Water shortage as Bluff line fails twice

23:56, Jul 01 2014

Bluff residents are being urged to conserve water as the town's water supply is rapidly depleted.

Invercargill City Council water manager Alister Murray said two failures had occurred on the water line to the town.

The first failure happened about 11am yesterday, in the beach area between Greenhills and Bluff, and was followed by a failure near Woodend about 9.30am today.

"As a result of this we are asking Bluff residents and businesses to conserve water at least for the rest of today and tomorrow to enable reservoir storage to recover," Murray said.

People should consider how often they flush the toilet, limit showers and delay washing clothes until tomorrow.

Council staff had been trying to fix the first failure, but their efforts were hampered by tidal movements, he said.

The initial failure meant there was no water flowing into the Bluff reservoir since 11am yesterday, leading to lower levels in the reservoir as Bluff people continued to consume water.

"We had demand but not supply," Murray said.

The council was working with businesses in the town to limit their water use, he said. 


The Southland Times