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Pole-dancing feature attracts plenty of interest

he converted bedroom, complete with a  dancing pole.

A 1960s weatherboard house for sale is attracting an unusual amount of online interest.

Video: Beautiful MRIs of the human body

Wonderful videos show the body like you've never seen it. Spoiler alert: tongues are kind of amazing.

Wonderful videos show the body like you've never seen it - swallowing, blowing a trumpet, kissing.

6 facts on fat - it's not all bad


Oh the countless hours we spend resisting it in our food, resenting it on our hips, and shaking it out of our system.

Miranda Kerr goes geisha for Vogue Japan


The Aussie model is the cover star for Vogue Japan, but she's courting controversy with her outfit.

We try Burger King's black burger


Its distinctive onyx-coloured buns and tarry black cheese have people talking. So what does it taste like?

The three key aspects of fitness

 most people have aesthetic reasons for seeking out a personal trainer and previously this fitted right in with what I did. In the past, I've helped people lose weight and do it fast, get fit, tone up, find their abs, calorie restrict and calorie count, over-exercise and 'push through it'.  But recently, after what you might call an epiphany, I've been thinking a lot about the bigger picture.

Yes there are aesthetic reasons for getting in shape, but we need to look at the big picture to achieve wellness.

I had a child with a major drug dealer


Robyn Windshuttle recalls her long affair with a man who was charming, charismatic ... and a major drug dealer.

Being 44 means its finally OK to be ugly

makeup strap

OPINION: When I was in my 20s and 30s, there were times when I was beautiful. Now I aim for 'inoffensive'.

Recipe: Ricotta gnocchi pasta bake


Like a warm Italian hug, this vegetarian ricotta and silverbeet dish is a family favourite.

Old-fashioned pleasure on a plate

Curried sausages

Beef or pork, fried or grilled. When I was a child that was pretty much it - give or take a bake or casserole.

Teen: 'I'm not a boy or a girl'


Kelsey Beckham, 18, is trying to live life without identifying with any gender at all.

Former journalist, 40, comes out as an escort


'I'm probably the most boring woman in the world.' This is what this journo-turned-prostitute says of herself.

7 diet tips to prevent kidney stones


The pain is searing. They come on quickly. They're terrible. Here's how to stop them in their tracks.

These beer cans preview what's inside

beerj straap

There's nothing like cracking open a crisp, cold 7412 C at the end of the day.

A taste of Asia

Manbok Mart

Twenty years ago, if you lived in Hamilton and wanted to make an authentic Thai, Indian or Japanese meal, it would have been tough to find the ingredients. Today, it's easy.

South Auckland bootcamp: One month in


We catch up with the South Auckland women overhauling their health four weeks into their 12 week regime.

The worst kind of tourist

Airport luggage

Relatively cheap travel has turned most of us into tourists. But for pete's sake, don't be the annoying kind.

5 foods that boost your body


Nutrition can be confusing, but these five foods make it easy by looking like the body part they're good for.

This party's on the house

Dave Mitchell

A Christchurch street has hosted a unique party - for a house that's 150 years old.

Have you battled an addiction?


Whether you're an addict or close to someone who is, what's your reality of living with addiction?

Win a memorable dining experience with Silver Fern Farms

Win a memorable dining experience with Silver Fern Farms!

A survivor of a paedophile ring speaks

Carrie Bailee

Carrie Bailee suffered horrific abuse as a child. Now she helps other survivors.

Why don't we write love letters anymore?


The story we write through love letters is a story of two souls intertwining in inky delight.

Fat, happy and fabulous

Meagan Kerr

Meet three plus-size opinion-shapers who love fashion and refuse to hate their bodies.

Getting the good oil on skincare


Oils that promise better skin aren't of the snake variety any more.

10 ways to feel more positive


Is positivity innate or can it be learnt? An expert says practice these tips and you're halfway there.

Botox could 'stunt emotional growth'


New research has found that "frozen face" prevents young people from learning how to fully express their emotions.

A block with style


What The Block lacks in drama, it certainly makes up for it with style over the last two seasons.

Porn agains: Middle-aged adults press play

Porn agains

For many who grew up before the world-wide web, the impact of internet pornography is proving profound.

The week in celeb Instagram snaps


Babs is back, Lorde hangs with a cow, a model does a Miley and Hugh pashes a cute dude.

Paris Hilton proud to be too 'hot' for NZ

Carls's Jr

Paris Hilton tweets the world that her latest raunchy Carl's Jr ad has been banned in New Zealand.

Take the stress out of distressed denim

Distressed denim

Here's how to do ripped, holey and vintage denim like fashion people do.

Top 10 open homes this weekend


As the nation heads to the polls, maybe you would like to stop by a few of these homes on the way to vote?

16 tomboy style icons

You can really get stuff done in a sensible pair of trousers.

These women aren't bossy, they're the bosses of tomboy style. Prepare to meet your muse ...

Is Lara Bingle pregnant?

Lara Bingle

There must be something in the coconut water as there appears to be a baby boom happening in fashion land.

New varieties hitting shops in spring

Southland Times photo

As the weather slowly begins to warm, the garden centre shelves are groaning with new plants.

First in Cambridge's new subdivision

	 St Kilda

A Waikato couple has made the move back from Auckland to raise a family in Cambridge's new subdivision.

NZ daily street style: September '14

Street style

Check out your daily dose of real Kiwi fashion, courtesy of our street style snappers.

Dream sale 'meant to be'

dream home

A dream came true for a Cambridge couple and their real estate agent earlier this month.

Choosing the right pan can make you a better cook


Get your equipment right and you'll be a better cook. Here's where to start.

My treadmill desk left me cold

Treadmill desk

I harbour a gnawing suspicion that treadmill desks are the wrong solution to an important problem: too much desk time.

How I became obsessed with CrossFit


Grunting, followed by banshee yelping. Later: deep, satisfied exhaling. Welcome to The Box.

Furry Friday: The election edition

Furry Friday


Behold, the Four Legs Good election edition, totally non-serious and non-partisan except that it's strongly pro-pet.

Inside Kirsten Dunst's NY home


Kirsten Dunst is renting out her chic NY apartment and it could be all yours for just NZ$15,000 a month!

George Clooney won't pay for his wedding


It turns out Clooney is a stingy, stickler for tradition when it comes to his upcoming wedding.

Is our obsession with health killing the joy of food?

Green juice

With more people slavishly following healthy trends, are we forgetting food is something to be enjoyed?

How to: plan your outdoor living space


Why can't your outdoor living look as nice as the indoors? Plan it well and it can!

Stuff's wedding of the week

Wedding of the week

A rare wet day in Cromwell threatened to ruin things, but they were just thankful to be with family and friends.

Best & worst dressed celebrities of the week

best worst

Good actresses make bad decisions, J-Lo wears a leather t-shirt as a dress, and Reese looks chic.

Hundreds of apartments to be built


A site currently used as a car park in Mt Eden has been earmarked as an SHA area for apartments.