Money man excited by new role in Alex

01:22, May 15 2014
simon tierney
FINISHING UP: Simon Tierney has finished his job as Jubilee Budget Advisory Service manager.

For numbers man Simon Tierney the last five years has had its ups and downs - but mainly ups.

It was a challenging and rewarding role and one he loved but the Jubilee Budget Advisory Service manager has stepped into a new role in Alexandra.

A move to Alexandra had always been the plan but crunch time came in February when his wife was offered a new job in the Otago town, he said.

Tierney's new role is sales manager at Grant Ward Nissan.

He has been a man of many roles but has spent the past 18 years dealing with numbers, including 10 years in the motor industry dealing with finance and sales.

Tierney started his role at Jubilee as a volunteer budget advisor in 2005 before joining the board of directors in 2007 and then taking a fulltime position as manager in 2009. Tierney will stay on the board as one of three directors.


The job had been about guiding people to make the right choices with money and avoid getting into debt, he said.

While he had "never been a mathematician" he'd always loved seeing what numbers could do, he said.

In fact, he remembers every number plate, phone number, birthday and even dates of (often irrelevant) historic events, he said.

He would miss the job as well as the random thank you emails, letters and baking often delivered to the office.

He especially remembers a 78-year-old woman dropping off a card and baking. The card said her life had changed and she was confident now because of the Jubilee Budget Advisory Service, he said.

"I will miss it (the job) but I'm excited. In fact I can't wait for the new job. I'm excited to be back in the motor trade."

Tierney started his new job on Monday.