Building frustration for historic art gallery

Anderson Park Gallery bosses are scouting city locations as the future of the gallery remains uncertain.

The gallery's annual meeting this week was tinged with sadness as the Invercargill Art Gallery Society members said they were planning the coming year with no definitive answer on the historic building's future.

However, a quick fix saviour in the form of an inner city location was the likely option for a short-term solution.

Society president Mick Heslin said it had been in talks with a couple of inner city sites for future exhibitions, but the outcome would be determined by cost and time.

One site, in Gala St, was of particular interest.

At the moment displays were spread between the closed Anderson Park building, in the storage room, and Southland Museum, he said.

An exhibition has also been on display at the Bank Gallery in Invercargill, with plans for another at Gore's Eastern Southland Gallery.

Anderson Park Art Gallery manager Stephen Davies said it was disappointing, unsettling and stressful to have the historic building closed to the public.

"It's a shame we've got such a fabulous building and a fabulous collection and it's not open to the public."

While the issue was out of their hands, it was something they were working hard to resolve, he said.

Heslin said they were not going down without a fight, and once they do reopen, they will have "a bloody good" opening to celebrate.

The gallery was shut earlier this year after for public safety relating to earthquake-risks.

The Southland Times