Council deals with barking dogs

18:55, May 28 2014

Neighbours of a pair of barking dogs will be given a reprieve from the noise after the city council refused to return them.

The Invercargill City Council hearings panel has released its decision into the fate of two dogs owned by a Hardy St family, saying the dogs cannot be returned to the address.

The council had removed the two dogs, named Rolly and Guardian Angel, from their owner Danuta Boniface and her daughter in April after numerous complaints about excessive barking.

The panel, chaired by councillor Graham Sycamore, said despite claims by Boniface that the barking did not happen when neighbours had recorded it, the panel decided there was enough evidence to remove the dogs under the Dog Control Act.

"They [the panel] were satisfied, however, that the logs contained sufficient evidence to support the barking dog complaints and that the issue had ceased with the removal of the dogs from ... Hardy Street, Invercargill," the decision says.

Some of the evidence presented to the panel included detailed records of barking from the Wellington Street Neighbourhood Support Group.


Council records also show a history of barking.

Invercargill City Council animal control team leader Steven Boyd said at the hearing the council had removed the two dogs, one heavily pregnant on April 8, after persistent complaints and extensive logs of barking about the dogs.

He also had concerns for the dogs' housing conditions.

The neighbourhood group reported no instances of excessive barking since the dogs' removal, he told the panel.

The panel inspected the property after the hearing and visited the dogs at the pound and SPCA before deciding to permanently remove the dogs. The pregnant one now has 10 puppies,

Invercargill City Council environmental health manager John Youngson said Boniface had until June 6 to advise the council of a new home for her two dogs, which then has to pass an inspection by the council.

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