Community co-ordinator funding plan opposed

17:00, May 15 2014

South Alive was embroiled in controversy during the city council draft annual plan submission hearings.

Dozens of people submitted on the suggestion of targeted rates for south Invercargill to fund a co-ordinator position for the community action group.

Many submitters were against the suggestion of funding the role held by Janette Malcolm.

But South Alive chair Colin Anderson said Malcolm was the driving force behind projects and the group needed funding to ensure its future. "We have demonstrated that we can deliver, we need the support of council through the security of funding to continue."

But submitter Ian Lemon said people in south Invercargill could not afford the special rates increase. "Why do we need a co-ordinator when they only have their own agenda at heart and not interested in what we want."

Council employee and submitter Bryan McInerney said: "I believe that the suggestion of targeted rates is divisive and discriminates against the low income. It is downright unfair."

He said South Alive should approach other funders.

McInerney said he was not opposed to funding a co-ordinator but the benefit should be reaped by the whole city and they should work with all areas.


The Southland Times