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Karl Reipen's coastal estate for sale for $8.5 million

It has an indoor equestrian centre, stables, a vineyard, multiple homes and is selling for $8.5m.

Pregnancy announcement shows the reality of IVF

"4 years, 3 miscarriages, depression, 107 hormone injections, one surgery, two procedures, over 100 suppositories, and several thousand dollars to get our baby,"

Why you should turn your phone off during your next romantic getaway

The scene is set: a couple in a secluded island paradise. But the only thing getting turned on is the wi-fi.

Our insatiable appetite for women's tragic stories

We live in an age that has an insatiable appetite for the salacious, the scandalous, or simply the unbearably sad.

I'm living proof that eating fat can be good for you

OPINION: What led us to listen to the ''wrong'' dietary advice for decades?

Our favourite celebrity offspring

While it's kind of frightening that these kids aren't actual babies any more, we're big fans.

'Biggest Loser' brothers embracing the challenge

US Reality show's 17th season includes a pair of PE teachers

House of the week: Arty couple's home built on a $350,000 budget

Simple design and pre-nail framing kept the cost down, say the owners.

St Dominic's Catholic girls' school bans bare feet and backs at ball

Students are angry at a ban on bare feet and revealing dresses at the school ball.

Winter wisdom for pet owners


Keep your furry ones safe and warm this winter with these cold weather tips.

Marlborough City: pros and cons with winemaker Josh Scott and National Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith

For: Marlborough is a recognisable and marketable name. Against: The 150 year history of Blenheim runs deep.

How much can a healthy lifestyle really reduce your cancer risk?

"You can do something other than choosing your parents carefully."

Eva Longoria persuades Victoria Beckham to wear Ugg boots

It seems Posh Spice would do anything for bestie Eva Longoria - even wear Ugg boots.

Joy of birth follows tragic death of husband

A grieving wife gave birth to her son just four days after her husband died in a paragliding accident.

Marlborough restaurants ban smoking outside for World Smokefree Day

Smokefree groups are teaming up with restaurants and cafes for World Smokefree Day.

Residents protest pop-up McDonald's in Sydney suburb of Glebe

The world's biggest restaurant chain will open a pop-up store in inner city Glebe - and some in the area are definitely not lovin' it.

Teen defies parents to secretly take his boyfriend to prom winning the internet

"My parents told me I couldn't go to prom because I wanted to go with my boyfriend so I had to go behind their backs."

How much fun it is to get drunk? UK scientists have found out

Does drinking make people happier, or does being happier make people drink?

Is your home oozing damp? You might need to break some habits

You don't necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars to stop your home turning mouldy.

Nigella Lawson: Five dishes every home cook should master

Nigela Lawson reveals five dishes every home chef should know backwards.

Morning trivia quiz: May 25

Maisy lunchbox

Got a good quiz question? Send your questions to

Peter Cullen: Women are still being fired for refusing to wear heels or make-up

OPINION: Fired for refusing to wear high heels or make up in the office - this is not the 1950s.

Why restaurants don't want to take reservations any more

Booking ahead can make life easier for everyone but restaurants are paying a high price for the customers who don't show up.

Recipe: Potato and karengo bread with extra mature gouda and salad

Pair this potato and karengo seaweed bread with top artisan cheese and salad for a delicious dish.

Marlborough pre-schools get obesity checks

"Kids are self-conscious. There is a social stigma that goes with being 'the fat kid'."

Can addiction simply be labelled a brain disease?

Or is this too narrow a perspective from which to understand the complexity of addiction?

WineFriend’s chief tasting officer Yvonne Lorkin insures tastebuds for $1 million

"We simply can't risk my nostrils or taste buds going on strike," says wine critic.

The adult-size stroller you'll want to test drive

Ever fancied going for a ride in your baby's pushchair? Well now you can.

Ballerina Alessandra Ferri outdances teen self in clever new cosmetics ad

A 52-year-old ballerina outdances her younger self in a clever new ad for wrinkle cream.

New Zealand's longest-married couple celebrate 100 years

One stood beside Gandhi to expel British rule from India, now the Ravji's will receive two letters from the Queen.

Couple's final goodbye captured in a heartbreaking photo

They were both on life support, but Cindy and Jim wouldn't let each other go.

'I died for 30 minutes': Why I wanted a fake funeral

Pretending to be dead taught me an important lesson about life.

Four things to love from the Chelsea Flower Show

Our pick of great garden ideas from this year's Chelsea Flower Show.

What happened to sales when Aerie stopped editing models?

Turns out leaving models' scars, stretch marks and tattoos untouched means increased sales.

How cool girls do formal wear

Recreate Kirsten Stewart's Cannes look by pairing formal wear with sneakers.

The unusual way this couple celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary

They married in 1974 but it's taken 42 years for this couple to get their special day in a tux and white gown.

App to find the sold price of your neighbour's house - nosy or useful?

So your friends won't tell you what their house cost? Look it up on the app.

How much does it cost to make a pair of sneakers?

It's actually pretty surprising how little margin there is on a pair of running shoes.

Auckland ranked as world's best city on the water

Auckland takes the winning spot as the world's best city on the water - over Barcelona, Vancouver and Copenhagen.

Watch dads with babies cut up the dance floor

Watch these men show off some serious dance moves, complete with babies on board.

Why Sarah decided to have both breasts removed after her wedding

"In sickness and in health" meant more for them than it does for most for Sarah and Tom Williams.

Lily-Rose Depp is the face of Chanel's new perfume

Johnny Depp's daughter is the face of Chanel's new No.5 L'Eau fragrance campaign.

Flower contouring is the prettiest new makeup trend

There's a new contouring technique in town and it's coming up roses (and daisies).

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton visits Chelsea Flower Show

The Duchess of Cambridge donned an appropriate shade of green for her first visit to the iconic flower show.

Surgery for baby born with a tail

A baby born with a tail has had surgery to remove it after doctors feared it might damage his lower body.

Facebook rejects feminist group's body-positive event ad showing plus-size woman

Facebook declines request to boost body-positive event post featuring plus-size model on "health and fitness" grounds. 

Lego accused of producing 'significantly more violent' products

Lego toys increasingly display violence, shooting and threatening behaviour, researchers say.
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