Take a tour behind the scenes at Stadium Southland

Southlanders will soon get a behind-the-scenes look at Stadium Southland.

ILT Stadium Southland will open its doors to the masses on Sunday, with staff conducting free guided tours around the complex.

General manager Nigel Skelt said the open day would give the public a look at the inner workings of the facility after the multimillion-dollar rebuild.

The tours would allow supporters unique access to the stadium.

Adults who were able to trek up the flights of concrete stairs would be able to grab a bird's-eye view of the courts and the Monsta vision screen from the 18-metre-high gantry, Skelt said.

Other highlights on the tour included the massive workshop and the recovery pool area, as well as live sports and spot prizes.

The Rattle the Tin fundraiser, launched after Prime Minister John Key suggested the Government could chip in if local tins were rattled, was gaining momentum, Skelt said.

"It's been amazing this last week; people walking in every day."

However, every little bit helped to get "across the line" and reach the $5 million necessary to make the stadium debt-free, he said.

The Stadium Southland open day begins 10am on Sunday, with tours running about every quarter of an hour.

The Southland Times