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03:37, Jul 15 2014
Battle of the sexes
TROUSER ROW: Radio personality Simon Edwards, entertainer Bryan Townley, Crown solicitor Mary-Jane Thomas and singer Maria Shore fight over who wears the pants.

It will be a battle of the sexes when the popular Flyer fundraiser moves to Invercargill next month.

The event could answer the eternal question of who is top dog, men or women, when two teams of southern celebrities do battle.

The women's team will be captained by Crown solicitor Mary-Jane Thomas and the men's by entertainer Bryan Townley.

The event is run by Spirit of a Nation, which has teamed with five rotary clubs to raise funds for charities Give Kids a Chance, Children's Literacy and Victim Support.

The aim is to raise $100,000.

Teams will compete in stand-up comedy, a mastermind quiz, modelling, building a bench, theatresports, a goal shoot-off, a sing-off and a lip sync.


Project manager and Southland Spirit of a Nation brand manager Gerry Forde said the event would "rock the Workies".

Auctions will be held between contests.

The audience can also get involved, attending the event dressed as their favourite male or female hero or star, and taking part in audience contests to win teams bonus points.

Judges will ensure everything is fair and legal, with so much riding on the outcome, the winning team gets to wear the pants from the losing side.

The event will end in a dance party.


What: Man v Woman - Who Wears The Pants? fundraiser

Where: Invercargill Workingmen's Club

When: August 23 from 7pm.

Tickets: $40-$50 (includes supper). To buy, phone 027 636 4186.

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