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Greytown Music Group living room concerts bring classical class to Wairarapa

Couple host more than 220 chamber music concerts at their home.

Q&A: When's the best time to add milk to your tea?

It's an age-old question that continues to divide tea drinkers: Should you put the milk in first?

10 award-winning design pieces that caught our eye

Our selection of the new avant-garde pieces across shelves, chairs and tables causing a stir.

Chef Sean Connolly joins judging panel for NZ pie awards

He's the head chef at high-end restaurants, but Sean Connolly is going back to the humble pie.

Met Gala - a costume party like no other

Hugely influential but far from mainstream.

The new 50s: Don't call us middle-aged, but rather 'midults' or 'F-somethings'

Middle age is a dress that no longer fits - there's a new generation reinventing what being in your 50s looks like.

Designer Daniella Norling's anti-Scandi stance

Designer Daniella Norling tells us why she's a self-professed anti-Scandi activist.

New Arrowtown house at Millbrook references simple stone cottages

Inspired by simple stone crofts and cottages, this new house in Millbrook epitomises Central Otago architecture.

New cycle route to boost bike numbers at Blenheim schools

Better connected: New cycle lane to link up three Blenheim schools.

Recipe: Shredded chicken salad

In the latest in the Chop Chop video series, Cuisine's Ginny Grant whips up a simple shredded chicken salad.

On the ladder: How can I get on the ladder when I can't afford to rent?

OPINION: I'm a 20-year-old university graduate working in a full-time job yet I'm still living at home.

Whimsical hobbit house on the lake is 'part frontier, part castle'

This whimsical house in the woods has a stunning lakefront location, but you'll need $2.9m.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's secret to the perfect selfie: 'I take 100'

Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gets real about what it really takes to get a good selfie.

Longheld notion that saturated fat clogs arteries is 'plain wrong', says new journal

It's a popular belief that saturated fat clogs arteries but a new journal has questioned this notion.

Princess Charlotte's second birthday will be 'strictly a family affair' ahead of bridesmaid role

She is one of the most privileged toddlers on earth, but this royal's party will be a low-key affair.

The Killers lead singer Brandon Flowers lists his spectacular Las Vegas home

Built by billionaire Howard Hughes, this stylish home has it's own private wellspring.

Aussie presenter Tracey Spicer sacked for not being 'hot enough' for TV

After returning from maternity leave, this Aussie presenter was let go and told "You'd do well on radio".

Q&A: Should I be giving my young kids pocket money for doing their chores?

Are kids entitled to cash for chores, or should they help out as part of the family unit?

Met Gala 2017: Photographer Stephen Lovekin on working the red carpet

Photographer Stephen Lovekin has worked countless red carpets, but this is his favourite.

Can we please just let men be men?

OPINION: Bring back old-fashioned masculinity, from the time before males were filleted by gender equality.

Common Courtesy 101: How to travel with kids

"It's your kid and whatever is happening is your problem. Deal with it."

Herbs to grow for your favourite global cuisine

If you’ve developed a taste for global cuisine, the easiest and cheapest way to have the fresh herbs you need is to grow your own!

Get birds in your garden for pest control

Here's how to get birds into your garden for pest control duties.

Pop-up supermarket lets shoppers pay what they can

Short of a buck but in need of a feed? This Aussie supermarket has the answer.

Escort: The day I got a call from the wife of my client

A Sydney escort Samantha X on a revealing phone call with a woman whose husband paid for sex.

The new rules of wedding guestiquette

From uninviting guests to the 'no ring, no bring' policy, we reveal the 7 new and important wedding rules.

37-year-old buys Australian mansion for record-breaking $76 million

Sydney property buyer shells out for a lush waterfront property - and he's only 37.

Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron finds solace in his garden shed

Where do British PMs go when they resign? Out to the man cave of course.

Mongrel mobster 'Fats' gains control of his health after shocking diabetes diagnosis

After a shock diabetes diagnosis, former mobster "Fats" Moke is fighting back against losing his legs.

Gardening gurus' greatest fails: Plants I just can't grow

Right plant, right place: it's one of the principles of successful gardening. So is there any point in fighting nature?

Historic South Island homestead

Undeterred by history or earthquakes, one South Island couple has created the garden of their dreams on the shores of Lyttelton harbour.

Wildflowers around the world

New Zealand’s foremost gardeners and plantspeople reveal the best places in the world to see flowering plants.

8 plants to buy online from specialist nurseries

Specialist online nurseries are a good place to find new and unusual shrubs, trees and perennials.

Plant a new rose in May

Planting new roses; a mystery rose name; plus the best small-flowered roses.

Morning trivia quiz: May 1

Got a good quiz question? Send your questions to

Garden of the week: Dreamy designer garden in rural Auckland

She's a trained landscape architect, but Renee Davis says her home garden is shaped by memories of her nana.

Marlborough councillors on keeping and attracting young people to live and work in the region

Marlborough has a reputation as a retirement capital, so what is being done to attract more young people to the region?

Clothing can be ethical or it can be cheap, but not both: Little Yellow Bird

People want clothing made ethically, and cheap - but you can't have both, a designer says.

The week in celebrity Instagrams

Margot Robbie gets tropical, Gigi Hadid matches her cake, and Reese Witherspoon celebrates pretzels.

Doing Mother's Day differently

Here are some ideas to celebrate your mum's special day by doing something out of the ordinary.

Q&A: How to get anthurium houseplants to bloom again

How to get these popular houseplants to flower again.

Homegrown fruit that money just can't buy

There are some things money just can’t buy. Some fruit have to be eaten straight off the tree.

Robert Guyton: why visitors are great for the garden

How visitors help the garden thrive.

The flowering tree that took Larnach Castle's Margaret Barker by surprise

The orange-flowered tree that took Larnach Castle's Margaret Barker by surprise.

Mary Lovell-Smith recommends stylish echiums for the garden

Mary Lovell-Smith recommends some members of the echium family but don't plant the weedy ones.

Plant connoisseur, Julian Matthews, profiles unusual plants

Julian Matthews profiles an exotic Brazilian flower, a pretty palm and new carex varieties.

Grow garden cyclamen all year round

Abbie Jury explains the different varieties to grow for year round garden colour.

Medinilla: how to grow this Malaysian tropical flowering tree in New Zealand

Medinila is commonly known as a grape or an orchid but it's really a Malaysian flowering tree!

Xanthe White interviews exotic frangipani

Landscape designer and gardening author Xanthe White interviews exotic frangipani.

Fuchsias and their companion plants

Neil Ross looks at fuchsias and the companion plants that grow well alongside them.
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