Bluff getting major overhaul

04:15, Jul 22 2014
Bluff makeover
BIG MAKEOVER: Members of the Bluff 2024 Urban Rejuvenation Project working on beautifying the area.

A project to rejuvenate Bluff is progressing well thanks to the efforts of a community eager to make their town beautiful.

The Bluff 2024 Urban Rejuvenation Project was initiated after Venture Southland and the Invercargill City Council mooted the idea of creating groups to rejuvenate small towns two years ago.

Rejuvenation committee chairman Steve Mitchell said the project was going well.

Money raised from scratchie boards and a rock concert in the town hall last year had gone towards rejuvenating the township, "making it so people arriving in town feel as though they are arriving somewhere".

So far they have held working bees to clean up Bluff's streets, called "Adopt a Street" and the car park along Ocean Beach on private land has been revitalised too.

Mitchell said the owners were having trouble with people dumping rubbish, so with the owners' and committee's help, they had cleaned it up and planned to paint a mural on the concrete wall.


Rock walls have also had paua shells embedded into them, adding something extra to the town. Their biggest projects to date, however, are the mural painted on the main street, and the "Adopt a Highway" stretching from the entrance of Bluff to approximately 800 metres towards Invercargill.

Native plants had also been lined along the roadside leading out of Bluff, a project which had involved about 20 committee members.

Landscaping would continue, and travellers to Bluff could soon enjoy a grand entranceway into a bustling and stunning little town with so much to offer.

"It's a great thing and we're hoping by 2024 when we celebrate our bicentenary that we will have the whole entrance cleaned up and will have attacked some other projects," Mitchell said.

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