Computer crash human error – report

17:00, Jun 06 2014

The widespread computer failure at the Southern District Health Board in February was caused by a mistake in a computer address.

A report into the crash says the root cause was a wrong IP address in one of the configuration fields in the storage area network. It was likely the mistake was human error, the report says.

When working correctly, the system uses spare hard disks if others fail and sends automated alerts when all disks are used.

However, the incorrect IP address meant no alert was sent out so administration staff did not know storage was reaching capacity, and the system shut down to preserve data integrity.

A full review of the SAN had since confirmed the network was now working correctly. A phone home system was also introduced, allowing errors to be reported directly to IBM, and a daily adminstrative checklist was also being strictly adhered to.

Plans were also being finalised to run the SAN under a third-party maintenance agreement.


The Southland Times