Aussie visitors keep resort police busy

23:21, Jul 15 2014

Queenstown's snow season Aussie invasion has begun, with a few cases of larrikinism creeping in to late night police dealings.

Kicking off events was a 20-year-old Australian woman who snuck into the Buffalo Club through its fire exit, donned a staff hoodie, grabbed a bottle of vodka and started serving drinks behind the bar.

Senior constable Chris Blackford said although the woman thought her stunt was funny, bar staff took a ''dim view'' of the incident and called police, who arrested her for theft.

A 22-year-old Australian man who was part of a large bar-hopping group was arrested for wilful damage after kicking and breaking a sign for Morrison's Irish Pub at 11.30pm.

A large CBD shop window was also smashed shortly after 1am by unknown culprits. Blackford said there were no witnesses to the breakage but police were reviewing CCTV footage in the hope of identifying those responsible.

However, while there have been plenty of Australian visitors in the resort during the past two weeks, they have mostly been family groups enjoying the Australian school holidays.


The Southland Times