Milford Rd crash causes confusion

A crash on the Milford Rd had emergency services scrambling yesterday.

First they thought a bus full of tourists had rolled, then they thought it was a hoax call, then they found a car had run off the road and just as they were about to send a helicopter to the crash, they stood it down.

Acting Senior Sergeant Ben Butterfield of the District Command Centre said the whole situation had been confusing.

A bus had not rolled and police had believed it was a hoax call because there was no cellphone reception on the Milford Rd.

However, it turned out the call had come from a tourist on a bus and a four-wheel-drive vehicle had crashed on the road, he said.

A helicopter and doctor were geared up to go to the crash scene but were stood down.

Butterfield said the occupants managed to get out of the vehicle and had minor injuries.

The Southland Times