Dynamic insight into millennial generation

20:07, May 07 2014
Yo Future
LOOKING AHEAD: The cast of Yo Future ahead of opening night. The show has a three-night run at the Southland Festival of the Arts.

Yo Future investigates the fears and fascinations of the millennial generation - those born after 1984.

Told I was going to review a frantic mix of play, dance, music and theatre all in one, I had my own fears.

I've never reviewed theatre in any form before, let alone a piece/performance that describes itself as a radical hybrid of contemporary clowning and choral choreography. And I am at least a generation too late to be millennial.

However, throughout the 50-minute dynamic performance, I and of the rest of the packed Repertory House crowd born well before 1984 get a glimpse into the fears and fascinations of people much of society holds to stereotypes. While those in the crowd wearing skivvies and scarfs got an insight into another world, those wearing hoodies and T-shirts over long-sleeved shirts shared a common experience.

In an energetic and at times explosive narrative, 14 young Southland performers bring to life, through movement, music and sparse dialogue, their concerns, inter-generational tension and question what the future holds.

Pretty young things turn their noses up at less brightly shining stars, gangs hang tough on more delicate flowers and save-the-world passive soldiers turn to arms to spread their message.

It's a generation where the mobile phone, Snapchat and Facebook rule the world. Scenes merge into each other, some drawing laughs, some jarring the audience back into their seats but all driving to discover what the future holds. Is it a brighter future? Well, buy a ticket to the show, take a spin in the silver cow and discover for yourself.

Award-wining director Jo Randerson and her performers may be highlighting the fears and fascinations of the millennial generation but many of those fears and fascinations manifest themselves in all generations. The older ones just don't take selfies of them.