Time to help finish off the stadium

Southlanders, you're being asked to reach into your pockets to help make your stadium debt-free.

The Stadium Trust has calculated that it still needs $5 million "to get across the line" and is asking businesses and individuals from throughout the region to take part in its "Rattle the Tin" fundraising campaign.

ILT Stadium Southland bosses hope donations will make up the shortfall so that generations of Southlanders can enjoy the stadium.The trust has accepted Prime Minister John Key's challenge that if "local tins were rattled", the Government would be prepared to contribute.

This Friday all Southland schools and workplaces are invited to take part Southland's biggest ever mufti day - go to school or work wearing a piece of sporting clothing and make a donation to the campaign. Schools are encouraged to have fun designing tins and paint them with their favourite sports stars or entertainers.

A "Friends of the Stadium" wall of recognition will be created in the walkway of the main events court at Stadium Southland.

Individuals and families who donate $100 will get their name on a bronze brick on the wall, those who donate $500, a silver brick and those who donate $1000, a gold brick on the wall.

Corporates and large sponsors who donate $10,000 or more will be recognised with a platinum brick and also gain access to preferential ticketing for events at the venue before public sales.

The Southland Times