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Queues and hot sun at South Island Wine and Food

Thousands turned out to enjoy the sunshine at the Wine and Food festival in Hagley Park.

Consumer NZ calls out most misleading food packaging of 2016

From Nutri-Grain to Milo: Is your favourite snack on Consumer NZ's naughty list?

The Victoria's Secret Show is what a commercial mid-life crisis looks like

On the cusp of its 40th birthday, Victoria's Secret has a new secret, something that its annual lingerie show exposes.

Mother says Banana Boat sunscreen failed to protect her son

A Kiwi mum claims she applied sunscreen to her son "six or seven times" throughout the day, but he still got burnt.

Woman strings up 10k rainbow lights to send message to bigoted neighbour

Tired of her neighbour's bigoted comments, a woman decided to send her a strong, visual message.

Recipe: How to make your own McDonald's Big Mac at home

To honour the creator of the infamous burger, we tried cracking the secret sauce recipe.

Men and boys are suffering erectile dysfunction due to watching too much porn

Experts say porn-induced erectile dysfunction is growing with a third of men watching it every day.

Emily Ratajkowski says book of her nude pictures is a 'violation'

Model takes legal action after publishers announce book of previously unseen photos.

Modern Etiquette: How do I "break up" with a friend I don't want to see anymore?

Break-ups in any romantic relationships are one thing, saying goodbye to somebody you no longer want to be friends with is entirely another.

Fur babies nationwide sit on Santa's lap

Adorable pets in cute Christmas get-ups posing with Santa. Need we say more?

My favourite space: Timeless Taranaki Christmas living room

Stripped woollen stockings and beautifully wrapped gifts are under the tree in this rural Taranaki living room.

Morning trivia quiz: December 3

Got a good quiz question? Send your questions to

Jeremy Elwood & Michele A'Court: Santa Claus is coming to town

As we roll into December and toward Christmas, spare a thought for those who are struggling to cope. Especially Santa.

Drinks: John Saker's top five European rosés to try this summer

John Saker's top five European rosés for summer.

Recipe: Jordan Rondel's florentine cookies

These florentines are super moreish, so parcel them up and give them to friends and family for Christmas.

Plants to improve a room and maybe your health

These common houseplants are tough to kill, and some believe they help clean indoor air.

Find something special this Christmas

From quirky snowman charms to detailed pendant engravings.

Design space: Daniella Norling's crackers at Christmas

Interior designer Daniella Norling reveal shares her top five Yuletide hacks.

11 top gifts that beat socks hands down

Here's 11 of the best fun and unique gift ideas for him and her this Christmas.

5-minute gardener: What to do this weekend

Time to tickle your spuds. Find out if they're ready to eat yet.

Donald Trump's necktie is held together with scotch tape

He may be the wealthiest politician ever, but Trump relies on a humble method to address a sartorial fail. 

I'm so lucky to be living as a gay man in this era

When we look back on the history of HIV and the AIDS crisis on World AIDS Day, we tend to think about death.

What $25 million can buy you in the mountains

Here's what $25 million will buy you in Tuscany, Mallorca and Wyoming.

Christmas sparkle doesn't have to break the bank

Don't hold back from stringing up the lights this Christmas - it's not as steep as you may think.

3 uses for your out-of-date sunscreen

If you've found a bottle of old suncream that's past its best, don't head straight for the bin.

Now that I'm a mother, I can at last see my own mother in me

Years after my mother's death I have finally found her again - in me.

Bruno Mars offers 24K advice on how to create a funky album

Why the Uptown Funkster believes clothes make the album.

Classy gentleman, 90, refused service at bank over tweed hat

Dapper fellow, 90, denied service at his bank of 30 years because he refused to take off his tweed cap.

The 50 things you should be doing after 50

There may be more wrinkles but the over-50s are wise and strong, with enthusiasm to burn.

6 steps to sort your linen cupboard

If finding the right sized sheet is a problem, professional organiser Natalie Jane has the solution.

The three types of lighting you should have in your home

The three types of lighting you should have in your home for maximum illumination.

Blind, deaf man Cheyenne Minhinnick finds happy place in Bollywood dancing

Kiwi Cheyenne Minhinnick can't see, hear or speak - but he can dance - Bollywood style.

Top tips for apartment buyers

Before you start your search, it helps to know what you should be looking for.

Recipe: Pork, coriander and water chestnut dumplings by Sam Mannering

Making Chinese-style dumplings is much easier than you think – just mix, fill, dunk and enjoy.

'Tis the season to start stressing about money

Every year, money stress increases for me as December approaches.

Arnott's promise to bring back original barbecue shapes

The "revolting" shapes that "tasted like sadness" will be pulled from shelves.

Beaver walks into store, finds only artificial Christmas trees, and proceeds to trash it

A beaver let a US store know what he thought of their artificial Christmas trees.

Designer Tom Ford says he won't dress Melania Trump

The fashion designer is yet another of the fashion elite to snub the US' future first lady.

9 architectural projects featuring fabulous screens on houses

2016 has been the year of the decorative architectural screen. These are 9 of the best we've seen.

Women who have more sex have better memories - study

Sex can help women remember faces and words, a new study says.

Furry Friday: When pets meet

Two or more animals meeting is always cute, even if there's caution or suspicion.

Would you do your makeup with a silicon bra insert?

People will truly try anything with makeup these days. We're not convinced on this one.

Housing costs lead rise in household spending

It may not feel like it, but Kiwis are earning more. We're also spending more on keeping a roof over our heads.

Got high cholesterol? Here are five foods to eat and avoid

If you're at risk of having a high cholesterol, here are five foodstuffs to take special note of.

Three-year-old mistakes policeman for Santa, so naturally he goes along with it

"When a three-year-old comes up to you and thinks you are Santa Claus, you roll with it."

How New Zealand's national Crate Day came to be

It's like New Zealand's own Christmas: Beers, stubbies and commercialism to welcome in summer.

Megan Massacre visits New Zealand for the largest tattoo festival in Australasia

"If you think about it, it's living artwork. It's artwork with an expiration."

This week we tried: Float pod therapy & massage at Tory Urban Retreat

You remember that one episode of The Simpsons? We've tried out a salt float tank.

Seeing myself through my daughter's eyes

OPINION: A seed planted in little girls' heads can grow. I have to change the climate in which it grows in the hope it will bear the sweetest of fruit.

Rilkoff Files: A genuine Christmas letter to make you feel better about life

Truth is a matter of perspective, especially in Christmas letters.
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