Stunt jump - a real screamer

01:10, Jul 09 2014
Lauren Hayes
LETTING GO: Lauren Hayes tests out the big surprise stunt jump ahead of ILT Kidzone opening today.

I can hear myself screaming - everybody in Invercargill can probably hear me screaming.

I've just thrown myself off a tower of scaffolding taller than my house, and my body is plunging towards the ground at a ridiculous speed.

This is the ILT Kidzone "big surprise".

The surprise has been one of the best kept secrets around town, kept strictly under wraps ahead of the festival opening this morning.

It's called the stunt jump, and it will be, without doubt, the most talked about activity at Kidzone this year.

It's kind of like bungy jumping without the cord.


Brave souls climb a six metre tall tower, perched in the James Hargest College car park, before launching themselves off the edge.

I've been asked to give it a go.

From the ground, the thing doesn't look so bad. I'm actually feeling quietly confident.

I mean, this has been set up for school kids - a grown, independent woman like myself should be able to handle it, easy.

Once I've climbed the 31 stairs up the tower, I'm a little less assured.

I can see the Takitimus gleaming in the afternoon sun, the city stretching out for miles around. My legs feel a little weak.

Eventually, I'll have to jump.

It goes against all my basic survival instincts to leap off into the air, and there's a moment of pure terror as my feet leave the platform.

That's when I begin to scream.

ILT Kidzone, complete with the stunt jump, opens today at James Hargest College.

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