Day

The jewel in the Wellington Racing Club's crown had plenty of sparkle over the weekend.

Seven-year itch still alive and well, stats say

Seven-year itch still alive and well

Despite law changes and altered expectations, the modern marriage is still subject to a honeymoon phase and the seven-year itch.

Researchers find early signs of puberty common from age 7

Forget traditional signs of puberty, it's the complex biological changes 7 to 9-year-olds are facing scientists say we need to focus on.

Miley Cyrus riding the wave of new rave culture

Yes, folks, rave culture is back and Miley Cyrus is its show-stopping leader.

Recipe: Parmesan courgette fries

Who needs potato chips when you can make something much healthier with courgettes.

The babies too keen to come into this world

Each year, thousands of premature babies are coaxed from the edge of viability to the point where they're ready to go home. This is Theodore Bradbury's story.

Home cooking change applauded

Kiwis are spending more time in the kitchen and experimenting with new recipes, a new survey has found.

The week in celebrity Instagrams

Kim K goes for a dip in a fur bikini (no, not some kind of euphemism), and Adele is back! Or at least we hope she is.

Fashion at Trentham for Wellington Cup Day

Looking fabulous off the field

Stripes, a bright blue suit, and of course, fabulous hats featured at the Wellington Cup.

Worst sexist comments made to female sports stars

Eugenie Bouchard's "twirl" request is only the tip of the iceberg.

DIY: How to upcycle vintage salt and pepper shakers

The Etsy Blog show you how to upcycle old salt and pepper shakers.

Damn it, I forgot to feel bad about having curly hair

Sorry Dove, but I'm not a self loathing curly haired person.

Hilarious love notes from kids

An 11-year-old girl sent this letter to a boy she liked and his incredibly mature reply can only mean kids really do listen their parents.

Replay: Wellington Cup Day

What's your money on?

If missed our live blog of Wellington Cup Day, catch up with the events here.

How to stop your weekends making you fat

A weekly ritual of consuming many, many more calories than anyone needs simply because it is the weekend is a habit that has to be broken.

'Mom' jeans replace skinny jeans craze

Step aside skinny jeans, and make way for the mom jean.

What really goes into McDonald's french fries

French fries in the US may contain a whopping number of ingredients, but we in NZ have just three.

Reality show sends fashion bloggers to work in Cambodian sweatshop

Reality TV show puts three fashion bloggers to work in the Cambodian sweatshops that make their clothes.

Five beauty products to borrow from the boys

They're streamlined, do the job, and lack that cloyingly sweet scent. (Seriously, who wants legs that smell like mango?) 

Koftes: Stick with it

lamb koftes

Jenny Garing responds to readers' kitchen queries. This week: koftes and other skewered foods to cook on the barbecue.

New Zealand's average house price - what do you get?

It's New Zealand's median house price, but what does that give you in terms of space and quality around the country?

Woman throws party to farewell boobs

There were cakes and cocktails and the usual party shenanigans. But this was no ordinary party.

What I cook when... summer fruit abounds

strawberry shortcake

Let strawberries and nectarines shine with these great recipes.

How to: Make your own compost bin

If you’re serious about gardening, a compost heap is a must. Here's what you need to know to make one.

Best & worst dressed: Miss Universe costume contest

If you thought parading around in a skimpy bikini would be the most mortifying part of the pageant, well, you were wrong.

What is the price of beauty?

Figures show that in the year to June 2014, every man, woman and child in this country spent $490 on personal grooming, including haircuts and cosmetics.

A rugby player's life in the closet

The story of a man who has excelled at rugby but never felt able to reveal his true self

Solo mum desperate to find a job

Solo mum has taken to holding signs asking for work at busy intersection.

Fashion trends that shorties should avoid

Wide-legged trousers, mullet shirts, midi skirts - this year is throwing a lot of disasters your way.

Could your partner make pain worse?

Your partner is supposed to soothe you through pain, but a new study tells it differently.

This year's most bizarre plastic surgery trends

Making an "innie" an "outie" and getting a silicone bra screwed into your rib cage . . . Who comes up with these things?

I pay $25 for an Invisible Boyfriend: I think I'm in love

'Ryan Gosling' and I chat about Downton Abbey, crying and more. My package includes 100 texts a month.

Is wellness the new status symbol?

Forget flaunting the new handbag or car, wellness is the new status symbol.

China prints 3D mansion & apartment block

Is this a solution to Auckland's housing supply problem - print your own?

Seafood festival promises scintillating treats

Around 30,000 fresh oysters will be devoured on Auckland’s waterfront this weekend at the annual Seafood Festival.

Florists' generosity helps cancer charity

Florists go extra mile for breast cancer sufferers

One Wellington florist has been donating bouquets to those in need for over two years.

Furry Friday: How cats sleep

Cats sleep for 16 hours a day. But how do they sleep? We ask the question, and supply 31 answers, all of them true.

Stuff's wedding of the week

It was a day full of miracles, from the rain ending to getting the metal-fan groom in a tux.

Five reasons to hug more

There's more to a nice hug than warm fuzzies...

Plan to get Lilian on the move

A Christchurch woman inspired by her 13-year-old neighbour's "courage and zest for life" is fundraising to help the teen get some independence.

Best & worst dressed celebrities

Sienna Miller does double stripes well, Liz Hurley mutilates Cookie Monster and Kris Jenner, well ...

Five ideas for serving sweetcorn

Try these five delicious ideas for that top summer treat - fresh sweetcorn.

Boris Becker's 15-year-old love child launches modelling career

The child reportedly conceived inside a London restaurant is back in the news after her Fashion Week debut.
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