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Internet trick compares the moon to peices of ham

Can you tell the difference between the moon and a piece of ham?

Bill Cunningham, NY Times fashion photographer, dies at 87

The legendary father of street fashion photography has died, leaving a near 40-year legacy of style.

Maori fashion designers excel in Miromoda Runway Show

Fabulous fashion at Miromoda in Porirua - 10 designers get the nod for NZ Fashion Week.

Police complaint after hotel manager outs cheating lovers

Woman goes to police after her details were given to her lover's partner.

Police halt London's LGBTQ Pride propose to their boyfriends

Two London police officers put a stop to London's LGBTQ Pride parade... to propose to their boyfriends.

Modest two-bedroom home in Mangere Bridge fetches $1.7million at auction

Mangere Bridge was once considered an affordable part of Auckland.

Morning trivia quiz: June 26

Got a good quiz question? Send your questions to

Running nose, shaky knees and blurred sight? It must be the national chilli-eating competition

The fire breathers of professional chilli-eating world are out in force.

Disabled man Keegan Lewis to release album of original songs

Keegan Lewis has cerebral palsy and he loves to sing. Now, he's released his own album.

Zilda Williams strips back the botox, boob jobs and touch-ups of glamour modelling

She graced the pages of raunchy lads mags in her underwear. Now, Kiwi model Zilda Williams wants to change all that.

ASOS clothing website back up and running

Website up and running after being down for nearly 24 hours.

ASOS website up and running again

Shoppers rejoice, the fashion website is online once more after being down for 24 hours.

82-year-old grandmother rejects $27 million offer so she can stay in her home

"Money isn't everything," says an 82-year-old woman offered $27million to sell her home.

'When slavery wasn't enough so you put a chain on the African baby': Versace criticised for ad campaign

They aimed to celebrate Chicago style, but some say they're just plain offensive.

Royal New Zealand Navy celebrates 30 years of women at sea

A career dedicated to the sea, but forbidden to board a ship. Such was life for women in the navy.

Subdivision rules designed to keep Marlborough homeowners in check

The bizarre subdivision rules designed to keep homeowners in check.

Life with adult separation anxiety: 'I know I'm being irrational, but I'm powerless to stop it'

I suffer from adult separation anxiety, and it is costing me my marriage.

Cat video fans go crazy for a cat gently caressing a cherry

Things cats love: Mice, balls of yarn... and cherries?

Olivia Wilde: 'Lipstick strikes fear in all men'

Actress Olivia Wilde says her partner's hatred of bright lippy is common to all men.

Bride signs her father-daughter dance song so her deaf dad can understand

Julie Finkel came up with a plan to make her wedding day extra special for her deaf dad.

Wimbledon 2016: Nike recalls tennis dress for hasty alterations after players complain

The dress is back in the shop for alterations, after complaints that it was too revealing and got in the way.

Weet-Bix are being sold online to Chinese buyers for as much as $50

New Zealand's breakfast of champions is a sudden hit overseas. Why?

Can robots help solve our gender woes?

If our machines are simply a projection of us, can we design them to rewrite society's sexist scripts?

Restaurant review: Carlton Bar and Eatery, Christchurch

A great steak, but why the coleslaw?  

Restaurant review: Nobanno, Christchurch

The sauces are the stars at the Bangladesh restaurant Nobanno.

Morning trivia quiz: June 25

Got a good quiz question? Send your questions to

Jaquie Brown: I love filters and photoshop like I love donuts – but enough's enough

OPINION: Why won't you photoshop my images before publishing them?

Dear Mrs Salisbury: He's taking this too seriously. What can I do?

It could have been good, but I chose to pull back - and now this guy can't seem to deal with that.

Leah McFall: No vanilla sex for romance scribes

Romance writers may look tame, but their private musings are everything but.

At my place: world-renowned floral artist Sandra Kaminski on her Remuera home

The renowned floral artist talks about her renovated 1920s Remuera home.

'City oasis' in Auckland boasts hidden courtyard and dog bath

The star feature would have to be the outdoor courtyard, with a plunge pool, a tree and a waterfall.

Recipe: Jordan Rondel's tiered orange blossom and lime cake

Winter's citrus fruits are given star treatment in this fragrant cake.

Recipe: Sam Mannering's rotolo with pumpkin, hazelnuts, soft cheese and sage butter

Poaching your own pasta will earn you some serious cooking credentials.

The Rilkoff Files: The many inevitable brushes with death of a DIYer

OPINION: Sometimes you just have to look death straight in the eye and get out your tools.

Clay soil: 5 tips for making your garden flourish with heavy soils

Clay soils get a bad rap but the news is not all bad. Here are five ways to tackle heavy soil.

A third of people don't know what colour this is

Here's a test, what colour do you see here?

Imagine if women went on a pregnancy strike

What would happen if women went on a reproductive strike for a year, and refused to be pregnant?

The perils of rapid weight loss

What sudden weight loss can do to your body, and why it's dangerous.

The realities of hanky panky as you grow older

Why are people surprised Diane Keaton is seeking a lover at the age of 70?

Is this what is causing PMS?

Inflammation could be the long-awaited explanation for why millions of women suffer PMS.

Burger King's latest fast food monstrosity is sadly genius

​Burger King announces new mash-up for a favourite dish, to eat on the go.

All eyes on Waiheke Island estate as buyer interest "ramps up"

Buyer interest in a Waiheke Island estate has ramped up, with a sale expected after four years on the market.

KFC India is giving out boxes of chicken that charge your phone

KFC's latest meal fills not just your belly, but also your phone.

How Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt raise their six children

Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox were never going to be your average children.

Could Flagstaff be Hamilton's first million dollar suburb?

Rocketing property prices hit the top bracket with a record number of million dollar homes sold.

An expert's pick of climbing roses for Kiwi gardens

Canterbury rosarian Barbara Lea Taylor picks her favourite roses to cover an arch, pergola, gate or garage

Heat, sweat and tears at national chilli-eating finale

Shaky knees, blurred vision and hearing distortion all part of the fun in national chilli-eating championships.

Ariel Winter: 'I looked HOT in that dress!'

Ariel Winter has hit back at those who criticised her for wearing a cleavage-revealing dress.

Should you have a television set in your bedroom?

It's a delicious winter habit. But there's debate about whether watching TV in bed is good for your health or for your relationship.

5 unusual superfoods that athletes eat

Want some new superfoods in your diet? Here are some you've probably never heard of.
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