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Three months in Ronald McDonald House for Timaru mum

Aimee Bennett had a rough road to parenthood, spending three months of her pregnancy away from home.

Dancesport Spectacular ballroom dance a mix of passion, grace and hard work

Some of the countries finest ballroom dancers dipped and twirled in a Manawatu competition.

Why vegetarian dining is on the rise

It's not about being righteous, it's just about tapping into a bigger market.

Manawatu barista goes from self-taught to international coffee judge

A Manawatu coffee barista's dreams are soaring upwards as he becomes an international coffee judge.

NZFW: Swimsuits on display

New Zealand Fashion Week took us all to summer on Sunday with it's SWIM swimwear show.

New Zealand Fashion Week: Celebrities on the runway

Fashion Week has almost drawn to a close, but not before a handful of famous-ish faces took to the runway. 

WORD Christchurch: Lucy Hone on grief and resilience after daughter Abi killed in crash

When Lucy Hone lost her daughter and family friends in a car crash, she was determined to keep living.

An entire English village is on sale for $36 million - and someone just made an offer

It comes with a mansion, 43 houses and 2000 acres of countryside. And someone has just made an offer.

Salt content of instant noodles 'worrying', researchers say

What do eight packets of salted potato chips and two Big Macs have in common?

Mother insists there's nothing wrong with breastfeeding and co-sleeping with 3-year-old

Lucy AitkenRead shares her bed with her partner and their two children. And they are thriving, she says. But coroners think otherwise.

Sex, lies - and the mystery of Ashley Madison

One year on, who were the winners and real losers at this hacked infidelity website?

British millionaire Jane Park's bizarre rules for boyfriend Connor George

Avoid eye contact with girls at all times: Millennial millionaire has certain demands

Morning trivia quiz: August 28

Got a good quiz question? Send your questions to

Tears and turns as young models hit catwalk for Kids Show at New Zealand Fashion Week

Tears and tantrums backstage, but young models put on brave faces on the catwalk.

Kendra snapchats her first botox treatment

There's a first time for everything, Kendra.

Sex mis-education: Let's talk about sex

OPINION: When it comes to sex, honesty is the best policy, writes Teuila Blakely.

Kiwi tattooist's cover-up breast tattoo wins hearts the world over

Breast cancer survivor's Kiwi cover-up tattoo captures hearts around the world.

My Sunday routine: wedding dress designer Trish Peng

Her stunning red wedding dress made headlines at NZ Fashion Week - now see how this talented bridal designer spends her leisure time.

Blogger Constance Hall swamped with support over Nic Naitanui blackface threats

Outspoken writer gets death threats and is accused of shaming another mum who put her child in "blackface".

Steamy trailer for Poldark Season 2 promises plenty of 'tension'

Smouldering looks, sexy scenes - all this and more in the racy trailer for Poldark's second series.

Getting inside the science of flavour

Would you gag on meat-flavoured ice-cream? 3D printed food? Instant coffee?

Best & worst dressed: NZ Fashion Week 2016

We came, we saw, we chose our standout looks - from the must-haves to the best avoided.

Food focus should be on quality, not food type, say nutrition experts

Tired of the old argument pitting carbohydrates against fats? Seems you're not alone.

Polish discus thrower Piotr Malachowski sells Olympic medal to help 3-year-old with eye cancer

A Polish athlete has sold his silver medal to help fund cancer treatment for a 3-year-old boy.

Now you can dress your kids like Kanye with their own Yeezy Boost 350

Would you pay $189 to put your toddler in the new Yeezy Boost 350 for infants?

Vogue Brazil slammed for Photoshopping models to make them look like amputees

Fashion bible wanted to celebrate the Paralympics, so it Photoshopped models into amputees.

Morning trivia quiz: August 27

Got a good quiz question? Send your questions to

Cheers! Why we're all happy to be bad mothers now

A new generation of mums is resisting the pressure to be "perfect" - and revelling in their naughty side.

From hijabs to hajj: know the basics of Islam

Wellington reporter Rachel Thomas dons a hijab and learns the basics of Islam.

Former Lower Hutt roofer turned designer showcased at NZ Fashion Week 2016

Jerome Taylor "copped a bit of flak from the boys" in Wainuiomata when he became a fashion designer.

Deluge of dresses amazes school as Patea students prepare for first ball in 24 years

Students and staff will all be wearing donated dresses and suits to this rural school's first ball in 24 years.

Sex mis-education: Facts are important, but we need to teach healthy relationships

OPINION: Sex education facts are important, but we need to teach healthy relationships.

NZ Fashion Week 2016: Best street style trends

From brightly coloured furs to wide-leg pants, there were trends aplenty on show both inside and outside of the venue at NZ Fashion Week.

Save money, get fit and be happy: all the reasons you should have a vege garden

NZ Gardener magazine's deputy editor, Christine Rush, argues the case for growing your own veges

Programme to prevent teen pregnancy had a reverse effect, study shows

A course meant to prevent teenage pregnancies may in fact do just the opposite, Australian study finds.

5-minute gardener: What to do this weekend

It's time to prune those dead hydrangea blooms

Wellington student ditches student flat life to live in her house-van

Casey Sheard doesn't have to worry about rent for her student flat, but petrol is another story.

Baby seal returns to Wellington's waterfront

He's a seal, he's cute, and he's back to play.

Broadcaster Noelle McCarthy on ageing and becoming invisible

Conducting a series of interviews on the ageing process got Noelle McCarthy thinking about mortality, who she used to be and who she will become.

Leah McFall: The grateful dread

It’s enough to put a woman to sleep – lists giving thanks for, well, almost everything.

Why you should never cut your nails

There are a few golden rules to follow if you want to keep your nails looking great.

Kiwi swimwear designer Carena West showcases burkinis and bikinis

Swimwear designer Carena West said her black and white burkini is "no different" to the rest of her New Zealand Fashion Week collection.

Black kitchen in black holiday house wows TIDA judges

It seems if it's black, it'll win this weekend, just like this TIDA-winning architect's kitchen.

Recipe: Raw cocoa and prune truffles with pistachios

All you need is a food processor, a few ingredients and a desire for something rich and decadent.

In 18 months, Michael Beck lost 18kg, ran a marathon, changed his attitude about life

It all began with a 5K run. Now Michael Beck is 18kg lighter and a whole lot happier with life.

Recipe: Raj-style chicken livers from Sam Mannering's kitchen

Set aside your preconceptions about offal and let your tastebuds be the judge.

Kiwis plagued by Ehler-Danlos told it's 'all in the head'

They have no scars and wear no bandages, but some Kiwis are silently battling the pain that comes with a rare genetic illness.

Prince William comforts boy who lost his mother, says he still misses his mum

The prince opens up and offers some comforting words to a teen grieving the loss of his mother.

Face transplant patient Patrick Hardison 'has hope now'

"I have hope now, and I want to help those that are injured know that there is hope for them, too."
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