Queenstown zoning change proposed

01:48, Jul 16 2014

As signalled last month Queenstown's district council is making moves to expand the resort's CBD zone, ensuring its proposed $60 million convention centre gets "downtown" status.

This morning, Queenstown Lakes District Council chief executive officer Adam Feeley said the main purpose of the proposed plan change was to enable the development of Queenstown's CBD in a coherent and well-planned manner.

The move was telegraphed at a full council meeting late last month when a council vote of six for and three against swung convention centre progress into action.

The moves included securing capital funding over and above the $32.5 million proposed council contribution to the convention centre, amending its long-term plan to withstand those costs and approve scoping work and reporting for a plan change that would expand the boundaries of Queenstown's CBD to include the convention centre site.

However, Feeley said the zoning change was an ''independent and wholly separate process'' from the council's continuing investigations into whether a convention centre should be built on a prime, council-owned site known as Lakeview.

Rezoning could also enable part of the site to be used for high-density residential development, which would help ease the local housing shortage, Feeley said.


The Southland Times