Feed quality up, says judge

Tuatapere District Lions Club Hay Drive chairman Quinton Donald said the club was thrilled with the numbers of entries received.

"In total 250 bales of baleage, 50 large round bales of hay, 175 small bales of hay and 30 silage samples have been entered, well up on last year's entries and the quality of the donated prizes is awesome.

"We have several new sponsors on board as well which is an excellent result," Donald said.

Baleage judge Maurice Green said the baleage was in good order with only one of the 250 bales having a small amount of mould in it, which was a good result for such a large number of bales.

"The quality of the stock feed is very good overall, however some of the baleage has been left to grow a bit rank before baling because of the great growing season we have experienced in the district," Green said.

Profits from the day would go to Hospice Southland and the Waiau Community Swimming Baths upgrade building fund. Results: Baleage: Hamish Gill 1, Andrew Menphes 2, Charlie Copeland 3, Nathan Paris 4, Trevor White 5, merit Laurie Keast, Peter Copeland. Silage: Paul Marshall 1, Peter Copeland 2, Chris Kelly 3. Whole crop silage: Jason Bennett 1, merit Richard Greer. Hay: Peter Horrell 1, Bruce Patterson 2, Craig Wylie 3, merit Syd Egerton, Diane Gill. Big hay: Alan Paterson 1, Ayson Gill 2, Russell Marshall 3, Dave Conveny 4, merit Alton Devery, Trevor Brown.

The Southland Times