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Mark Zuckerberg to become a dad

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are expecting a baby.

More obese teens should be given stomach stapling surgery - surgeon

Weight-loss surgery is being denied to the growing population of obese teenagers, a surgeon says.

Steven Joyce to attend yet another fashion show - this time in Vietnam

Steven Joyce will return to the catwalk next week when he attends a fashion show in Vietnam.

NZ On Air funding for five new Maori programmes announced

New Maori programmes will star Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and Masterchef winners Kasey and Karena Bird.

Dr Lambie sets sights on Miss World

Deborah Lambie graduates as a doctor on the day she leaves to represent New Zealand in Miss World.

Worker sent home for wearing shorts from employer's career section

Teen worker told to go home and change after wearing shorts from the store's career section.

Mum accidentally fake tans baby while breastfeeding

Beware the perils of mixing beauty treatments and breastfeeding, as one British mum has hilariously found.

There's no such thing as a favourite beer any more

In this age of plenty, choosing just one favourite beer is near impossible, so I've gone for a dependable dozen.

Dining out on a Boulevard of dreams

It seems only yesterday that Hope Bros. opened, but actually it was more like a decade ago.

Male ideals put pressure on Kiwi blokes

What makes a "real" Kiwi man and how living up to it can be harmful.

Family Album with Lydia Bradey

Lydia Bradey, the first woman to have climbed Mt Everest without oxygen, reveals her life in pictures.

Katy Perry must wait to buy LA convent as nuns protest deal

Judge says LA archbishop can't sell former convent to pop star while lawsuit is unresolved.

12 hot health topics from the past 12 months

From broth-gate to #bodylove, there's been plenty of health issues making headlines this past year.

Meet the people who can remember every single day of their lives

Think it would be awesome to remember every single day of your life? Well, yes and no.

Is it OK to say these words incorrectly?

How do you say Nike? What about scone? We asked Kiwis for their take on some highly divisive pronunciations.

Furry Friday: Cats in command

Anywhere they go in what is supposedly your house, they act as though they're a CEO and you're the tea boy.

The perils of being bad at remembering faces

Are you terrible at remembering people you've already met? Here's some tips to help defuse awkward situations.

What happens to your body after you drink a can of Coca Cola

We know Coca Cola is full of sugar. Despite this, we continue to drink it but this might change your mind.

Best & worst dressed celebrities of the week

One top model makes sheer look classy, while another ends up with quite the opposite effect.

Stuff's wedding of the week

They lived in the same spot for years, yet their paths never crossed until they moved to London. If that isn't fate, we don't know what is ...

Christchurch woman Lisa Yardley may be the reason for Oprah Winfrey's NZ trip

Die-hard fan Lisa Yardley could be the reason for Oprah Winfrey's trip to New Zealand.

Get the beauty look: Irina Shayk’s flawless bronzer

Sick of the winter pallor? Here's how to pull off a perfect glow without looking unseasonally orange.

Do you text and walk? Our texting walkers obstacle course

Do you text and walk? We put pedestrians to the test in a mini obstacle course.

BLOG: Double trouble - Amazing twin bellies

Have you ever tried googling twin pregnancy bellies? It's a bit terrifying.

In Hollywood, starvation and gorging is just part of the job description

Transforming for a role is part of life in Hollywood, but all that yo-yo dieting can't be good for actors.

'Meth lab not included': Jesse Pinkman's house from Breaking Bad for sale for $2.4 million

Jesse Pinkman's house from the hit TV series could be yours for $2.4m - "meth lab not included".

8-year-olds sum up the problem with fashion ads

"She seems to have an illness. Because her arm is, like, here. And her shoulder is, like ... here."

Jane Birkin not a fan of Birkin bags

"I have asked Hermès Group to rename the Birkin," says the style legend. Here's why...

Forget paleo, girls with gluten is Instagram's newest food trend

Forget kale smoothies and chia seed puddings, Instagram's newest food trend is women chowing down on "taboo" gluten.

3D-printed house built in just three hours in China

Quake-proof 3D-printed house assembled in hours in China - and it took only 10 days to make from start to finish.

Are you a head or a heart person?

Being aware of your bias can help you make better decisions.

Why some men don't like cats

Do they really make men feel less manly, as this celebrity cat expert thinks?

In pictures: Beautiful blue flowers of early spring

True blue is a rare commodity in the flower world, which makes their arrival in spring all the more welcome.

Dame Trelise Cooper not so fashion forward?

From Adrienne Winkelmann to Zambesi: the A-Z of designers confirmed for NZ Fashion Week.

Kiwi chef Matt Lambert meets Helen Clark in New York

In a town like New York it never takes too long for expat Kiwis to meet up.

Christchurch woman Alana Taylor's wait for lungs is over

Alana Taylor's life has been hanging on a phone call.

The worst sex advice ever?

You sometimes have to wonder whether relationship advice from magazines is designed to help or humiliate.

'Leader of the Hoposition' brews up a zesty pale ale

They say the test of a political leader is whether you would want to have a beer with them.

In my beauty bag: Jane Hitchfield

She counts some of New Zealand's biggest beauty brands as her clients, but which make her bathroom cabinet cut?

How to build your own mini tomato hot house

Building this portable tomato seedling shelter will help you get a jump on spring.

Take a tour of a Box Living home

Architectural homes in New Zealand are typically viewed as a privilege for a select few, but this company's trying to change that.

What could the new Lewis Road Creamery milk flavours be?

Yes, we are milking this mystery new flavour announcement for all it's worth.

How to have the most relaxed run ever

Chill out when pounding the pavement by getting rid of sources of tension.

Are you using your time wisely?

Do you let things like social media greedily suck up all your spare minutes and mind-focus? Well don't.

Clever tips for using your time wisely

A new book is filled with advice about how to be savvy with your time to achieve your dreams.

Three gardening tasks for the weekend

It's asparagus time! Plus caffeine fiends will be pleased to hear there's a great use for all those grounds ...

8 stunning sensations to feel before 8am

Incredible things happen while you're sleeping. These eight examples will make you want to be an early bird.

The seven best cities in the world for alternative diets

Hankering to travel but worried about your vegan or gluten-free needs? These cities will accommodate you ...

Students team up with Trelise Cooper and Moochi for CanTeen

Trelise Cooper and Moochi boost teens' charity T-shirt company.

Recipe: Devilled lamb kidneys & silverbeet

Offal dishes like this feature regularly on the menus of some hip Auckland cafes.
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