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Kiwi model Nela Zisser to take on hot dog champion

Kiwi model and avid eater Nela Zisser says she can out-eat the men at the annual July Fourth hot dog eating contest in New York.

The health foods that are not that healthy

They might look, sound and even taste "healthy", but their actual nutritional profile leave a lot to be desired.

Pet dogs turn out to be... bears

The owner didn't blink an eyelid at his unusual 'puppies', until they grew up.

Joan Rivers' opulent New York penthouse sells for over $40 mill

Rivers once described it as "Louis XIV meets Fred and Ginger", and now Middle Eastern royalty have snapped it up.

Kim K opens up about Caitlyn's surgery

Kardashian talks women's rights and how Caitlyn had her trachea shaved just before her wedding.

Man gives his childhood love a second wedding after accident steals her memory

Weeks after Justice married Jeremy, an accident left her with no memory of it - so he plans to marry her all over again.

A divorce and then a break-up: Is love worth the heartbreak?

It may feel like the end of the world, but you can recover after a divorce followed by a break-up.

Recipe: Lamb pistachio sausage rolls

This spicy lamb and pistachio recipe is reminiscent of a Lebanese kofta, but with a more intense flavour.

Designer Calvin Klein lays down $37m on new Hollywood home

Designer splashes out on new LA home with an infinity pool, ocean views, home cinema and a temperature-controlled wine room.

Off the grid: Hydro power in Little River

Little River resident Murray Peden has lived off grid for 17 years.

Q&A: What makes Grant Schofield feel good?

The Fat Professor reveals his awesome family motto and what weekly tasks bring him wellbeing.

Why it's normal not to be happy all the time

Living in a world where there's an overemphasis on being happy 24/7 can actually have just the opposite effect.

Matt Damon has an actual manbun now and we're kind of loving it

Drop everything you're doing and check out these pictures of the Oscar winner's Thor-ified makeover.

'Why fat girls shouldn't wear bikinis'

A beautiful vlogger shuts down the familiar tropes used to tell larger ladies they shouldn't show off their bodies.

Toastbusters: Why is it so hard to get untoasted bread at cafes?

Try as I might, I struggle to be served bread items at cafes that aren't flattened into a melty oblivion.

Blog: Double Trouble: Beware of The Google Monster

It doesn’t take long before The Google Monster drags you into the shallows of terror stories.

Watch: Homeless man becomes internet star for his beautiful piano playing

When Donald Gould, with his dusty singlet and matted locks, stepped up to the keys, no one was expecting what happened next.

Message under bottle-cap: "Help me"

Customers fear for the wellbeing of factory workers after a concerning message pops up on soft drink bottle-top.

Three gardening tasks for the weekend

It's still pretty cold out there, but it's time to start thinking about seed sowing.

When the laws of attraction are wrong

It's called the slow-burn. And it is the calmer counter to love at first sight.

The paleo diet wasn't all meat

Our Paleo ancestors ate nutritional plants, nuts and seeds - and they flossed (sort of).

Furry Friday: Why dogs make us smile

Whether it's a knack with selfies or a love of soft furnishings, they're guaranteed to do something cute every day.

Best & worst dressed celebrities

Amber Heard, Elizabeth Banks and Sandra Bullock look classy, while Demi Lovato wears a torn-up nursing bra.

Recipe: Layered lemon madeira cake with butter cream frosting

There’s nothing like a tall, layered cake to create a sense of occasion.

Recipe: Vegetable salad with sweet lemon and ginger dressing

This salad dressing can also be used on grilled fish and steamed vegetables.

Woman asks pro-life supporters for $1.5 million to stop her having an abortion

Woman takes extreme stand by seeking huge donation from strangers to prevent her going ahead with a planned abortion.

Stuff's wedding of the week

An emotional reveal on the big day left the groom (and us) all welled up.

The microwave is on the verge of its biggest update in 50 years

Half-burnt, half-frozen food be gone - a US company claims to have reinvented the humble appliance after more than 50 years.

Ditching the morning run for a rave

Forget overcrowded gyms and frosty morning runs. What you need is a dance party.

Mumil: The rise of the Middle-Aged Mum in Lycra

She's everywhere, from the school gates to the local cafe. So how did the Middle-Aged Mum in Lycra suddenly dominate our world?

The eight rules to live by when moving in with a partner

Before you take the plunge, here's some things you need to consider to avoid a cohabition-induced break-up.

'Bearded Dame' Harnaam Kaur shatters conventional beauty standards in bridal shoot

Harnaam Kaur once considered suicide over her facial hair - now she's an inspirational anti-bullying advocate.

Comedian Jemaine Clement criticised for tweeting 'nonsense' in anti-vaccination rant

Jemaine Clement makes a "straw man argument" on vaccination, health expert says.

Dads joining parenting programmes helps kids' behaviour

Including fathers in parenting programmes helps improve children’s behaviour, new study shows.

Kiwi artist Henry Hargreaves brings his death-row meal exhibition home to NZ

US-based Kiwi photographer brings his exhibition about death row prisoners' last meals home to NZ.

Beyonce posts hilarious video to celebrate marriage equality after Supreme Court ruling

The Single Ladies singer came a tad late to the rainbow pride party ... but she arrived, as always, in style.

The health hazards lurking in your home

There are some surprising items lurking in most homes that are unhealthy...

This 11-year-old girl may have written the best break-up text of all time

Our new life icon is an 11-year-old schoolgirl from America, and her amazing smackdown.

Jim Carrey goes on anti-vax rant: 'poisoning more children' with vaccines

There is nothing funny about Jim Carrey's anti-vaccination Twitter rant.

When processed foods are better than fresh foods

Steamed greens? Processed. So is that homemade bread. Really, we need to change what the word means ...

The super-secret life of pets

It's my conviction that a pet spends part of every day practising to be more adorable.

Dog detective cards available from airports

Our very own canine heroes are now the stars of their own collectible cards.

Optical illusion: Can you see the woman?

It's optical illusion time: watch this freaky-looking face transform into a smiling brunette.

NZ House & Garden book reviews

REVIEW: Five new books reviewed by NZ House & Garden experts.

A book that can change your life

As I read this book my mind expanded with the possibilities of what I could achieve.

Happiness is an illusion - seek contentment instead

OPINION: Trying to avoid suffering and enjoying a continuing state of pleasure is self-deception, an Australian psychiatrist says.

Misty Copeland makes history as first black female principal dancer with ABT

African-American ballerina ascends an art world notorious for only showcasing lithe white women.

Global food restrictions needed to fight obesity, says study

Too much food, rather than too little exercise, is probably to blame for expanding waistlines.

Reader recipe: Rich and decadent chocolate mousse

This always turns out well - chocolatey, rich and decadent. Definitely not a mousse for the faint-hearted!

Confessions of a seduction addict

"My guilt about the other woman was no match for the intoxicating knowledge that somebody couldn't sleep because he was thinking about me."
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