Search Invercargill for the cash

Are you looking for a quick way to make money?

All you have to do is search for it. But there's a catch: the stash of cash could be hidden anywhere in Invercargill.

Find Our Cash Invercargill officially launches in the city today after a group of four started a Facebook page last week. The group had based the cash hunt from a similar initiative called Find Our Cash Whangarei.

The craze had since extended to Auckland, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

One of the Invercargill group's members said the four had put some money in, the amount undisclosed, and hidden it in the city with one hint: Fast Man.

The next clue would be given at a random time today on its Facebook page called Find Our Cash Invercargill and people could start the hunt, she said.

The clue will lead to the final destination where the money will be hidden.

The group wanted to remain anonymous because it was more fun that way and they did not want people following them, she said.

The group hoped the cash quest would be a regular event.

When the money was found, the person had two options: they could either keep it or put it in the "pot of gold" for the next hunt.


  • You will not have to enter properties to find clues.
  • Look for Find Our Cash Invercargill headings on clues that will be provided.
  • Always leave clues where you found them for others to view.
  • Respect each other and all surroundings.
  • No digging or climbing during any hunts.
  • No hints or suggestions will be given or answered other then clues provided.
  • All money that is sponsored and/or contributed for Find Our Cash Invercargill will solely be for the pot of gold for hunts.
  • When you have found the money, post a selfie holding the cash to our page for all to see.

Source: Find Our Cash Invercargill

The Southland Times