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The week in celebrity Instagrams

Rihanna reaches for the razor, SJP gets washed ashore, and Kate Moss is papped in quite a pash.

When your husband bullies your son

As someone who has worked with children and families for 17 years, I see a man (your husband) who is beginning to fulfill the definition of a bully and worse, someone who is emotionally abusing his son.

Man hikes 4300 kilometres to Mexico - and takes 4900 selfies along the way

Man creates epic timelapse video - which shows 22kg weightloss - while hiking from Canada to Mexico.

Cool video shows how much keeping fit has changed in a century

Forget $150 yoga pants and vomit-inducing spin classes, we want to go back to the gentle stretches of 1910.

Revealed: The gown Sophie Hunter wore to wed Benedict Cumberbatch

Sophie Hunter poses for Vogue in the stunning Valentino gown she donned to tie the knot with Sherlock actor.

Duchess of Cambridge's royal baby due on Anzac Day

Kate and Wills' new baby (the royal spare) is due on one of NZ's most important days.

The public and private faces of depression, anxiety and mental illness

The image we present to the world and the reality of those struggling with depression are often at odds.

What is it like to live without sex?

It feels like we're in an age where everyone is doing it (thanks Fifty Shades). So, what is it like to live without sex?

What $1 million buys you around the world

A Thai villa, English country pile or NYC flat ... see where you could splash your cash around the globe.

Mum-of-three's bikini body inspiration

Rachel Hollis wanted to share a photo of herself in a bikini to encourage other mums to be proud of their bodies.

Ashton Kutcher just wants to change his kid’s diaper, man

Actor Ashton Kutcher is a new dad. A frustrated new dad who just wants a spot to change his daughter's nappy.

Anna Guy: It's a full house with twins

We love having family come to visit and the last few days we have had my sister and her husband stay with their five month old twins and what a busy house we've had.

How to make a sushi chef happy

Make your sushi chef happy; ask for real wasabi instead of that fake stuff;

When people hate your hair

Why women get hair harassed by other women.

Nat Manville's positive outlook after suffering a spinal injury

'It was pretty hard to handle'

It's been 10 months since Palmerston North teenager Nat Manville suffered a serious spinal injury during a rugby match

Why did Instagram censor this photo?

Why did Instagram censor a photo of a fully clothed woman on her period?

The baroness of beer

Ava Wilson talks to Beck Eleven about brewing beer, falling in love over a tasting glass, and being a new mum in the alcohol industry.

Husky and dad argue over who gets to eat dad's potato skins

All this adorable husky wanted was a good old nosh on potato skins.

Shedding 62kg to shake a family curse

Standing next to his grandfather's grave was a life-changing moment for Mark Sosene.

What I cook when... I have gluten-free guests

lamb, early lentils, herby greens

Food intolerances are no barrier to cooking delicious, impressive dishes.

Is there a difference between cheap and expensive perfume?

What makes one type of smelly water better than another? It may all just boil down to branding.

The tiny Blenheim plot that packs a punch

It may only be one hectare, but this small garden in the centre of Blenheim is simply stuffed with blooms.

How to cook with dog rose

Forget the unappetising name - this tenacious plant is a nutrient-rich food for foragers.

The cost of coming out as transgender

Coming out transgender

Nathaniel Taylor confronts the costs of transitioning from female to male.

Triathlete gives hope to chronic fatigue sufferer

Triathlete Anneke Jenkins' tips for recovery give hope to another sufferer.

The question we need to stop asking mums

Why the 'how do you do it all' question is the most unhelpful thing you can say to a mother and what you can say instead.

10 reasons camping is great for the whole family

Is camping not your idea of fun? A recent convert to camping shares the top 10 reasons why you should give it a try.

These three old-school workouts rival trendy fitness fads

Take a hybrid yoga-spinning-swimming class, or get ready to sweat the good old-fashioned way?

Watch singles read hilarious last texts from their exes

Hilarious new video of singles reading the last text messages they received from an ex is an online hit.

Husband breaks silence on open marriage

Robin Rinaldi has been telling the world about the year she slept with 12 other people. Now her former husband has had his say.

Melbourne's Cloudehill Garden offers inspiration for Kiwi gardeners

This garden in Melbourne's Dandenong Ranges is full of ideas that could easily be copied in New Zealand.

Marriage: What's love got to do with it?

Modern arranged marriages have happy outcomes for most young Kiwis, but in some cases coercion leads to tragedy.

What makes Jude Dobson feel good?

Hers is the familiar face of health and parenting advice - but what's the best advice Jude Dobson ever got?

Why reducing your carbohydrates will actually limit your ability to lose weight

Chronic carbohydrate deprivation: we need to give our muscles some readily available fuel.

Ten architecturally designed homes for sale under $500,000

Yes, you can find an architecturally designed home in NZ that doesn't cost the earth.

Watch colourblind people see colour for the first time thanks to cool glasses

Imagine only seeing the world in sepia shades. Luckily these glasses open up a world of options.

You should be wearing pastel pink

Creamy pinks are both subtle and sophisticated – and they're universally flattering.

Move over man buns, it's now all about the dog bun

The internet is now in love with the four-legged Letos of the world - behold the dog bun.

Recipe: The best-ever hot cross buns

These fruity, gently spiced buns are simple to make and will win you serious brownie points.

How Kate Middleton makes ASOS look expensive

It's not what you wear but the way that you wear it - so here's how to replicate a royal look on a pauper budget.

OpnLttr: Is this the most passive-aggressive site on the Internet?

It's the site which houses thousands of simmering grievances - and reading offers an equal mix of heartbreak and hilarity.

How to make Thai curry pastes at home

Thai prawn and eggplant green curry

These easy-to-make-at-home Thai curry pastes will definitely spice up your weekend dinner time.

Six temporary decor items for your rental home

Are you frustrated by the decor limitations of your rental home? Here are six ways to get around it.

At home with Andrea and Keith Murray

We look inside Andrea and Keith Murray's active home in Queenstown.

Long sleeps linked with death and stroke

Adults who get more than eight hours a night may sleep themselves into an early grave, study says.

How to: Make your bed like a stylist

Sure, the need doesn't arrive all that often, but here's how to make your bed like a stylist in a home decor mag.

Furry Friday: The greatness of small dogs

32 tiny pups with enormous spirit.

Stuff's wedding of the week

A helicopter ride, a rapped speech and the sweetest present from the groom... this is one picture-perfect big day.

Menopause is no longer a dirty word thanks to Angelina Jolie

A woman like Angelina Jolie using the scary M Word is a huge breakthrough.

The MIND diet helps in fight against Alzheimer's

The new MIND approach may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's by as much as 35 per cent.
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