Firing up a winter celebration

22:09, May 26 2014
belinda zaat-barber, rebecca amundsen
GLO-GIRLS: Fire and Light Midwinter Festival Committee member Belinda Zaat-Barber, left, and event co-ordinator Rebecca Amundsen practise lantern making ahead of the festival.

Glowing lanterns will ward off the winter blues during the second Fire and Light Midwinter Festival.

Southlanders can welcome winter with glowsticks, a hangi - and sword-fighting demonstrations - at the free community festival in Glengarry next month.

Co-ordinator Rebecca Amundsen said the event was a fun way to change attitudes towards winter. "People complain about Invercargill and its not-so-good weather. Maybe we could just celebrate that."

However, organisers were crossing their fingers the weather would not turn too nasty for the festival, especially as the event would take place on supposedly unlucky Friday the 13th, she said.

The event will feature handmade paper lanterns in a special glowing parade. Children can attend a lantern making workshop at the Glengarry Community Market at the weekend.

Festival committee member Belinda Zaat-Barber said the children would craft pyramid-shaped lanterns out of old tissue paper sewing patterns and bamboo sticks at the workshop.

Children wanting to participate in the workshop should email glengarryaction@

The festival will be held at Eastside Baptist Church.


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