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Hotel worker sacked over abusive Facebook post to columnist

"He is responsible for his actions. He is responsible for the things he writes and the attitudes he holds."

Top swimwear trends of the season for every body

Great togs are hard to find. Here are some of the latest swimsuit trends for inspiration.

Eleven-year-old helps to deliver baby sister - then goes to school

Schoolgirl delivers newest member of her family after mum suddenly goes into labour - and is back in class hours later.

The unofficial guide to becoming a participant on Grand Designs

Here's our unofficial guide to help you star in your own show.

One of Auckland's oldest homes listed for sale

One of Auckland's oldest homes, crafted out of Rangitoto stone in the 1800s, has been listed for sale.

Christmas should be about the day, not the word

For migrants to New Zealand, Christmas can be an important way of understanding Kiwi culture.

Seven important steps to take when naming your baby

You can start by saying no to names like Quinoa or Whendhi and give the poor kid a chance.

Is it rude to share your Christmas wish list?

It may help you get the gifts you want this Christmas but does it go against the spirit of the season?

Reddit lights up with insights from people struggling with mental illness

One man's project on Reddit allowed many to open up and express what mental challenges they are facing.

Has your family stuffed up your relationship with food?

Your relationship with food may have had more to do with your family than you think.

Salma Hayek's daughter is donating her hair to charity

Actress Salma Hayek's 8-year-old shows plenty of Christmas spirit by growing out her locks for a cancer charity.

The Kiwi behind global business Hammamas

Sacha Hardy runs an international business - all from rural Waikato.

Waikato's hidden lifestyle property gems

A booming property market means lifestyle gems can be found anywhere in the Waikato now. 

Miriama Kamo's builder pleads guilty

The builder carried out works on Miriama Kamo's Waiheke home without consent.

Online trolls shame Gordon Ramsay's teenage daughters for wearing short skirts

Trolls go after Gordon Ramsay after the celeb chef shares a pic of his teen daughters.

Bigger isn't always better at the gym

Australian personal trainer Stephen Cheuk, has been on a quest to find a style of training that is more that just image focused.

Nephrotic syndrome - the disease that crippled Jonah Lomu

Nephrotic syndrome can occur at any age and may be more common than you think.

Girl writes cat in 16 languages on Christmas wish list

And she's included the word for "cat" in 16 different languages on her wish list to prove it.

Piecaken: The 'turducken of desserts'

Layers of pie, stuffed in a cake and slathered in butter cream. What's not to like?

Kylie Jenner's lip kit sells out within minutes

The long-awaited three shades sold out within minutes, and crashed the teen entrepreneur's website.

Runners still need to watch what they eat

It seems there is a lot more emphasis on what you eat rather than the exercise you take when it comes to weight loss.

Shopper honours generous stranger who died a day after paying for her groceries

Mum of two pays tribute to the man who covered her $275 grocery bill, but was tragically killed in a crash a day later.

Recipe: Barbecue chicken, corn and baby cos salad with ranch dressing

Delicious barbecued chook is the star of this substantial salad, complemented by homemade ranch dressing.

Five positive truths no one tells you about marriage

We've all read the negatives comments - nagging, criticism of everything etc - but what about the up-sides to married life?

What's hot in Christmas decorations?

Fancy an upside-down tree? Black decorations? There are plenty of options this festive season.

Call for a condom emoji to promote safe sex

Avid emoji users may soon be pairing their suggestive aubergines and donuts with an icon which promotes safe sex. 

Angelina Jolie reveals what it's like growing up a Jolie-Pitt

They have a reputation as a rather nomadic family, but what is it really like to be a child of this world-famous family?

New models compete for spot on iD Dunedin Fashion Week catwalk

Two Dunedin 16-year-olds have won spots on the iD Fashion Week catwalk.

How to cut capsicum with minimal mess

Avoid getting those seeds in your gourmet meal with this simple method of cutting a capsicum.

Coolest children's hospital in the world takes the big prize

It's win-win as Juliana Children's Hospital takes out the big prize in major awards.

Japanese kindergarten built around legendary tree

A cool kindergarten runs rings around this large zelkova tree - and the kids are even allowed to climb it.

Pancreatic cancer - the killer that doctors don't detect

Pancreatic cancer statistics are shocking, but would you know the symptoms?

You are what you eat: Old El Paso – Restaurante Soft Taco Kit - Chicken Tinga

This meal works out at around $1.50 per taco, so it's not cheap, but is definitely convenient.

Summer is here, finally!

Kiwi summers are a time for making memories filled with beaches, baches, barbecues and boogie boards.

New Pirelli calendar abandons naked supermodels for 'women of achievement'

The famous Pirelli annual changes direction for 2016, shelving the supermodels in favour of "women of achievement".

Foodstuff: Are vegetables really too expensive?

Vegetables aren't unaffordable when you grow them yourself, like dietitian Suzie Konijn and her family.

Woman given a card on the Tube by group which 'hates fat people'

In a terrible display of British manners, a man gave a fellow Tube passenger a card calling her a "fat, ugly human".

REVIEW: Craft bar a haven for quirky beer and pizzas

REVIEW: The barmen at Craft won't judge you if you ask for the closest thing to Heineken.

Bodyweight workouts where all you need is you

No weights or equipment? No worries. You have all you need already.

Where to see Christmas lights?

Here's our list of streets around New Zealand where Christmas is taken very seriously indeed.

The problem with turning your child into an Instagram star

How does a child absorb the message that their value is attached to their cuteness and marketability?

Reigning Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin not invited to participate in Miss World beauty pageant

Current Miss World Canada has been refused entry into China after being 'red flagged' by officials.

Two New Zealand wines win trophies at International Wine and Spirit Competition

An unlikely friendship between a veteran winemaker and a young woman from China has resulted in continued success on the world stage.

Summer beauty Q&A: your hair, face and body questions answered

From faster fake tan to making makeup last, here are some simple solutions for the warmer weather ahead.

Six steps to that beauty holy grail, the perfect haircut

Need a new style for the festive season? Six steps to that beauty holy grail, the perfect haircut.

How to alleviate stress in the lead-up to Christmas

It's a stressful time of the year but there are things you can do to keep calm.

'Girls to Men': Why I decided to go through surgical transition on national TV

An Australian transgender male has come out and shared his brave story on national television.

Recipe: Thyme and grappa flan with burnt grapes

This dessert flan is a perfect finish to summer dinner parties.

Recipe: Tomato salad with fresh cheese

This salad is fresh, delicious and perfect for summer.
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