Building inspector injured in dog attack

01:49, Jul 18 2014

A city council employee ended up in hospital after two dogs lunged at him over a fence.

A council building inspector was on the footpath near the corner of Nelson St and Tramway Rd when two german shepherds jumped over the fence of the property they were on and dived at his face.

Invercargill City Council environmental health manager John Youngson said the inspector ducked and the dogs missed his face but he was taken to hospital with a badly bruised shoulder and puncture wounds to the shoulder from the attack. He was seen to and given a tetanus shot, Youngson said.

Dog control seized the dogs and was now weighing up whether the dogs would be destroyed, he said. The situation was "absolutely concerning" - if it had been a child or an elderly person it could have been potentially deadly, he said. The council was taking a tough stance on dogs after the overhaul of the dog control processes and were seeking legal advice this morning to see whether the dogs could be destroyed, he said.

The building inspector was back at work yesterday but was shaken by the incident,

Youngson said. "We were lucky that he was a big strong building inspector."

He reminded people it was a legal requirement that visitors should be able to get to the door of a property without being approached by a dog.


The Southland Times