Drink-drivers disappoint Queenstown police

21:44, Jun 29 2014

Queenstown police say they are highly disappointed with the number of people caught drink-driving at the weekend.

Sergeant Steve Watt, of Queenstown, said eight people were processed for drink-driving including a 31-year-old British man who was pulled over outside his house in Queenstown, recording a breath alcohol level of 1147mcg.

"It takes a substantial amount of alcohol to reach the level he has and it's clearly dangerous and irresponsible behaviour," Watt said.

Other drivers were processed by police at check-points and random stops recording between 400mcg and 559mcg.

"It's extremely disappointing to see the number of people processed ... it's completely irresponsible behaviour that has the potential to have serious consequences," Watt said.


The Southland Times