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Woman with terminal cancer completes half marathon in wheelchair

Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Vicki Walsh thought her racing days were over. But her friend had other ideas.

Why I'm done playing hard to get

When it comes to love, playing hard to get landed me nowhere - so I tried the opposite.

6 surprising tips to save time in the kitchen

From peeling bananas faster to speeding up the icing process, these surprising tips will save you time in the kitchen.

'I was dismissed from my job for being too good looking'

A 24-year-old woman claims she was discriminated against for being too beautiful.

The problem with how transgender beauty is celebrated in Vogue magazine

Despite good intentions, magazines are still reinforcing an ideal version of femininity that's unattainable to most.

The best futuristic bedrooms from Instagram

Want to know what our bedrooms will look like in the future? Instagram has the inspiration.

Grieving mum meets little girl who received her late daughter's heart

"Melody was irreplacably special, and that heart had more to give this world."

Country mansion which has been off the market for 135 years up for sale

The Central Hawke's Bay house comes with a grand foyer, a library, a museum and kauri staircase.

Tongmin's buns are too hot for the competition

Tongmin Li has the best buns in the business.

Amazing Spaces' George Clarke is back on the road meeting Kiwis

Amazing Spaces' George Clarke is back here doing the tiny house thing, and you can meet him this weekend.

David Cassidy fighting dementia, wants to 'enjoy life'

Former Partridge Family star's latest setback

Warren Buffett puts Laguna Beach property on the market for $15.3m

After 50 years, the owner of this house is selling up - but he's already worth more than $100 billion.

Fenty Beauty: Rihanna gives sneak peek of her make-up collection

The pop star has given a sneak peek of her upcoming makeup line, Fenty Beauty.

Quit these disposable plastic items today

Straws, bags, water bottles - take charge of your own consumption.

Auckland Zoo's male giraffe Mtundu sets sail for Sydney

Auckland drivers got a surprise as Mtundu the giraffe hit the road.

Decorating for a better night's sleep

How your bedroom's design may be stopping you from getting a good night's sleep.

Wife writes genius letter after husband's complaint about his packed lunch

One woman shares the hilarious way she dealt with her husband's slight on her culinary skills.

5 tips to help you perfectly organise your freezer

Use these simple organisation tips to make your freezer more efficient.

TV Review: The Lie Detective - Trash television at its worst

REVIEW: Why TV's The Lie Detective is lazy, tired and cynical stuff.

Abandoned stone farm cottages get an amazing modern makeover

Once in ruins, now amazing homes - see the reinvention of these abandoned stone cottages in Portugal.

Recipe: Jerk chicken skewers

Aromatic, smoky, sweet and spicy, jerk chicken is a Jamaican barbecue tradition.

Auckland's $11m cycleway connects cyclists in the west with the city

Auckland's inner city Grafton Gully cycleway receives high praise, by making cycle commuting a reality across Auckland city.

Emma Thompson: formidable in her career and in tackling global issues

Why Emma Thompson has climate-change deniers in her sights.

Should women still wear shorts after turning 50?

OPINION: Forget the "rules" - life's too short to worry about whether you're too old for shorts and skinny jeans.

New Love Mist trend to freeze privates - we definitely won't be trying this

People are willingly subjecting their privates to temperatures of -160 degrees Celsius.

Should you be taking naps?

An afternoon siesta can boost your mood and memory - but there are some downsides, too.

Ovarian cancer: The 'forgotten' disease

Annie woke feeling unwell - and her life was about to change forever.

I am a terrible mother and here's all the things I do wrong

OPINION: I bribe them with chocolate, don't make them wear a hat and always leave the TV on.

'Star Trek' house for sale by former Penthouse owner is a Trekkie's dream

Former Penthouse magazine owner Mark Bell has relisted his Trekkie's dream house in Florida.

Nicole Kidman slams 'nasty' worst-dressed lists

Nicole Kidman doesn't believe in "crucifying" celebrities for their fashion sense.

New Zealand's top chefs take to the kitchen

The country's best cooks work to perfect their entries for Plate of Origin.

Seven ways being single helps your success - if you're a woman

Single life is portrayed in a negative light it can actually be good for your career, if you're a woman.

If a size 18 is Farmers' top seller, why don't more NZ brands stock plus sizes?

Farmers say size 18 is now its most popular size - and being inclusive is simply better business.

'I swallowed a chicken bone and became a quadriplegic': Australian hospital sued over misdiagnosis

Swallowing a chicken bone was painful enough for Shane Barnbrook. Several "medical errors" later, he's a quadriplegic.

Being paralysed isn't stopping Jesse Apiti

Paralysed in October, Jesse Apiti is already out trying new things and loving life.

How singing in a community choir boosts emotional wellbeing

"It’s not uncommon for people to go out of this hall, actually dancing as they sing."

Dr Libby: We haven't evolved to cope with modern life

A high-stress, fast-paced lifestyle can put the adrenal glands under pressure.

Wine expert accused of $320,000 vino heist

Renowned sommelier Lak Quach is accused of stealing $320,000 worth of wine, and selling it to buy more.

Win Yates lawn products

March is the ideal time to show your lawn some love.

Morning trivia quiz: February 21

Got a good quiz question? Send your questions to

How the fashion world discovered tracksuit pants

Fashion fans, rejoice - this is one trend we can all get behind.

Dogs have their own playground at SPCA Auckland

One of SPCA Auckland's biggest projects in years is nearly ready and some eager dogs have had a chance to give it a trial run.

House of the week: Wanaka home made of straw

A sensible list of objections failed to deter Leslee Ross when she saw a whimsical straw bale home in Wanaka.

House of the week: Tiny Auckland bungalow for a family

A tiny Auckland bungalow on a big site provided the raw material for happy extended family living.

Lena Dunham hits back at fashion bloggers who mock her outfits

The Girls star hits back at the haters who make fun of her fashion choices.

Garden of the week: Canterbury classic English garden

A Canterbury landscaper met his wife in the UK, which is where he also discovered a love of classic English garden design.

Your sperm may be as good as your father's diet

New study suggests a father's diet can affect his offspring's health - and their ability to reproduce.

How I went from world swimming champion to attempting suicide

OPINION: I experienced the highest of highs in my swimming career. But I've also had the lowest of lows.

What's hot in feature lights right now

Brighten up your day with these trendy feature lights.

Grit, glamour and gallop: apparently Waiheke has it all

The ‘sexiest sport on earth’ is coming to one of the 'fifth best destinations in the world'.
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