Tramper found safe

17:00, May 19 2014

A man left at the Shelter Rock Hut by tramping buddies after leg trouble several days ago was found safe and well by Queenstown police yesterday.

Senior Constable Julian Cahill said the man was found walking back to a car parked at Muddy Creek.

The three friends parked at Muddy Creek a few days ago to tramp a circuit around the Dart River area.

However, one of the group started having leg problems, and it was decided to leave him at the hut to recuperate and walk back to the car.

When the pair who pressed on finished, they discovered their mate had not been heard of and the car had not been moved.

Police yesterday sent a team into the area between Muddy Creek and the Shelter Rock Hut.

The man said he had always planned on staying in the hut until Sunday, when his mates were due out of the bush, but he had decided to stay another night because of heavy rain on Sunday. 


The Southland Times