Paperless DHB not quite trouble-free

17:00, Jun 06 2014

The Southern District Health Board has dumped its paper agendas, but paper-free did not equate to trouble-free at this week's health board meeting.

Several members were struggling with whatever form of technology they were using to access the agendas.

Chairman Joe Butterfield appeared particularly flummoxed, asking during several of the agenda items "which page?"

"Where's the bloody . . . for some reason I've gone back a page," he blustered at one stage.

"I knew I was going to stuff this up at some stage," he said at another.

But he was not alone.


Another board member, whose agenda pages were clearly not behaving, blamed his computer, saying it was "steam powered" and did not move as fast as others around the table.

Others struggled to remain on the correct pages, with plenty of calls of "which page?"

However, Butterfield's consternation at the meeting was a far cry from last week when the health board announced it would be going paper-free.

"This is great news for the DHB. We're using available technology for an electronic format for board papers in an efficient and effective way," he said last week.

"Electronic agendas provide several benefits for the health board, including a decrease in the ongoing costs of production of paper-based agendas; it's better for the environment, simple to use, secure, easy to administer and much more convenient."

The Southland Times