School pupils get tablet each

17:00, Jun 18 2014
SNAPSHOT: Pupils in the senior room at Waikaia School are all smiles now that they have a tablet each to use in the classroom.

The stampede to use the computers at Waikaia School is a thing of the past now each of the 26 pupils has their own tablet.

When the school received broadband internet service in May, the board of trustees was quick to make the most of it, buying 30 tablets to be used in the classroom.

Waikaia School principal Jos Henry said: "I do believe that we're the first school to be able to fund a tablet for each child.

"The kids are really excited - they love it. They'd take them home if they could."

The tablets had games on them to aid their maths, reading and writing skills, she said.

"They're a support tool - we've still got other traditional teaching as well but we're discovering apps and programs that are relevant to the school and what we're learning about."


The tablets cost $5000 in total and the board had budgeted for them last year in anticipation of getting a broadband service. Board chairwoman Jo Smith said buying the tablets was part of a Ministry of Education initiative to enable all kids to have access to e-learning.

"It was also a result of our community consultation - it was an area our parents identified that there was more of a need for," she said.

"It's so unique, we're one of the first in Southland to have a tablet each in the classroom."

Jonty Baldock, 10, said having his own tablet in the senior room was great.

"There's not a big rush to get on the computer any more, it's easier having one each," he said.

"We've been looking up things about the Commonwealth Games and writing stories about it and looking at how it started."

Hannah McKee, 7, said having a tablet of her own in the junior room was exciting.

"We've got lots of maths games on it and we can learn lots of things on it. I like the connect the dots game the best. We're lucky to have them."

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