Ian Pottinger's proposal shot down

02:03, Jul 09 2014
ian pottinger
Ian Pottinger

A councillor has lost his battle to win a seat on one of the Invercargill City Council's most powerful committees.

Ian Pottinger, who missed out on a seat and chairmanship of the finance and policy committee last year, fought to increase the number of councillors around the table from six to 12 at Tuesday night's full council meeting.

However, despite being prepared with multiple rounds of ammunition in the form of examples and decisions made by the committee, he was shot down.

Pottinger said the committee dealt with major council business, such as Invercargill City Holdings Ltd, approved funding for the beleaguered Auckland-to-Bluff Yacht Race and approved trips to China for elected members and should therefore have all councillors around the table.

However, he failed to get support from the majority of council with only him and councillor Lloyd Esler voting in favour of the recommendation.

Deputy mayor Darren Ludlow said he was against the idea because all committees on council were important and if the full council was to be on one, maybe they should sit on all four of them.


"I don't see that the finance and policy committee is any different to any other committee on council."

Councillor Alan Dennis, who is not on the committee, agreed that it was important but said it was key to have small committees because that ensured things got done.

First-term councillor Karen Arnold said she understood that decisions made in committees could be debated and discussed by council at the full council meetings.

"They can at any time be overturned."

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