No ice hits skaters' chances of success

22:00, Jun 17 2014
Chloe Duff
Figure skater Chloe Duff, 11, can't wait to get her skates on again when ice is made at the rink in Gore next week.

A delay in icing the rink in Gore may hamper some southern figure skaters for a championship competition next month.

It is hoped the ice will be reformed next week at the Ice Sports Southland Ice Rink in Eastern Southland.

Ice Sports Southland Figure Skating executive Ali Duff said melting the ice had been a problem.

"The problem for us was that we were trying to melt down in winter. Ice doesn't melt down well in cold conditions and it took three weeks to melt."

"We had four big diesel heaters going for a week. We went through an exorbitant amount of diesel."

Skaters would have to wait at least another week before carving up the ice and figure skaters had been travelling to Dunedin and Alexandra during the week to train.


The Otago Southland championships are in Alexandra next month but the organisation was not expecting its competitors to perform as well as they usually would, Duff said.

Training on the ice rink was last held on May 4.

"The girls will find their marks will be lower," Duff said.

"Some have pulled out because they haven't had ice time which is a real shame."

Skaters would usually train up to five times a week on the ice in preparation for the competitive season but had been keeping their fitness and flexibility up with fitness sessions twice a week at the Gore Multisports Complex.

Ice Sport Southland owns the rink so maintenance is done by volunteers.

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