Children join stadium fundraiser

23:46, Jun 18 2014
Clip N Climb wall
FAVOURITE GAME: Siobhan Maguire, of the Surrey Park Early Learning Centre, scales the Stadium Southland Clip ’n’ Climb wall while fellow four-year-olds Theo Johnson, Portia Curry, and Emily Byrne look on.

The next generation of Southlanders was making the most of Stadium Southland on the first day of its Rattle the Tin fundraising campaign.

Yesterday a group of children from Surrey Park Early Learning Centre had fun on the climbing wall and took their first tour around the new building they had seen taking shape.

Teacher Susie Wilson said the children had watched the rebuild of the stadium from their playground.

In many cases dad was working on site, so they watched with keen interest, she said.

"The day cranes lifted the steel beams was a fun day in the playground, when many of the children were make-believe crane drivers."

During good weather the children used the running track at the stadium but their favourite activity was trips to the playground, she said.


It was not a first visit for all the children.

Hamish Montgomery, 4, said he came to the stadium to watch basketball with his dad, and Cameron McIntosh, 4, saw her sister's school netball team there.

Stadium Southland general manager Nigel Skelt said a number of businesses made substantial donations to the campaign yesterday.

It was encouraging to see strong feedback about the campaign from many people outside Invercargill, he said.

"People are recognising the stadium is for everyone in the region and not just Invercargill."

The Stadium Trust has calculated that it still needs $5 million "to get across the line" and are asking corporates and individuals from throughout Southland to help raise funds.

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