Invercargill boat builder lands big contract

17:00, Jun 30 2014
Stabicraft managing director Paul Adams
BUSINESS LIFT: Stabicraft managing director Paul Adams in his boat-building factory where eight commercial boats are being manufactured for the Australian Government.

Invercargill's Stabicraft Marine has been awarded an Australian Government contract to build eight commercial boats.

The 6.9 Supercab models, valued at about $250,000 each, were ordered for the Northern Territory Police Fire and Emergency Services and are scheduled to start patrols this month.

The fleet will be used to patrol waters from the Western Australia border through to the Queensland border, a coastline of 10,953 kilometres.

Stabicraft managing director Paul Adams said that during its 27 years, the business had gone though a rough patch but it was starting to lift again.

The unique design of their boats had gained respect globally as capable offshore work vessels.

"We design Stabicrafts to handle tough seas with confidence", he said.


It was great to see large organisations recognising this and choosing their brand.

Stabicraft had commercial boats in use across the Pacific and as far away as Alaska, and as remote as Myanmar for the United Nations.

Demand for information about successful marine sector businesses in the region has led to the creation of an online website and database.

The data will be used by NZTE to inform its global teams to promote Southland's boat building and marine manufacturing and engineering capability.

Venture Southland enterprise and strategic projects group manager Steve Canny said an increase in demand for more information made the online format necessary.

Former hard copy profiles, done in 2004, were outdated and the new online format would allow information to be easily updated.

The region has an international reputation for its quality workmanship and ability to tackle a range of design and build challenges and has a highly capable, stable and adaptable skilled workforce, the website says. The sector is respected for building durable boats and standing behind its workmanship.

This has led to international sales success for fit-for-purpose commercial tourism and fishing boats, as well as military, surveillance and coastguard boats, it says.

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