BOT election for Waiau Area School next month

A date has been announced for board of trustee elections at Waiau Area School, almost two years after the previous board resigned.

The Tuatapere school's commissioner, Chris Shaw, was appointed after a mass resignation of the school's board in September 2012.

Elections for the new board will be held on June 19.

Nominations were expected to open about May 22, and close late in the first week of June, Shaw said.

A public meeting would be held on May 26 to talk about challenges the new board might face, people who were interested in standing for the board, and where the school was at right now, he said.

"The school is very much business as usual."

Challenges for the new board would be understanding what was happening at the school, and how the board could improve it, he said.

"From my perspective, it is really encouraging the ministry [of education] is allowing them [the elections] to happen. It shows they have confidence in where the school is at."

Principal Elizabeth Hannah has been at the school since her appointment in December last year.

Waiau Area School is the only school in Tuatapere and has about 120 students aged 5 to 18.

The Southland Times