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Nadia Lim: A 'good fat' recipe


The dietitian-chef talks up fat and then shares a delicious avocado and prawn recipe for us to try.

Sunday loves: What's new in beauty?

Mascara, night cream and micro-glitter nail polish: We take a look at what's new in beauty.

Kiwisaver helps second first-home buyers

Thousands of "second-chancers" who fell off the property ladder have climbed back on using KiwiSaver.

At home with: Mark Ambrose & Melinda Jones

Mark Ambrose & Melinda Jones

Inside Melinda Jones and Mark Ambrose's intriguing African room in the heart of Remuera.

Turning men into women: NZ's only sex change surgeon

After operating on pilots, commandos and pastors, NZ's only sex change surgeon retires his scalpel.

Famous Kiwis tell us how they see themselves

Campbell on his ears, Mau on her ponies, Kightley on his posture: how famous Kiwis see themselves.

Amal Alamuddin is "perfect" for George

Clooney's best friend describes why the Lebanese lawyer is the actor's perfect match.

Wearing the hijab: 'It's a choice'

"Are you hiding bombs in your skirts?" a stranger yelled as Radiya Ali walked down a NZ street in the mid-2000s.

Leggings - not just for the gym

Has it become socially acceptable to wear sporty bottoms shopping on the weekend or to a club as well as while working out?

How far did NZ designer Sean Kelly get in Project Runway?

Sean Kelly won fans in US reality fashion show Project Runway, but did he win big?

How to have happier meals by eating ethically

Breatharians unite, let's SAVE THE SALAD, because the ethics of eating plants have been called into question.

Three-year-old puts most pop stars to shame

Has anyone ever felt the music, or chimed in with such a well-timed fist pump, as this 3-year-old?

Ruby rhubarb for a spring sensation


Rhubarb's amazing transformation seems to happen in a matter of days.

Italian classic with vegan twist

Southland Times photo

It's vegetarian awareness month, so try something new.

6 spring cleaning non-negotiables

Hanging around home this long weekend? It'd pay to put these on your to-do list.

How to get fancy fingers

Nails are news. We figure out how to twinkle, twinkle like a (big) star this summer.

Learning makeup's concealed arts

We share a few concealer commandments.

Doctor Who proposal will warm your Whovian heart

One Doctor Who mega-fan built a life-size replica of the T.A.R.D.I.S. to pop the question.

Recipe: Victoria sponge with a saucy twist

Sponge cake

With limoncello and balsamic strawberries, this new take on the classic Victoria sponge is bound to knock your socks off.

Furry Friday: Pets in the living room


Our furry friends invite us into the living space they share with their human companions.

NZ daily street style: October '14

street st

Check out your daily dose of real Kiwi fashion, courtesy of our street style snappers.

Four treadmill don'ts

Runners seem to be embarrassed by these pieces of running machinery, but they shouldn't be.

The most stylish man you've never heard of

This 55-year-old American has more influence on what you wear than you realise.

Inside John Legend's Zen home

It's certain no 'ordinary people' could afford a house like this: but we can still dream, right?

KFC Double Down burger supercharged

Just when your arteries were getting over KFC's Double Down, here comes the triple down.

What an $89 million apartment looks like

We can think of many ways to spend $89 million: a luxury apartment in the middle of NYC is just one of them.

Lunch can make or break your afternoon

Even though fast food might seem more appealing when our energy is lagging, we pay with poor performance.

Coconut oil seen as health hazard

Coconut oil shouldn't be used as regular cooking oil despite being trendy, says the heart foundation.

Best & worst dressed celebrities

Lily Collins leads the way, Blake Lively does bump and plunge at once and Katie Price is very 'her'.

Sweet taste of success

A sickness has turned into something sweet for Wellington baker Kristine Bartley.

Quake house rebuild turns heartache to happiness

From the quake rubble of their 1851 homestead, a modern house has emerged.

Stuff's wedding of the week

Serendipitous vows, handmade bouquets and a rather messy frock photoshoot made this wedding one of a kind.

Five luxury counterparts to everyday items

Ever wondered how the other half live? We've compared five everyday items with their luxury counterparts.

7 celebs whose faces have changed

In light of Renee Zellweger face-gate, who else has faced a 180 in the looks department?

Michelle Obama was Oscar de la Renta's Moby Dick

One of Oscar de le Renta’s biggest pet peeves was the continual public snubbing by first lady Michelle Obama.

Guide to gardening at Labour Weekend


Labour Weekend is our big gardening event of the year.

12 natural remedies to cure dandruff

Though filed away in that category of embarrassing beauty problems, dandruff is actually very common.

5 fashion fixes for your couch

It's now easy to keep pace with current trends in both fashion and home interiors.

How I found peace with being single at weddings

'I wish the perplexed bridesmaid I was had understood that love is not limited to those with partners.'

In my beauty bag: Amber McIvor

Amber McIvor is a manicure expert, but also dabbles in hair and makeup. So which products does she rely on?

Kevin McCloud's Grand Designs on NZ

The much-loved host of Grand Designs arrives in New Zealand with some good news for local fans

SJP rubs NY residents up the wrong way

Sarah Jessica Parker annoys residents in NY by doing a photo shoot on 'Carrie's stoop' without permission.

How it's possible to not know you're pregnant

A young woman of normal weight may be pregnant and not know it, but it's more likely to happen if overweight.

Renee Zellweger talks about her face

Renee Zellweger's startling new appearance is down to a "peaceful" and "happy" life, she says.

The hidden health issue for female athletes

'Female athletes tend to be very health and weight conscious,' and this can be hard on their bodies.

Renee Zellweger's face has changed

It feels a bit mean to comment on it, but well, it's undeniable: she doesn't even look like herself.

Glassons cops criticism again: This time for animal cruelty


This time it's for an advertisement animal rights activists say promotes animal cruelty.

Renee Zellweger's face is none of our business


OPINION: There's nothing wrong with Renee Zellweger's face. The problem is us.

Bootcamp end-goal in sight


For a group of women taking part in a three-month long intensive bootcamp, the hard work is reaching a crescendo.

Holiday one week, motherhood the next

Kate felt a bit ill during her European holiday. Little did she know she was over 8 months pregnant.
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