Leaky heater starts Invercargill house fire

An Invercargill couple were left with a smoke-filled lounge and kitchen after a diesel heater caught alight.

It was believed a faulty heater was to blame for the fire at the Regent St home yesterday, with Kingswell station officer Graeme Gilroy saying diesel began leaking from the heater and ignited, filling the lounge with smoke.

The male occupant of the house attacked the fire with a dry powder fire extinguisher. However, after safely having a good go at the fire, the home extinguisher ran out, Gilroy said.

The timely arrival of two fire crews helped save the day.

''Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire and help the occupants out of the smoke-filled lounge and kitchen,'' Gilroy said.

He praised the actions of the home owners: ''They did everything right and had working smoke alarms and an extinguisher on hand.''

The Southland Times