Trust planning to rebuild on site of razed Paradise homestead

20:55, May 25 2014

The Paradise Trust plans to rebuild on the site of the historic Paradise homestead that was destroyed by fire on Friday.

Trustee Chris Duffy, of Queenstown, said the trust held a meeting in Glenorchy yesterday to discuss how to best proceed after fire.

"We are going to have to work out a plan to rebuild and the plan to manage the place," Duffy said.

The homestead was being managed by Daman and Mandy Groshinski.

It was fully insured so the trust could rebuild, Duffy said. "It's a question of what we build . . . I'm not sure what."

Firefighters from Glenorchy and Queenstown were unable to save the homestead when they were alerted at 9.50am on Friday


The loss of the homestead was devastating, Duffy said. "It was considered unique."

The homestead was owned and operated by the trust and had a category one heritage listing.

It was built in 1883 by William Mason, New Zealand's first government architect and later the first mayor of Dunedin.

It has been owned and operated by the trust since 1998 after terminally ill former owner David Miller offered to give it away to the right owner, fearing what could happen to the property if developers began to carve it up.

The Southland Times