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Pheromone parties promote lust, not love


Sex, not true love, is what you'll get should you RSVP 'yes' to a Pheromone Party, according to a scent expert.

Cafe delivers country comfort with ease

punnet cafe

Making a decent risotto is a test of any cafe and so is capable handling of customers with toddlers. Punnet did just that.

Getting zingy with it


Kaffir lime, an ingredient usually associated with Thai food, is much underrated.

The idiot's guide to gum etiquette

chewing gum

If you can't handle the responsibility that comes with chewing gum, stop now. Switch to mints.

Cooking in the 'real Italy'

Cooking in Italy

In Italian cooking everything must be made from scratch, and everything must be authentic

Why do we wear bras?

Heidi Klum

Is it time for women to rethink their relationship with their bras?

Are your ready for the return of this beauty trend?

Dawson's Creek

90s inspired beauty is back in a big way - so make like Joey Potter and embrace natural shades. Stat.

Protein: Why it's so popular right now


Enticed by the promise that it can help you lose weight and get stronger, most of us want more it in our diets.

Hot from the pot


As we dip into the depths of winter it is not only satisfying to eat soups but making them is equally satisfying.

Turbo the chihuahua's new set of wheels


Turbo the teensy, two-legged chihuahua has a new set of wheels thanks to some creative engineering.

Gisele goes makeup free in new campaign


Gisele has pulled the ultimate cosmetic humble brag - going makeup free in a high fashion campaign.

How to turn a home into an investment


Two bedrooms will attract the right sort of renter; as will neutral walls and an easy-care section.

Scientists unlock secrets to boost metabolism


Scientists have unlocked three important factors in the battle to coax our bodies to burn calories more efficiently.

Revealed: The dogs Kiwis love most

lab strap

Labradors are Kiws' most popular breed of dogs - but if you own a dog in a rural area, it'll probably be a huntaway, new stats reveal.

Floating on air after weight-loss victories

No 'magic wand or potion' for lifestyle change

	 weightloss pair

It's hard to believe the two women laughing and posing in the street were once so ashamed of their appearance that they avoided cameras.

They've lost 56 kilos between them


It's hard to believe these confident women were once so ashamed of their appearance they avoided cameras.

Sniff your way to love (or at least a date)


Sick of Tinder, we try out New Zealand's first pheromone party. And? Well it was certainly interesting.

NZ daily street style: July '14

Street style

Check out your daily dose of real Kiwi fashion, courtesy of our street style snappers.

Chickpeas pulse with goodness


Poets have been celebrating food and drink since time began, so it's a fair bet that someone - probably in Ancient Rome - wrote an ode to the venerable chickpea.

How to make disaster-free Yorkshire puddings

Yorkshire pudding

Get the roast ready! Here's how to make golden, puffy and crisp Yorkshire puddings.

How to beat 'bedtime procrastination'


Feeling a little tired this morning? Perhaps you ought to rethink your night-time priorities.

Open homes: Ski lodges


The best buys on offer right now for fans of pistes, picturesque views and winter (and summer) getaways.

29 cute pets and their cuddle buddies

Furry Friday


29 pets surrounded by, or surrounding, their favourite things - or at least their favourite thing for now.

Restaurant feels wrath of online criticism

Michael Neal

Restaurateur says unmoderated and negative comments could cost jobs and close businesses.

Do frozen veges have more nutrients than fresh?

Frozen veges

They might be convenient but are frozen vegetables any healthier than fresh?

Long-distance charity swim marks 16th birthday

Felicity Lowen

Felicity Lowen celebrated her 16th birthday in an unusual way - she swam 640 laps.

Best & worst dressed celebrities

best worst

Selena Gomez manages to make an exposed bra look frumpy, while Alba, Stone & Kruger hit a six.

Stuff's wedding of the week

Wedding of the week

A stunning dress, vintage cars and a picturesque venue - this wedding really had it all.

The real stars of the opening ceremony


Amidst the fire works and synchronised-dancing, the cutest pups on the block strutted their stuff.

If adverts said it like it is...


What if the focus of ads aimed at women was being 100 per cent BS free, rather than 100 per cent fat free?

On finding NZ's best pie


The hunt for the finest filled pastry offering in the country is on: so what makes a good pie?

Share the story of someone you've lost


Do you miss someone you loved and want to share their life story with others?

100s and 1000s chocolate hits the spot


L&P chocolate was a fizzer - but has Whittaker's hit the spot with its latest confectionery collision?

Inside a M-Chef judge's kitchen

Gary Mehigan

Beer, barley and hot sauce, Gary Mehigan shows us around his home kitchen.

Nine diet-saving food swaps


Commit to these simple health-saving food swaps and see (and feel) results.

The return of the man-skirt

Man skirt

Despite howls of protest, celebrities and catwalk models are flaunting the last feminine meets masculine style trend.

A sucker for edamame


One of our family's favourite "snack" foods is the Japanese named edamame. Generally we enjoy them served in the pod, simply poached, salted then dipped in a delightful mixture of soy sauce and wasabi.

(Bad) sex still sells


Two viral stories this week - spreadsheets, gunshots & lust (or lack thereof) say a lot about the human condition.

Weird for art thou?

Moata Tamaira

As a tribute to Mr Yankovic's genius, behold my own song parody.

Real life reno: The kitchen


On how to get the best bang for your buck in the heart of the home (and the bitchin' our kitchen caused).

The three words young women don't hear enough

Child abuse

Three of the most powerful words we can say to survivors of violence are, "I believe you".

Saying something sexist in front of children


I said something sexist in front of my kids - and then they repeated the offending phrase.

Change is all around us

Commuters in WEllington, New Zealand

NZ in 2014 has more immigrants, fewer smokers, and more lecture halls filled with students.

A taste of cafe culture at school

Wellington college cafe

Wellington College students won't be falling asleep, now the school has a coffee shop.

Incredible edible pizza creations

celebrity pizza faces

Glasgow chef Domenico Crolla is creating some incredible pizza creations by putting faces of celebrities on his pizzas.

10 things you should know about fats


About fats. You might just be surprised.

Is this Rory McIlroy's new model girlfriend?

Nadia Forde

The British Open champion may have a new lady in his life.

Gluten free? Choc on!


This gorgeous chocolate slice takes inspiration from Turkish delight bars.

Insulting? Wider parking spaces for women


A Chinese shopping centre has designed women-only parking spaces that are wider and painted pink. Huh?

Piggy in the middle of town

Muck the pig

Meet Muck the kune kune, he sits on command, and has learned how to open the fridge (we like his priorities).
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