Call to build sports centre next to college

18:59, May 28 2014

Debate on the proposed $12 million Wanaka Sports Centre continues with fresh suggestions the centre should be built at Mount Aspiring College.

Argument has raged since 2008 about the centre's whereabouts, layout and makeup.

In April the final layout of the centre featuring two indoor courts, changing rooms, outdoor artificial courts and a parking area at the Three Parks development was announced.

However, at a Queenstown Lakes District Council draft annual plan submissions hearing in Wanaka yesterday it was pushed that the building should be near the college.

Mount Aspiring College principal Wayne Bosley said it wanted further investigations about building a sports centre adjacent to the college.

Having a centre at the school would accommodate the entire community as well as being available to all schools, Bosley said.


"There are successful models of partnerships with schools across the country," he said.

Wanaka resident John Walker agreed that a partnership with Wanaka schools needed to be investigated.

However, Sport Central co-ordinator Bob Godsall said the centre needed to be built straight away and Sport Otago and Sport Southland supported the Three Parks site.

"It needs to be built sooner rather than later. It's just gone on, and on, and on," Godsall said. With almost $500,000 spent on consultants, "it's probably been over-consulted".

The Southland Times