Mobil expands diesel storage

17:00, Jun 13 2014

Mobil Oil has acquired new tanks at Bluff to provide additional diesel supply for the South Island.

The two fuel tanks are located near the existing terminal, and will add an additional four million litres of diesel storage.

Mobil lead country manager Andrew McNaught said it was investing in supply infrastructure for the South Island.

The Bluff terminal was an important supply port for petroleum fuels to service the lower South Island market, particularly diesel for agricultural use.

"In addition to acquiring these tanks, Mobil has already provided an additional 1.6 million litres of diesel storage at Bluff Terminal this year through conversion of an existing tank at the site," he said.

The company actively pursued additional fuel storage options. It wanted to ensure ongoing reliable supply following the closure of the Z Energy fuel storage terminal in Bluff in February , he said.

The tanks will be extensively upgraded to industry and regulatory standards and are expected to be ready for use in early 2015.


The Southland Times