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Do traditional school rules still have a place in modern New Zealand?

Are school rules there for a reason, or should traditional values get a modern upgrade?

Dog park faces obstacles in Renwick

The site was once a landfill, so perhaps not for the most digging-est dogs.

Historic Brightwater church up for sale after being converted into home

A former Methodist church that has been a cafe, B&B and now a home is on the market.

Duchess of Cambridge calls motherhood a 'huge challenge'

Duchess of Cambridge gives a rare insight into her home life, saying nothing can prepare you for motherhood.

The world's best places to propose

It's going to be a story repeated over and over again, so a perfect proposal requires the perfect setting.

What to expect when you're not expecting III: Not great news

OPINION: IVF isn't easy. And it's even harder when the outcome doesn't go as planned.

Giving up the darts - the vicious cycle of trying to stop smoking

OPINION: Somehow, my inhibitions towards smoking after drinking cocktails get the better of me.

'Cloud House' makes rain on a tin roof

Like the sound of rain on a tin roof? You'll love the "Cloud House" in Missouri.

Target celebrates women's bodies, bans Photoshop in swimsuit campaign

Well done to a US retailer that's celebrating women of all shapes and sizes in its new swimsuit campaign.

Blood test picks up cancer before symptoms start to show

The blood test detects cancer and also identifies where it is in the body.

Recipe: Beetroot and dill gravlax by Sam Mannering

Make this traditional Nordic dish – without having having to bury your salmon at the beach.

American boy diagnosed with a brain tumour after shaving his head for cancer

A 12-year-old boy shaved his head to raise money for cancer. Two weeks later, terrible headaches set in.

Australian takes out top fashion prize at iD Dunedin

Emerging designer Nehma Vitols' reconstructed classics won her top prize at the South Island fashion week event.

'I was made to feel like garbage every day': Jerry Maguire child star on being bullied

Remember Jonathan Lipnicki, the adorable little guy from the 1996 film Jerry Maguire? 

Hatchimals demand dwindles on Trade Me, stores continue to stock shelves

They were the must-have Xmas toy, but interest in Hatchimals could be waning.

'This is a strange prize': Three-year-old boy gets stuck in arcade claw machine

Damien Murphy was enjoying a coffee when he heard a muffled cry come from an arcade claw machine.

Packing hacks for the plus-size traveller

Packing can be a complicated task for owners of larger-sized clothes as it requires a lot more organisation.

Rubberneckers inspire sale of 'gluten-free' fence in Kapiti on Trade Me

The unusual "fence" has been described as gluten free and a "casserole of special and galactic ideas'' on Trade Me.

Mum faces backlash after saying she wished she'd never breastfed her baby

Aussie reality TV star sparks controversy by saying how much happier she is after giving up breastfeeding.

The $26.8 million Los Angeles home a perfectionist built

This perfectionist's dream home includes an aquarium pool and a 6m-high rotating wine rack.

Choke under pressure? You might just be smarter than everyone else

If you often choke under pressure, you're probably more competent than you think, not less.

5 beauty tips we learned from Adele

Discover the products and tricks her glam squad use to get her iconic look.

Donald Trump and Melania reportedly sleep separately. So what?

The US president and his wife apparently prefer separate bedrooms. So do I. And it's really not a big deal.

Very rare cancer causing nine deaths linked to breast implants

It indicates a very low but increased risk in women with implants.

Furry Friday: Ready to push play

Watching pets play is one of nature's most powerful mood boosters. How can you not smile?

Beatles' former flat in Knightsbridge is up for rent at $2850 a week

At $2850 a week, you'll pay for the privilege of living in the former Beatles' Knightsbridge flat.

Midlife grooming: How much do you spend on 'maintenance'?

How did we go from slapping on a bit of Oil of Olay to the strict grooming cycle of a Sports Illustrated model?

On the ladder: DIYer Crestine Carson renovates an 'ugly duckling' first home

Instead of a modern Auckland home, they got a tatty Tauranga do-up. But DIYer Crestine Carson found a way to make it work.

Morning trivia quiz: March 24

Got a good quiz question? Send your questions to

Designer Daniella Norling embraces her curves and her clutter

Bring on a bit of mess, says designer Daniella Norling. Our homes should speak of our lives in the same way our bodies do.

Best & worst dressed celebrities of the week

This week, Gabrielle Union goes bold, Scar-Jo has us on the fence and a reality TV star's nude bodysuit is a definite don't.

Stuff's wedding of the week: Larissa and Ryan

A destination wedding and an epic round-the-world honeymoon, this couple tied the knot in the most beautiful way.

Mum goes head-to-head with top Auckland school over length of son's hair

James excels in maths, writing and singing - and he's a handy cricketer. But he won't be going to Auckland Grammar.

Amazing Spaces checks out a hobbit house that was a labour of love

Amazing Spaces heads underground to be wowed by a hobbit house that's a real bolt-hole.

Bullies locked Kate Winslet in a cupboard and called her 'blubber'

The Oscar-winning actress has opened up being bullied and mercilessly body shamed as a child.

The world's top five most expensive paintings ever sold

The world's most pricey artworks may not be ones you'd instantly recognise.

I weigh 78kg. I don't like the message The Biggest Loser is sending women

With its first 78kg contestant, has the show gone too far in its fat loss message?

Blind dining experience launches in Auckland

Dans le Noir: Blind waiters turn the tables at new pitch-dark culinary venture in Auckland.

Dog inspires boy to accept his rare skin condition

He hated the way he looked - until he met an adorable dog with the same condition.

Childhood guitar recovered after 25 years by Hamilton filmmaker

A return to playing music leads Hamilton man to the electric guitar he owned as a teenager.

Why we can all feel good about binge-watching

OPINION: The Netflix autoplay function will always win. But there's an upside.

UK real estate agent visits home during 'witching hour', hilarity ensues

This mum-of-two warned her real estate agent about the dangers of visiting her home at 5pm, but he insisted.

Timber decor: It's on trend - and good for your health

A new report has found that incorporating timber into the home could benefit your health.

Doctors urge more exercise for pregnant women

Think bed rest and "eating for two" is best? Think again. A new study is urging mums-to-be to get more active.

What to do if your child is the bully

When it's your child that's purposely mean to others, here's how to deal with their "misplaced confidence".

One Thousand Ropes: former Samoan star Uelese Petaia returns to Kiwi screens

How a new Kiwi film allowed one Samoan actor an opportunity to revisit his old Wellington haunts.

Butterbeer icecream hits shelves for US-based Harry Potter fans

US icecream maker is spoiling Harry Potter fans with a new flavour based on Hogwarts' favourite drink.

We try eating Christchurch's new vegan food bag for three days

"My husband resorted to making a cheese toastie to fill the gap."

French chateau for just $3.5 million seems like a steal

It probably inspired the Disney castle, but this one's for real and it seems a steal at $3.5m.

Winter florals: Gorgeous cold-weather bouquet ideas

Summer may be on its way out - but there's plenty of gorgeous florals to look forward.
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