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A suicide parents need to know about

Teenagers worldwide are mourning the death of one of YouTube's cult heroes and their parents may not have a clue.

Dining table sold for $1.4 million

Fancy having a meal on a $1.4 million dining table? Too late, it's been sold.

Recipe: Thai fried beef with tamarind sauce

Serve this Thai favourite with crisp wong bok, sour tamarind and steamed rice.

Inside Heston Blumenthal's kitchen

The famously inventive chef reveals his food vices, his favourite meal, and what makes the cut in his own pantry.

Polish animal charity recreates iconic magazine covers with abandoned dogs

Some of history's most iconic magazine covers have been recreated with canine cover stars in need of homes.

Baby chokes to death after his mother collapses and dies while feeding him in family tragedy

Toddler left alone for days after his mum collapsed while feeding baby, who then choked to death on food.

Kitchen design dos and don'ts

It's a functional space, so you want to make sure your kitchen works.

Is there such a thing as being 'too old' to rent?

Silver-haired housemates still writing their name on their milk in the fridge? It's the future.

Rent Daniel Radcliffe's New York apartment for $30,000 a month

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe offers his New York apartment for rent - but the price is steep for mere Muggles.

The moment a 92-year-old meets her great grandaughter

Dad captures the heartwarming moment 92-year-old Millie met her two-day-old great granddaughter for the first time.

Why Kim Kardashian West's candid comment on pregnancy is a relief

OPINION: Here's what's right about Kim Kardashian West's candid confession about the downsides of pregnancy.

Teen cancer patient's homecoming date shaves his head in support

Allie Allen was struggling with losing her hair - however her homecoming date had an idea to make her feel less alone.

Miss Universe NZ finalist Nickie Slater's highlights from Philippines retreat

A Miss Universe NZ finalist shares her top seven experiences from an exotic retreat.

Recipe: Tomato tarte tatins

These bite-size little savoury pastries offer a burst of fresh colour that makes the perfect entree.

New Zealand Burlesque Festival returns

Kiwis, prepare to blush. The New Zealand Burlesque Festival is back.

Norbert Baksa fashion shoot styled models as refugees

The shoot was inspired by Europe's refugee crisis, but this isn't Zoolander-style parody.

Burger King's black burger bun is turning people's poop green

Burger King release a limited-edition black burger in the US which goes in one colour and, unintentionally, comes out another.

Wild styles from New Zealand's top editorial hairdressers

You won't see any Victoria's Secret waves here. This is high fashion hair.

Candid confession: My illicit affair might just have a happy ending

When Catherine Townsend fell in love with a married man, she realised how many other couples begin that way.

Dr Libby Weaver preaches the power of energy

The popular Dr Libby Weaver is returning to Queenstown - this time to help people restore their energy levels.

Woman says United Airlines suggested pumping breast milk in pet area

A new mum travelling to Washington was told to pump her breast milk in the pet relief area.

Angelina Jolie’s childhood New York home hits the market for $3 million

New York property in which Holllywood father-and-daughter duo Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight lived is listed for $3m.

Best and worst: World Beard and Moustache Championships

Some people have to turn everything into a competition. Even facial hair.

YouTube star Caleb Bratayley's mysterious sudden death

Caleb Bratayley's family started living online in 2010. He's dead, and no one knows why.

Stuff's daily street style: October

Check out your daily-updated dose of real Kiwi fashion.

Meet the family who build Ferraris in their hen house

Don't let the chickens fool you - this Oamaru lifestyle block is home to some of NZ's most expensive custom-made cars.

NZ third best place to die

NZ, consistently ranked as a great place to live, now is a good place to die, study says.

Boosting Wairarapa's olive industry with year round press

The expansion of Wairarapa's local olive press aims to boost the industry.

Recipe: Cranberry & pistachio mendiants

Kids and adults will love making these chocolate 'biscuits', speckled with tangy dried fruits.

The best spring flowers for pretty posies

Lynda Hallinan shares her top flower ideas for pretty buttonholes.

Sweet longings for K Bar chocolate block

Whittaker's considering plea to create K Bar chocolates as social media campaign gathers pace.

Sugary drinks must be legislated against - researchers

Sugar needs to be looked at in the same way as alcohol and tobacco if our health system is to cope in the future, health researchers say.

Kiwi woman asking for a million dollars: 'I am not a greedy person'

Woman asking for a million dollars says her fundraiser is a social experiment, not a charity.

Anxiety, the hidden mental illness exposed

Anxiety took over Robyn Read's life so much she couldn't even buy groceries.

Ballet-style fitness is on the up

Ballet-style fitness is becoming popular throughout New Zealand and Australia. Here are five reasons why you should try this style of workout.

Possyum gets death sentence reprieve

Pet possums aren't allowed in the Waikato, but Possyum's been given an exemption.

Couple wed 17 years after they played ring bearer and flower girl in same wedding

Brooke and Adrian walked down the aisle together when they were 5 years old. Seventeen years later, they did it again.

Growing up as the child of a secret affair

I've always known I was a child of an affair. My mother has always been open with me.

Recipe: Pink sangria

This lightly fizzed, fruity drink is the perfect aperitif for a Christmas dinner.

Recipe: Dark chocolate tart

This delicious rich tart uses NZ-made Whittaker's chocolate.

Single woman's Facebook post seeking man from bar backfires when his girlfriend replies

She was looking for the "absolutely stunning" man she met at a bar, she found his girlfriend instead.

Deaf Aotearoa flooded with complaints about Jehovah's Witness church

Are Jehovah Witnesses targeting deaf people? Deaf Aotearoa says they are.

This does not look like the Matthew McConaughey we know and love

No, your eyes are not deceiving you - the rom-com favourite now has a combover (but for a very good reason).

Builders' muddy boots are the finishing touch at this artist's new Matakana home

This homeowner deliberately made builders walk through her house in muddy boots to achieve a rustic look.

Dog 'drives' around boy in miniature toy car

Sure they're man's best friend... but it turns out the family pet can also be toddler's personal chauffeur.

Kiwi food favourites targeted in weight loss app

Want to know how many calories are in your fish and chips? There's an app for that.

Sneaky training: Exercise hard without ruining your life

Most people say they would like to exercise more (or at all) but they don't have time.

How your pet affects your home sale

Look through most property listings and there's one thing you're unlikely to see – pictures of animals.

Recipe: Whole snapper roasted with herbs and potato

There's no secret to this 30-minute miracle dish; use the oven or barbecue.

Robots in restaurants: Can a machine do your job better than you?

Tireless kitchen hands are here, and they are threatening to revolutionise the way restaurants do their jobs.
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