Knight alps worker

20:12, Jun 02 2014
Richard Hayes
IN ACTION: Richard Hayes on Mt Irene.

He may have just been made a knight, but Southern Lakes Helicopters boss Richard Hayes didn't let that stop him getting out the tool kit yesterday.

Hayes and CRS Communications managing director Daryl Wright took to the skies in the afternoon to fix a transmitter on Mt Irene.

Wright said the radio repeater, which enables Southern Lakes Helicopters to communicate with its base, was struck by lighting last week.

Southern Lakes Helicopters had a backup one, but it was imperative the one on Mt Irene was fixed.

He said the repeaters were really important for the helicopter pilots.

''For them [helicopter pilots] they are really important.'' 

Yesterday they spent two hours fixing the technology. It was not unusual for the aerials to be taken down by lightning but it could be tricky putting them back up.

''Normally it can be very challenging up there."


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