Stunning theatre piece 'really engaging'

20:44, May 04 2014
paper sky
DYNAMIC: Shadon Meredith, Renee Lyons and Ella Becroft perform Paper Sky at Centrestage Theatre.

A lovely hour awaits Southland audiences as the Southland Festival of the Arts moves into its third exciting week.

Red Leap Theatre's Paper Sky, which was performed at SIT Centrestage Theatre on Saturday and yesterday and has its final performance at noon today, is a visually stunning, dynamic piece of theatre, co-director Julie Nolan said.

"It's a piece of theatre to warm your heart.

"It's the story of a guy who is locked inside his own room and has to battle his own demons in order to be able to love the gorgeous girl who moves in next door."

It is a love story - like all the great stories - but its point of difference is the way the story is told, she said.

"Henry has a chorus of three actors who are like his inner voices - different aspects of himself - so it's as if his inner life is played out on stage.


"It comes to down to life or death for Henry - will he choose to love or will he choose to stay stuck in the past? It's a really dynamic and unique hour of storytelling."

It is unique because of the use of two- and three-dimensional imagery - Nolan says using the word "puppets" is tricky because people think Muppets - that brings simple objects to life.

"It's as if the world becomes animated, it's very simple - it's animating paper - and there's a lovely metaphor between his writing on paper and it coming to life.

‘It's literally as if his words have come to life and come to his room and filled his imagination. It allows the audience's imagination to open up and they go on a little journey."

While it is a love story, Nolan is quick to say the play isn't just for the girls - men come to the show and love it.

"Physically, it's really engaging. It is a man's journey out of his own darkness. So it's got something for everybody."

Paper Sky, SIT Centrestage Theatre, today at noon, book at Ticketdirect.

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