Warning over 'multifunctional' label

Stadium Southland bosses will face challenges advertising it as a multifunctional concert venue, two arts community stalwarts have warned.

Invercargill Licensing Trust board members Angela Newell and Suzanne Prentice expressed their professional concerns about the lack of a suitable concert sound system at ILT Stadium Southland.

They told a trust meeting yesterday the venue did not have an in-house sound system, which could result in community groups forking out an extra $10,000 to get extra equipment for a show.

"The stadium is just not geared up for a concert with big sound," Newell said.

She highlighted the poor sound at a recent community concert as an example. It could also cost a further $1800 for more lighting, and a good sound system could cost the stadium an additional $1 million, she said.

Prentice said the stadium should be careful about calling it a multifunctional venue.

But trust sales and marketing manager Gary Muir said realistically the stadium was a sports venue, not a concert venue, and big acts brought their own gear.

However, Prentice argued it was a "local" venue to be used by locals for concerts.

Trust general manager Greg Mulvey said: "It's going to be that way until the stadium trust can justify spending more money and at the moment they are already stretched."

The ILT had already given about $20m.

The Southland Times