Users go to other highs after recall

17:00, May 02 2014

The banning of six legal highs this week after tests showed they posed a risk to users has not fazed some people in the south who have instead changed to alternative brands.

The Psychoactive Substances Regulatory Authority has issued a recall for psychoactive products called Apocalypse, Outbreak, WTF, Blueberry Crush, White Rhino and Lemon Grass.

They were found to pose more than a low risk of harm to the public and it is now illegal to sell them.

The Southland Times visited Pillz & Thrillz in Invercargill after learning the store had expected a surge in demand for what products were left.

The Times asked how customers had reacted to news of the bans, but were told the shop would no longer comment.

While in the store, the reporter saw a customer buy five packets of different legal highs and a woman march in the door shouting, "What's left, that's the dangerous question?"


A worker at Brew-Worxand Beyond in Queenstown said his customers were "just changing to what products were left".

People holding the banned products are being advised by the authority not to consume them.

The banning of the six products follows the withdrawal of five products earlier this year.

The authority says it will continue to receive and assess reports of adverse effects.

Authority manager Dr Donald Hannah said the ban was part of usual business and not related to last week's decision by the Government to pull all synthetic drugs off the shelves within two weeks.

They would remain off the shelves until individual testing proved each brand was "low-risk".

The legislative amendment will remove 41 legal highs from shop shelves.

The Southland Times