Assistant out-poles Tim

Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt's trademark smile has just got a whole lot bigger.

Shadbolt learned this week that his new assistant, Morina Colyer, does pole dancing for fitness in her spare time, a skill the mayor has never quite mastered.

However, he said there would probably not be much call for it in her new role.

"I don't think there will be many opportunities for that around here."

Shadbolt said he was unaware of the assistant's skills when she was employed.

Colyer said the fitness regime was a good workout, but she would not comment on how good Shadbolt would be on the pole.

Shadbolt himself is no stranger to dangling himself around a pole, but it was not his forte, he said.

"I did try it once and I just collapsed at the bottom of the pole after about two seconds, maybe I can get private tuition now . . . and improve my performance."

Shadbolt said his most successful performance as a pole dancer was during a mayoral competition.

"The only other pole I had danced around was at the fire station when they had a competition for the country's hottest mayor. I slid down that pole and the fireman hosed me off because they said I was too hot to handle."

The Southland Times