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Singer Michael Buble accused of body-shaming stranger with Instagram picture

Canadian crooner attacked by fans after posting an Instagram picture of a stranger with "hungry shorts".

Shopping mall gets new lease of life as an apartment complex

Around 4000 hopeful tenants join waiting list for bargain apartments in USA's oldest shopping complex.

Lolly fans are not impressed as Pascall changes Milk Bottles recipe

Pascall's creamy lollies have a new dairy-free recipe - and no-one seems to like it.

Know your 'type' of obesity to lose weight, study suggests

Overweight people should target their weight loss differently depending on which group they belong to, researchers say.

Eight-year-old girl makes $166,000 a month thanks to YouTube baking videos

Australia's mini Martha Stewart and her 5-year-old sister rake in huge income thanks to their online baking tutorials.

Young woman had world at her feet - before Lyme disease struck

Tahlia Smith had the world at her feet as a performing arts student - but then Lyme disease struck.

'This was not brave': Curvy blogger talks swimsuit snap

Jessica Kane says that her posing in a swimsuit isn't courageous, whatever her size.

Instagram will now allow photos of women breastfeeding

Instagram updates guidelines to let feeding mums and tots be seen - but female nipples are still a problem.

Hungry Gwyneth Paltrow fails food-stamp challenge just four days in

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow lasts just four days on her much-mocked grocery shop using a food-stamp budget.

Mum's crazy list of gift demands for first birthday party

We're big kids' birthday party fans - but this is one bash we're glad we didn't get an invite to.

Student hunting for her doppelganger finds a perfect match

Student on the hunt to find her "twin stranger" in just 28 days finds a perfect match - who lives just one hour away.

The hottest new shades for nails

Want to nail a new look for winter but on a tight budget? A DIY mani with one of these should do the trick.

Duncan Garner: The mother of all dilemmas: Fulltime at home or at work?

OPINION: My wife's three-month break from paid work ends on Monday – and she can't wait.

How to breed your own roses

Fancy yourself as a budding breeder? Here's a beginner's guide to how the pros do it.

The label reviving New Zealand's whisky tradition

We have a long distilling history in this country, and one couple is doing their bit to keep it alive.

Four life-hack gadgets in development

Are these the must-have gadgets of the year - or a sign of technology gone mad?

Romance a reporter

Reporter Kirsty Lawrence decided it was time to spice up her life, so with the help of MoreFM Taupo she was sent on a series of dates.

Laverne Cox poses naked for the best possible reason

"I'm a black transgender woman. I felt this could be really powerful for the communities I represent."

So, sugar might not actually make kids hyper

We've all seen them - perfect angels turned wild under the influence of cake. But was sugar the cause?

Could you live in an 8-square-metre house?

The tiny house movement might feel rather claustrophobic, but is it worth it for all the money you'll save?

Fancy a pint? These famous faces do too

When she's not reading the news, it turns out Hilary Barry likes downing a pint just as much as you.

Why being around a dog makes you feel good

New research shows bond between owner and dog runs deeper than you may think.

Cyclists traverse North Island to raise for NET cancer diagnosis machine

A group of about 30 are cycling the North Island to get a specialised cancer diagnosis machine to NZ.

What makes Matthew Johnstone feel good?

Author and illustrator Matthew Johnstone understands depression - here he shares his tips for wellbeing.

Things to do in the garden this weekend

It's the perfect time to forage for mushrooms. Here's our guide on how to identify the right type.

What's happened to Ryan Gosling's beautiful head of hair?

Ryan Gosling has dyed his golden locks black ... and we're not sure how we feel about it.

Trans man may soon be cover star of Men's Health

Fitness buff Aydian Dowling, who is a transgender man, may soon represent the 'ultimate guy' on a glossy cover.

Toxins in food may be making you fat, says health food expert Joseph E. Pizzorno

Toxins in our diets might be hurting our health and our waistlines, food experts say.

Fish & chip shop owner's lamenting note goes viral

Time off to spend with the family is a shop owner's dream, right? Not this guy's.

This tattoo is supposed to be a Pokemon

This is what happens when you tattoo yourself. When drunk. And with no prior experience of tattooing.

The best ideas for using up leftover bread

If you thought toast was the only option for using up a stale loaf, think again.

Stuff's wedding of the week

This long-time couple dodged a storm to tie the knot in a "perfect" outdoor ceremony - thanks to a little bit of magic.

Furry Friday: Pets take a seat

You may think your armchair was built just for you. But no - it's also a perfect fit for your pet.

London homeowner gets garish payback after losing planning dispute

London homeowner paints $29m townhouse with garish stripes in alleged retaliation to losing planning dispute.

Seven decades of love

When Doreen Maindonald accepted an invitation to a dance with Graham McElroy she had no idea it would lead to a marriage spanning seven decades.

Best & worst dressed celebrities of the week

Scarlett defies logic, Scherzinger oozes sex appeal, and Kylie goes Jekyll and Hyde.

Online and out there: How children view privacy differently from adults

Children's fondness for online sharing is a global phenomenon, and in response governments internationally have initiated awareness campaign.

Cringe-worthy travel moments with kids

Observations from the mouths of babes are not always cute and endearing.

Why I allowed a screen time binge

Almost a week and a half into the school holidays and I was done in.

Model mum's big baby silences critics

He may only be two days old, but baby James Hunter has already helped his model mum silence her critics.

Castle house-truck for travelling family

Travelling Kiwi family turn their truck into a castle.

Should pregnant women be allowed to use 'parent and child' car parking spots?

I am the first to admit that when I was heavily pregnant I used the mother and baby car parking space at the supermarket…

The real story behind Richie Benaud's famous cream jacket

Richie Benaud's sports jacket has become almost as recognisable as the Blundstone boot or Akubra hat as an Australian fashion icon.

Feeling tired? Could it be iron deficiency?

It is the most common nutritional disorder in the world, but would you know if you had it?

Why are huskies the most rehomed dog in New Zealand?

Games of Thrones made the Siberian husky the newest ‘it’ dog - but as with many from the show, it often ends badly.

Couple who met at Kodaline concert get engaged - with the band's help

This pair met at a Kodaline concert - so what better way to pop the question than by roping in the band itself?

Four easy exercises to tide you over between workouts

No time for your usual gym session? Here are four quick routines to keep you fit with minimal fuss.

What Auckland properties can you buy for $550,000?

Nick Smith says there are plenty of homes in the city clocking in at around half a million - so we checked some out.

Local rabbits test landscape architect's Crown Range project

When local bunnies began banqueting on brand new native plantings, it was time to get tough on a Wakatipu property.

#LoveYourLines: Model Chrissy Teigen shows off stretch marks and women everywhere rejoice

Chrissy Teigen cements her place as our favourite model of all time thanks to her candid "stretchies" shot.
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