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Lady Gaga: 'Stylist stuck my underwear to my private parts'

She'd just met Bradley Cooper, then needed a toilet break, only to find her stylist had glued her underwear to her private parts.

Heritage and views draw new owner to historic Wakefield property

A property with strong links to Nelson's early settlers is set to become a family home.

Women defend wearing yoga pants in peaceful parade

Fed up with being told what to wear, over three hundred women have led a peaceful protest against a man's published rant.

Recipes and drink matches by Leslie Hottiaux and Mo Koski from Apero

Get ready for the party season with food and drink pairings from top Auckland wine bar Apero.

Three Taranaki Japanese sword students awarded black belts in Iaido

"You don't have opponents, it's just yourself, your spirit and your focus."

Want to live in a haunted house?

Owner fed up as house with ghostly reputation struggles to attract interest on the market.

Take up the challenge: make Cuisine's panna cotta Christmas baubles

Learn how to recreate the stunning panna cotta Christmas baubles that feature on the cover of the new issue of Cuisine.

Blocking children from social media won’t solve the problem of cyberbullying

Simply taking away their devices won't protect children and teens from cyberbullying.

Men, it's time to talk

OPINION: We don't need males to 'harden up,' we need them to 'open up'.

How to rock the latest 'red eye' trend

There's a thin line between rocking the red eye look without looking like you have conjunctivitis.

Black and white bathroom comes with black taps, shower and toilet

Black tapware is right on trend, but even the toilet is black in this new bathroom.

Doctors name 40 treatments that have little to no benefit on your health

Last year, 82 per cent of doctors said they had prescribed meds or treatment they knew were of no use. Here's why.

Behati Prinsloo will not walk in Victoria's Secret show after baby

New mum Behati Prinsloo won't be walking in the November Victoria's Secret show.

Afternoon trivia quiz: October 25

Got a good quiz question? Send your questions to

Vegetable stand-ins for carbs have hit the mainstream

We all want to eat more vegetables, but can they really replace carbs?

After travelling the world, a family turned a public city bus into a mobile home

Traversing the globe with a toddler in tow made this couple's new venture seem like child's play.

Single and a parent with a purpose

Hi, my name is Kylie. I'm 35 and I have a 4-year-old daughter, and [deep breath] I'm single.

5 vitamins that can help improve your health

If you're not in perfect health, there are five vitamins that could help improve it.

'Zombify your pizza': Hell Pizza to start serving brains for free

Halloween is coming, so there's no better time to embrace your inner zombie.

Moving? Here's 10 traditions to bring good luck to your new home.

Burn sage, spray salt and plant an orange tree - we're just getting started.

Candice Huffine: Why it's important for fashion to accept voluptuous women

Model Candice Huffine always wanted to be a model. But there was one problem - she wasn't the right size.

Would you cut your own hair? Beyonce, Kate Moss and Helen Mirren all do

It's not just tennis players who take the scissors into their own hands.

Five skin care tips to make your products work harder

Want to make your skin care products go the distance? Here's a few hacks you need to apply.

US man's 15-month 'jock itch' turns out to be rare, deadly cancer

For 15 months, Stephen Schroeder and his doctors dismissed a rash as a stubborn jock itch. Then he found out it was cancer.

What is Rapunzel syndrome and why do some people eat hair?

Woman suffering from Rapunzel syndrome has hair ball surgically removed from her stomach.

DIY makeup videos lead to global recognition for Taranaki woman Annalee Muggeridge

DIY makeup videos turned a Taranaki woman into a sensation with 90,000 followers around the world.

'They told me to jump off a bridge': Plus-size model gets death threats after losing 113kg

When this plus-size model shed 113kg, fans told her to kill herself.

Could a wearable patch be the next frontier in the fight against skin cancer?

A new wearable UV patch has been developed to measure your exposure to the sun.

Alopecia and pregnancy: Hair doesn't define you

OPINION: It's been three months since I was diagnosed with alopecia during my pregnancy.

What to look for when choosing the right toothpaste

You know to brush twice a day, but how do you decide between the 50-odd toothpaste choices?

Woman sues KFC for $28m after chicken bucket isn't filled to top

Gutted that her chicken bucket wasn't filled to the top, Anna Wurtzburger wants $28 million in compensation.

British actress Lisa Reily says she was mortified when she was weighed for a flight

"I was the biggest person and it felt dreadful". TV star discusses airline's plan to weigh passengers.

Sneakers are the new power shoes

High heels are so yesterday – more women than ever are now choosing to stand tall in flat shoes.

A woman live-tweets an alleged groping incident, then posted his photo when nothing was done

'It wasn't the crime of the century': Passenger posts alleged offender's photo online after FBI's response.

'Hugely exciting advance' in fight against triple negative breast cancer

Researchers may have found a new way to attack some aggressive breast cancers.

Morning trivia quiz: October 25

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Neiman Marcus release the most over the top Christmas gift guide ever

Struggling to buy for a picky family member? You can't go wrong with a gold-plated personal plane or English castle sleep-over.

Afternoon trivia quiz: October 24

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'City on wheels' search for land to ease camping pressure

The New Zealand Motor Caravan Association already owned, or leased 32 sites around the country but were keen to acquire more land, especially in Marlborough.

'I was brainwashed': Three women speak out on being trapped by financially abusive partners

She knows – because he is always telling her so – that she's hopeless with money.

Revlon appoints singer Ciara as new ambassador

Call it destiny - the singer was named after a Revlon fragrance, so clearly it was meant to be.

Cracker Barrell waitress's 'tip': 'Stay at home'

A disgruntled waitress' excellent service was compensated with a tip: 'A woman's place is in the home'.

'Ask for Angela': How a UK council is keeping women safe in bars and clubs

A local council's plan to help people escape bad dates is a hit with punters.

Watch hilarious montage of strangest pregnancy questions on Yahoo Answers

Check out these bizarre pregnancy questions on Yahoo Answers - with even stranger spellings.

Elle Macpherson is back on the cover of Elle magazine but The Body isn't

A lot has changed since the supermodel's last Elle Australia cover back in 1991.

Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom sign divorce settlement documents

She filed for divorce in 2013, but now she's penned the paper.

Dr Libby: How to deal with emotional eating

Stop using food - either by eating too much or too little - to feed your feelings.

Why you should eat your main meal at lunch

Eating your main meal at night? New research shows that might make it harder for you to lose weight.

US man who complained about women wearing yoga pants says rant was 'a joke'

Man who got death threats after complaining about women wearing yoga pants says it was meant to be humorous.

Jessica Biel eats in the shower and I totally understand where she's coming from

With one quick instagram post, actress Jessica Biel confirmed what all mums know to be true.
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