Knitters busily stitching up world record

19:21, Jun 12 2014
STITCH IN TIME: Hospice Southland service development officer Kirsty Robertson and chief executive Andrew Leys breaking a record for knitting a scarf.

It'll take an army of people and possibly a forklift.

But Hospice Southland intend to do the unthinkable and knit their way to breaking a world record.

The record is 54.29km.

Once joined the scarf is hoped to measure the equivalent of Invercargill to Glenorchy, a total of 240km, the furthest point the organisation's services reached.

Hospice Southland day programme co-ordinator Shirley Smith said knitters would be busy at Spotlight in Invercargill tomorrow for World Knit in Public Day.

Spotlight are inviting Southlanders to drop in and work on the scarf in store tomorrow and it would supply knitting needles and wool free for those working on Project Knit.


The idea came from a growing need to find a simple but meaningful project for patients, who could knit as health permitted, she said.

The simply popped into her head one day, she said.

Before long families started joining in followed by workplaces, care homes and community groups. Former Southlanders as far away as Britain had taken part, Smith said.

The multi-coloured knitted pieces would eventually be joined but the organisation expected that won't happen for at least another three or four years, she said.

Once the scarf was officially measured it would be dismantled and reassembled into blankets for families in need, Smith said.

Hospice Southland are urging people to start knitting, get the word out, donate wool, or unpick old knitting and rewind wool.

Hospice Southland chief executive Andrew Leys said the project seemed impossible but if there were enough people taking part it was achievable.

To contribute to the project first contact Shirley Smith on 03 211 3081. 

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